List of serial numbers of from the huge “Lens Pro To Go” theft now available

As many of you will be aware the lovely people at Lens Pro To Go has a huge amount of gear stolen from them a few days ago. Well they have released the list of what was stolen with serial numbers. So if you are offered any of these or see them for sale on eBay or Craig’s List type places please get in touch with Lens Pro To Go and hopefully the people responsible can be caught and most of the stolen gear can get returned.

Remember, if something is for sale that is too good to be true price wise it generally is!

Press Release Here




As many of you may have heard, LensProToGo suffered a break-in at our Concord, MA location over the weekend of June 13-14 totaling just shy of $600,000 worth of gear stolen. We’ve taken a full inventory and this is the list of items that was taken. While this list is quite large, it does represent only a portion of our inventory, so we’re still able to handle customer orders with virtually no effect.

Please take a look at this list and be wary of any used camera items for sale in the coming months. Always ask to see serial numbers before purchasing.

A link to a spreadsheet for those who would like to import it into their own database CAN BE DOWNLOADED HERE

If you’re able to provide any information as to the whereabouts of this gear please contact




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