Finally some usable 3rd party 5dmk2/7d batteries

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The official ones keep going out of stock and are not cheap. Third party ones have been around for a while but do not communicate with the camera or charge on the official charger. Thanks to Switronix and their sister company Series 7 we now have a 3rd party battery and also a really excellent battery pack. Click on the photo to be taken to the site.

I do not know the exact prices but they are much cheaper!

The battery pack powerbase by Switronix sits under your camera (or wherever you want) and lasts up to 6x the length of your normal batters. That’s 3 times more than the batter pack from Canon. Click on the picture for more info.

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  1. Hi Phil, I’ve always steered clear of 3rd party batteries as I’d heard they may damage the camera which could possibly void any canon warranty as they are not official batteries. The official ones apparently have a chip which the camera recognizes and records it as an official product.

    There may not be any truth in it – do you know anything about this?

    I’d love to stock up on some cheapers ones if it is wrong!

  2. the official LP-E6 batteries are $79 at B&H. Both batteries are 1800mah. Would you really go with a thrid party solution for just a $10-$20 savings?

  3. On Ebay, I was able to find supposed LPE6 OEM batteries for AUD$35 each.

    I brought two and they do come in a Canon labelled box, Japanese instructions and Japanese Canon blue label on the battery.
    Only difference is that on the top of the battery, it doesn’t have Canon engraved, but “Lithium Ion Battery”, like the other 3rd party batteries.

    However, they do register on my 7D, last for 32GB of filming and charges on the official charger.

    My guess is that they come out of the same factory that produces the Canon batteries. So they’re 2nd Party batteries?

  4. Most retail Camera stores will give you a deal if you buy 3 or more,
    I purchased 3 Canon OEM LP-E6 batteries and paid $60.00 per battery and
    got my production tax break of 3.2%

    If you don’t ask for a deal,
    you’ll never know if they can give it to you.

  5. the T2i already has tonnes of $10 ebay batteries that work well with it. Including communicating charge info and charging on the canon charger, hence no T2i love required 😉

  6. Just ordered two 3rd party batteries for 70 euro’s. The online shop claims that they’re 100% perfectly cloned with the right chip etc. Specs are completely the same.

    I will be posting my experiences with the batteries as soon as possible!

    The shop delivers throughout the EU but the site is in Dutch only. The site isn’t hard to figure out! This is the link,

  7. I’m guessing the savings will be greater than $10-20. B&H has a history of artificially inflating prices of third-party accessories – Just look at the price of the Satechi intervalometer on B&H vs elsewhere. (I’m sure they have an arrangement with Canon -“Push our accessories and you’ll get stock of new bodies/lenses first!”)
    Anyway, I’m sure these batteries will be available for less than $60/$70 soon.

  8. This is something I looked into after trying to do a half day shoot on one battery! Jessops stock the Hahnel replacement battery at £59 & it charges on the Canon charger & personally I haven’t had any problems with it. I also phoned Calumet in London and they stock an own brand replacement which was cheaper, but didn’t order one, so can’t comment on quality etc.

  9. Hi Philip,love your work! Belgium is awaiting you! Share your experience please! Our shop is located in Knokke-Heist(Belgium).Contact Joachim Devedeleer @ Canon Belgium. Small country, Big Challenge! Greetz R

  10. First of all, I have been buying the Canon batteries for $65… $75 at the highest, so I’m not sure what the attraction is for an after-market battery at $70?

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