Official: Signed for my first feature length movie

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It’s called “Ben and Alex”, written and directed by Trevor Junger. Hard to pinpoint the genre. Certainly not a chick-flick!

Shooting on EX3/ EX1 and Letus Ultimate in the Winter in St. Louis, Missouri.

Low budget and I will be looking for a focus puller and an assistant. We are also looking for an experienced gaffer.

More details to follow.


  1. Congratulations!
    If you need help and/ or a professional 4 yr old actor, give me a call, its only a 3 hour drive from Chicago. Im here if you need me.

    Peace and Blessings,

  2. thanks man

    we will be begging people to help out as it is relatively low budget (after all they hired me!)

    gonna need a good assistant/ focus puller

  3. Great news! look forward to seeing some of your work blown up to 35mm.
    PS, If the script calls for it I play a great town drunk. All acting of course.

  4. Sweet! When are the shoot dates? Let me know if you need any help stateside, can rent some of my rig for cheap and/or be your focus puller. Let me know…


  5. Hey Philip glad to hear you got signed to your first feature! Many more to come I’m sure. I live in St. Louis Missouri as well just curious what other positions your crew will be hiring. I will be working as a PA in September on a feature film in St. Louis. It is my first PA job but I do have a degree in video production and have done some professional video/photography work.

  6. Hi Philip,

    If you’re still looking for a camera assistant/focus puller on that feature I’d be pleased to help. Low pay is fine – based in UK, got a US work visa and could sort my own travel/accommodation if necessary. My main job is as a freelance cameraman so could even do some second unit/behind the scenes shooting with own kit if required.

    Really enjoyed Glass Insomnia by the way… looks just like the view from the hotel I stayed in on my last shoot out there! All the best

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