How to turn 50p and 60p into slow motion with Cinema Tools



Exactly what is says on the tin…you want overcrank quality slow motion with a camera that doesn’t have it but shoots 50p or 60p? Then this is how you do it with a Mac.

One word of warning. This is a one way process so if you want to keep the 50p/60p version make a backup!
See the results here:

[xr_video id=”223ba8e8743e4319a4e34cdb44daa84d” size=”lrm”]


  1. Hey there!

    I’ve managed to turn my 7D footage (shot in 60p) to 25p, no problem, with cinema tools…

    But what I want to do now is to slow it down some more in FCP.

    When I’m working with footage shot at 25p in FCP, and want to do slow motion, I just slow it down 50%, render for preview and it turns out great, smooth, nice and fluid…

    I don’t understand why, when I slow down my “60p conformed to 25p” clips to 50%, the result is no where as smooth as with raw 25p clips, looks all shaky and jerky…

    How come, once 60p is slowed down to 25p, it can’t be slowed down some 50% more? and turn out as good as normal 25p footage slowed down the same way?

    Thank’s for your help!


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