Help needed next weekend in VEGAS

We are shooting a feature doco in many global locations and for 3 nights next weekend we will be in Las Vegas.

If anyone is available to help us out that would be great!  We are a low budget small team consisting of me the DP, a Director, a Producer and a Sound Recordist. We could do with an assistant. Someone keen to learn and hang out with a bunch of very laid back people.

We are in LA at the moment and we may need someone here too, but the producer thinks he has found someone.

We are shooting on two EX1s, one of them with a Letus Extreme 35mm adaptor.

Ideally you need to be local as all we can offer is the food expenses and the experience, but if you are interested drop me an email @




  1. Hi Philip, ever since I got my EX-1 camera (early Jan.), I’ve been reading your blog. It’s been very informative & helpful and I just began testing with it last week. (I watched the Vortex DVD twice). Since you guys are in Los Angeles this week, let me know where and if you guys need an assistant, I’ll be more than happy to come and help out (The first thing anyone needs when visiting L.A. is a CITY MAP–the freeways will drive you crazy). Thanks. Armen Meymarian.

  2. Hey Phil, unfortunately I dont live in the United States, but if you might need some help being in germany one day, you are very welcome.


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