New large chip Sony interchangeable lens camcorder announced

It’s AVC-HD and is based around the new APS HD CMOS EXMOR sensor which will be in the new still camera hybrids NEX 3 and 5. Other than that and it’s availabilty late Autumn this year we know nothing morethan that…and this concept image/ video below. Click on image below for official press release.

The NEX-3 and especially the 5 look very interesting. Taking on the GH1 and Olympus Pen system but with a larger chip. The lenses are all new, made especially for this camera. I understand with an adaptor other lenses can be used. I have ordered the NEX-5 as a camera addict. Just a shame the full had is 30p. (the NE-3) is 720p 30p. Click on the image below for more info.


  1. Hmm… Do you think it’s going to have similar options as current Sony handicams that size? Maybe this will be smaller to compete with DSLRs for size and weight. Would be interesting if it had the same functions as an EX3

  2. I think it would be awesome to see a camcorder such as this but that was kinda modular. If Sony could make a modular add on (kinda like a battery grip) that mounted at the bottom of this camera that had XLR, and other features you would see on say the ex-3 that would be missed on the traditional camcorder. THis way you could get full eng style camera or go straight full functioned video. With the interchangeable lenses, The HDSLR would get it’s butt kicked if this could happen.

  3. The lenses look similar to the Sony Zeiss Alpha series lenses. I bought the Sony a850 in anticipation of using those lenses on a yet-to-be-produced Sony DSLR with movie mode. Those lenses are legend the especially the 135mm 1.8 which is really designed for bokeh! Otherwise it looks like it’s stuck on a small prosumer Sony.

  4. I’m consistently amazed at this interchangeable lens stuff. The financial bar for getting into a video is cheaper than ever. My first jump was 5k to get started. Now I could start with 2k and still get going.

    More than ever it’s time to be a good shooter and not the guy with the best equipment in town. Although that helps too. 🙂

  5. the sensor is stills-centric, too slow and with too many pixels, so line-skipping and rolling shutter, in principle, remain

    the panasonic guys said they were addressing these issues with their new toy, but, even though it should be easy to get a big improvement over current DSLRs with respect to these issues, I wouldn’t expect miracles from this generation

    but for the next one movie-centric sensors should be around, faster and with less pixels, allowing full RAW recording; once we get that, we’ll have… well, a cheaper and maybe smaller version of scarlet…

  6. I think there is a nex7 coming out..maybe the one to watch.

    SR4) NEX 7 camera in September and new 3xx Alphas in June!
    February 19, 2010 rumors 7 Comments – Write a comment
    We just recieved one more confirmation about the NEX mirrorless cameras:

    “NEX 7
    Design totally different to NEX5/3, and more bigger size
    Spec unknow yet
    Support XDCAM recording format
    soonest release is on Sept, unless Panasonic announce GH2

    The NEX5/3 looks like the GF1. The EVF is external

  7. Wow, this would be great. If they are going to come out with an ex3-type version of this that would, presumably, cost $8,000-12,000, how much do you think this will run? $3-5k?

  8. I think this what Canon should have done, but if the movie is like Sony’s NEX cameras then it won’t be good as Sony doesn’t offer variable frames, not even 24fps.
    All in all, it’s a good idea

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