Movember Prize Draw Extravaganza! Watch the recorded live show! Find out if you won!! 730PM GMT



Recording of the “little bit smutty” live Movember prize draw Google+ hangout

EDIT: All the prizes are now drawn. You can watch the live show above.  All winners will also be emailed. Please check your spam folder if your name is here and you have no email. Please do give us a couple of days though as it’s a lot of work! 🙂


Sony HDR-MV1 – Grant Waldrop

Sony UWP-V1 wireless transmitter/receiver – Mike Lindup

SLR Magic HyperPrime Cine 12mm T1.6 Lens – Darren Yamamoto

SLR Magic 35mm T1.4 CINE II Lens – Stephen MacKershan

The new unreleased SLR Magic17mm T1.6 – Kevin Huggins

VideoBlocks Annual Subscription – Federico Tolado, Alex Kuiper

Jag 35 Fieldrunner shoulder rig – Barry Robbins

A new Kessler Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly Carbon – Jeff Greco

The Letus AnamorphX Adaptor – Andrew Fry

Camrade bundle featuring the travelMate outBag and wetSuit raincover – Benjamin Bettenhausen

ATOMOS Ninja 2 – Ryan Nicholls

ATOMOS Samurai Blade – Jesus Hernandez Ruiz

£1000 worth of Music Licensing from the Music Bed – Jeremy Choy

Dedolight DLED4.1-D from UK Light – Jack Whaley

Vid Atlantic set of Cinemorph filters – Marc Whiteway

Vid Atlantic set of Flare and Streak Filters – Elliot Clanton

Kenti Bag and Medium Lens cover from F-Stop – Miroslav Dufresne

Switronix Pocket Base – Orab Desmond

1 days rental of the RED Epic Dragon from Kipper Tie – Mark Fry

Special Cobalt Cage for the GoPro Hero, Movember bundle from Red Rock – Jacob Seguin

Cinetics Cine Skate Pro – Rusty Rodger

Cinetics Cine Squid – Sami Sanpakkila

A full years subscription to Creative Cloud from Adobe – Marc Jennings

Z180 UltraColor 95 CRI LED Video Light and F3 Monitor from F& V Lighting – Tom Pennington

A SmallHD AC7-LCD Field Monitor Bundle – Enrique Redondo

PeakDesign CapturePRO + PROpad – Chris Goll

PeakDesign Capture Standard – Sean Fitz

PeakDesign Leash and Cuff – Edmond Terakopian

$1000 from Shape – Richie McClure

A copy of Shotlister – Justin Badger & Sam Wilkerson

$1000 voucher from Zacuto – Chris Roberge

Rode Videomic Pro – Yevgeviny Rybokov & Brant Wells

Rode IXY Mic – Miguel Touran & Mike Baccuro

Event Electronics 20/20 Monitors – Gearóid O’Sullivan

Think Tank Photos Change Up belt bag – Michael Head

Air tripod system from Miller – Abdullah Jangda & Caleb Babcock

Film Convert Bundle – Ruud Hoffman, Lukasz Siewior, Rasmus Lindh, Xavier Burgin & J.R. Lawrence Lee Dziengel

Long Haul Gear’s Multiplate and 15mm rods – Adrian Moody & Charles Frisbee

Induro DR Hi-Hat Tripod Set – Lior Burlin

Tenba Roadie II HDSLR/Video Backpack – Natalie Clement

Heros Hero Super tough GoPro3 Housing and Grip Gear Hot Sauces – Daniele Cuccia

Iographer – Will Stockwell

GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition – Daniel Haris

1 seat on Mocha Pro – Tom Dennis

The Full Library of Rampant Design Tools Drag and Drop Elements – Alex Chaloff

BlackMagic Design’s Davinci resolve 10 – Kevin Kirchman

Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks – Zach Birlew

Red Giant Colour Suite – Sasha Jordan Appler

Red Giant Shooter Suite – Noah Moskin

1 days rental of the Skyhawk Drone Sytem from Light colour sound (GB only) – Simon Waldock

Vimeo Pro Account – Kevin Kirchman, Fedor Bauer, Andrew Fry, Ben Grady, Max Chestnut, Charles Frisbee, Mike Schoeneis, Robert Gilkes, Joe Falcione & Mark Friesen

Wood-Comp EXTRALITE Slider – Hrafn Jónsson

$250 B&H Voucher – Andy Kearney

5 sets of wideopen camera Lens Gears – Darryl Shield, Josh Montero, Oliver Fowler, Marcos Avlonitis & David Blair


Thanks to you we raised $38,434.63. So join us this Sunday as we draw out the winners  from the amazing donated prize fund worth over £25k. The equipment up for grabs is truly incredible.  To see what could be won check out the goods on the main Movember page here: 2013

We’ll be streaming the draw both on this blog and on the google hangout here.

Unlike the previous hangouts this won’t be an open Q’n’A session but we will be watching the hangout chat and may mention some good posts, time allowing. The main thing though is getting through that marathon of prizes.

So grab you G’n’T’s, kick back and see who got what. You never know, it may even be you!

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