Kauai: Queen’s Bath on the Letus Ultimate with half inch relay

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I went back to my day job and went out filming with my full EX3 rig. Letus Ultimate with 1/2″ Relay to the Queen’s  Bath in Princeville Kauai.


It was hard work carrying the gear down there but it was worth it…a really stunning place. 

I took the Lumix GH1 down as well, and my assistant Ryan did some behind the scenes filming that I will post soon. I used the miller Solo three stage carbon fibre legs which are a dream and I will be getting a set when I get home for my Vinten Vision 11 head. Perfect for awkward filming locations like this. Unfortunately the head was a cartoni focus which I still have one of at home. A bit of a spongy head but it was the best they had at the TV station here. 

I was hoping to use their Kessler Crane but it turned out it was a 12 foot one, so not ideal!!

Tomorrow I head out for some more filming…today was a washout as smoke from the big Island volcano covered our Island so the light was awful…at least it gave me a chance to edit this!




Click here to see the film


  1. Hi Phil- Top stuff mate
    interested in the brand of ex3 battery/adapter you are using – looks like it could power nano/led/rad?
    also the eye piece cover?



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