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Am over here in Dubai working for Ian Carless on his Dubai Duty Free Doc, which we have now done. There is some shooting to be done on something else later in the week, in the meantime I decided to take a few days R & R by the beach. So I moved hotels from downtown to Le Royal Meridien. A lovely hotel except for one thing. The side your room faces. I didn’t get the sea view. This makes a big difference. So like any camera obsessed lunatic I made a short of my insomnia. Shot on the EX1 with no grading. A quick knock together. This was my nightmare last night…

[xr_video id=”1f9c520dc1334aa2af0ae811eab9b4b9″ size=”lrm”]


  1. Koyaanisqatsi Redux…HAHAHAHA! Nice. I bet your peeved you upgraded to the Meridien, just to see this film again! The best laid plans of mice and men.

  2. Philip,

    Inspired. Im mean, literaly. I have two Ex1s and a Letus and Im thinking about a timelapse for a venue I do alot of work for….im just curious about your settings for the timelapse…are you just hitting record and then adjusting time in FCP or are you recording a frame a minute or something. I done a timelapse for car launch last year (one that resembles a panther) using a stills Nikon camera, and it turned out great, recording a picture every minute, but your video is alot smoother….especially on the cement truck…just wondering how to achieve.

  3. Craig, I often use interval recording 1 frame every 2 or so seconds with Slow shutter 16, gives a nice smooth effect. The opening timelapse was sped up in FCP too it 1 frame every 7 seconds over 90 minutes.

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