One million hits on website

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Whilst I am off eating the finest BBQ Austin has to offer and then going to see a particularly unique form of Texan entertainment, my website counter will hit that magical 1,000,000 mark.

These are of course page views not unique hits but as most of them have been in the past year I want to thanks everyone who has checked out my site, watched my films, read my reviews and blog, written comments and of course emailed me.

Thanks so much. It’s been a pleasure keeping this site running, despite it being very work intensive. But it is a labour of love. I hope you have found it a useful resource.

Whoever gets that magical 1,000,000 hit let me know and I will send you the camera of your choice 😉



  1. I was just kidding Mark. But it’s an easy photoshop actually. The only way to tell is for him to look at his counter’s website and get the exact time that the 1 mil mark was hit.

    I was hoping to start a slew of “I’m the 1 millionth viewer” comments… no dice though!

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