UPDATED: Gatherings in SF/ Chicago/ LA

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I am off to the US on Friday. First off to do Re:Frame in San Francisco, then off to Chicago to film more critics and then to LA before I drive back up to SF. Would love to put an evening aside to go to a restaurant/ bar with some of my friends from here. Be great to meet in person. So if you are in these cities let me know where you are, if you are up for it and let us try and arrange something! More the merrier!


This is the dates plan for the trip:

San Francisco meet up: Clift Hotel. Will be there Monday and Wednesday night.

Chicago meet up: 24th October. Initial plan is to start at Sutton Palace Hotel at 830pm, where I will be staying and then head off… EDIT: MIX UP ON FLIGHT MEANS THIS IS CANCELLED. WILL TRY AND REARRANGE FOR TUESDAY. Will make it Tuesday for sure

LA meet up: Plans have changed due to my schedule having to be rearranged. Looking at a brunch meet up on 30th…not so great as evening one but it’s unavoidable as just won’t be around much. Hope we can still meet up…venue suggestions would be cool…

12pm VENICE BEACH on 30th Oct. Bring cameras if you want! This is VENUE. http://bit.ly/5JWbc#mce_temp_url#