Filming in Chicago

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I am currently in the very chilly windy City making a short film from one of Mike Royko’s columns. It’s based on his column Bound With Love but I think it may be called A Royko Christmas when finished.

It’s a 3 day/ night shoot in 3 different locations. We have an excellent team of actors, designers, sound, gaffers, grips etc and then there is me! I am shooting on the EX3 with the Letus Ultimate using Nikon lenses. It’s going to be quite a challenge as it’s all set at night and most of is set in the 1950’s.

When it is finished it will be viewable at

Yesterday I also took part in a round table discussion about a number of topics at Zacuto HQ with Steve Weiss and 2 others. They shouldn’t have given me wine, never a good idea. That should be online sometime next week!!


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