UPDATED: Gatherings in SF/ Chicago/ LA

I am off to the US on Friday. First off to do Re:Frame in San Francisco, then off to Chicago to film more critics and then to LA before I drive back up to SF. Would love to put an evening aside to go to a restaurant/ bar with some of my friends from here. Be great to meet in person. So if you are in these cities let me know where you are, if you are up for it and let us try and arrange something! More the merrier!


This is the dates plan for the trip:

San Francisco meet up: Clift Hotel. Will be there Monday and Wednesday night.

Chicago meet up: 24th October. Initial plan is to start at Sutton Palace Hotel at 830pm, where I will be staying and then head off… EDIT: MIX UP ON FLIGHT MEANS THIS IS CANCELLED. WILL TRY AND REARRANGE FOR TUESDAY. Will make it Tuesday for sure

LA meet up: Plans have changed due to my schedule having to be rearranged. Looking at a brunch meet up on 30th…not so great as evening one but it’s unavoidable as just won’t be around much. Hope we can still meet up…venue suggestions would be cool…

12pm VENICE BEACH on 30th Oct. Bring cameras if you want! This is VENUE. http://bit.ly/5JWbc#mce_temp_url#


  1. Phil,
    unfortunately I can’t make it to the Re:Frame event but if you care visiting the studios here at DreamWorks (30 minutes south of San Francisco) where we create a different kind of movies and we have many enthusiast photographers, drop me a line.

      1. Hey P.B. I’m here in the Chi. so just email me when you are thinking of meeting up. If you guys wanna do the 24th lets do that. i know your always downtown when you come so lets pick a good spot.

  2. Hey Philip. I’ve been following your work and learning from you as well. I’m in San Bernardino county, next door to LA county. Would love to follow you around to all your functions here in LA and produce a short documentary about you. For fun and so i can learn more from you. Hopefully i can document your trip into dreamworks. Well if your interested and want to make sure I’m not crazy, please feel free to contact me.


  3. Hi Philip,
    I’ll be filming in Chicago from October 18th to the 20th early afternoon. Be sure to drop me a line if your days in Chicago coincide.


  4. ‘ello ‘ello,

    It would be great to meet you. I’m originally from Scotland, but by way of video game cinematics for team 17 (worms) I went to Digital Domain, one of the big vfx houses in Los Angeles.
    Also, big Steve W at Zacuto contacted me not so long ago to do a film fellas thingy. I direct commercials and do vfx based projects. I’ve also gone along the hvx/lens adaptors/red/canon 5D mk2 route, and would love to chat and have a proper girly cider.

    cheers mate, hope you give me a shout,


      1. Sweet, I’m there man. contact me at jodoms at newbloodline dot com. lets fine a decent place for some grub. I’ve been hearing about several places to eat at, that are really good, or so I hear.

      2. Philip, do you have an idea as to what time you want to meet up with people?
        Looking forward to it, and hopefully I get my 5DmkII dvd in the mail before. I’ve been meaning to play around with the video features more with my camera but since I mainly shoot concerts (stills) it’s been tough. Hopefully Chicago will change that!

          1. that would be great! dont’ have any sweet filming accessories like you but I’m interested in playing around with the video features more so there’s a list slowly growing. I’ll just be photo walking for most of the trip and I’m staying not too far from you… at the hilton so anytime is good for me.

            1. That sounds good I’m all about the food, as you guys will be able to tell, lol. Excited to meet up with the Chicago people, and pick Phil’s brain.

  5. I shall be in LA on the 29th visiting friends and doing some filming on my new 7D. Just done a couple of music vids including one for Cerys Matthews on the 5D after using HVX and EX1 for years . Would be good to have a chat.



      1. Hi Julian,

        I shot it at 30p with the audio track sped up 120% for her to sync to. I then used cinema tools to reconform the clips to 25p (just changes the a flag in quicktime to play back slower). This means I do not have to do any conversion/frame blending etc and the clips then drop into a 25p timeline (avid in my case) Thanks to Philip for this tip. I have used it for all my 5D work (all music videos or corporate stuff without live sound) Also means you get a 5/6th slow motion effect that looks good.



  6. Hi Philip- I just saw this posting now. I’d love to meet you while you’re in San Francisco. I know you’re doing re:Frame, but maybe I could swing by one evening to the Clift / Union Square area…
    Let me know when is good, otherwise, I might have to do the very stalkerish thing and wait in the hotel lobby til I see you…

  7. Phil,

    Would enjoy tipping a few Manhattans and sharing stories when you’re in LA. I’m not up on westside cocktail lounges, last time I spent much time in Venice was for video nights in Venice in the mid ’70s, so I” await your posting of location & time for the 30th – when you’ve got them set.

    Larry Scher

  8. I’ll be there on the 30th!
    Might I suggest somewhere on Washington Blvd.?
    A lot of great spots for food/dronks in the area closer to the shore, and at the end of the street is the Venice pier which is a great filming location.

    1. Hey Phil,

      Would love to join in on the Venice beach festivities on the 30th. I’ve been following your blog regularly for quite a while now. Just picked up a 7d and am loving it.



  9. Any word on time/location for LA meet-up? Washington st is a good area but can get crowded on a Fri night but then again so does most of LA..

  10. Phil,

    Its the 28th and no posting yet on Venice location. I’m shooting a large format (4″x10″) B&W shot of Cirque d’Soleil in Santa Monica at dusk on the 30th, so will be near Venice about 4pm. Won’t have email or web access then, so here’s a cell # you can call or text to 1-562-652-6520. There’s an interesting thing going on in Hollywood at the Egyptian Theater (8p – 10). Some of the old Twilight Zone writers are talking, one of them is an old friend, (George Clayton Johnson – Oceans 11 writer among other things) will be there and I’ll probably go to say hello. I did some documentary video with him back in the 70’s – unfortunately lost by the college I was working at then. I can meet early / or late depending on what’s doing with you — or if you like, take you over to to the Egyptian…


  11. Hey Philip- so many cool places in LA- if you want a cool pub, Robin Hood in Sherman Oaks is great. Great fish and chips, bangers and mash, handmade pies, etc. Great beer on tap and a loyal Brit crowd usually. Stanley’s (also in Sherman Oaks) is great food too and has a nice outdoor patio if it’s warm enough! Barneys Beanery in Hollywood- food is okay, but known for where Tarantino used to go to write screenplays… There’s a ton more I could list, why don’t you choose a general area, then it could become more specific? Looking forward to meeting you. -Mike

  12. Philip,

    I live in SF. Work in downtown area. Shoot on the mk2 every day. Would be great to meet for a pint. What is the plan for you in SF this weekend?

  13. Phil,

    Sorry that I can’t make the brunch. Perhaps next April at NAB, or another trip when you’re around LA – or when I next got to London. Hope you’ve had a good time here and have a safe trip back home.


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