Great Nikon D300s Video footage from award winning photographer Ami Vitale

This is great and having just come from India am really impressed with the images she has got. I focused on poverty for my gig out there and missed most of the colour which she captures brilliantly. Love to try out this camera!

Check out Ami’s website at

I know very little about this camera other than it’s 720p and not full frame sensor. But I own a Nikon D300 stills camera and it’s an incredible camera and this video footage looks awesome….Hopefully I can get one to try out and report back to you! I will have to start badgering Nikon! Wish me luck!

I have some lovely footage from Delhi to edit together. Very different and a lot grimmer than this but I have to say this footage has knocked the wind out of my sails! Well done Ami!



  1. Great footage, I can’t quite get my head around the fact that this was made using a Nikon D300… Well done Ami and thanks Phil for bringing this to our attention. I must leave a mention to Dai Sugano the film editor… superb job, a great blend of the right pictures to music.

  2. Hi Philip, yes it´s great footage. Great color and great places also.

    This is Flash video (on the web). You think that there´s any possibility to download the original Motion-jpeg/720p/24fps?

    I´ve a lot of doubts on why Nikon keep using this mjpeg codec with avi as media container.
    It´s better to edit but more heavy files to process. Correct?

    But how about image quality? How can we know the right specs of this mjpeg used by Nikon to make a test “against” the QT(h.264) used by 5D (in spite the sensor differences, etc.?

    And why only 720p? It´s because it´s a standard? 1080p isn´t a standard too?


    1. I did the same, Rambo, and the video quality is better with this Nikon D300s than the D90.
      Did you noticed some “jumping” on the background (Robert movie) of those two bikes/two guys (still image sequence)? What´s that? Compression?

      I wish I could watch the original footage…

      What do you think Philip, about this Nikon´s D-movie version, against 5D (a bit unfair to put a crop sensor against a FF sensor but…)?
      I would like to understand if Motion-Jpeg is a good choice for this kind of use (video on a DSLR).


      1. Yes the stills had a slow background flicker, I’m not too worried about that, i think it’s introduced in the editing process. The use of stills has “masked” the flow of the footage, but hey isn’t that what clever editing is about. Does make it difficult to analyze the cam tho.


        1. Yeah ,-) I think you´re right.
          I can´t find this particular Nikon full Motion-Jpeg specs (they say on the press release that the D-movie is “different”) or the user manual for this camera. Maybe it´s too soon for that.
          But no jello is good news

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