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Just touched down in Edmonton, Alberta. Staying in a lovely hotel in the old part of town. Very excited to be in the country that spawned the Shat amongst many great others…

Of course my love of South Park: The Movie makes it even more exciting, despite there being no flip top head people anywhere!


Am hear to make a high end corporate film to promote legal aid in the state of Alberta. Shooting on the EX3 with Ultimate. Going to Jasper in the Rockys which will be cool for a few days then doing the city stuff.

If anyone is around Edmonton and wants to meet for a drink drop me a mail. Looking forward to this trip and this shoot!


  1. Hey Philip,

    I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time in Alberta, it’s a beautiful place…good luck on the shoot…

    I live on the other side of the country (Toronto) but if you’re ever anywhere near Toronto let me know as I’d love to meet for a drink and discussion…



  2. Ah, my old hometown. You’re there at pretty much the best time of year…the month or two where it isn’t blanketed in piles and piles of snow. If you ever make it out to Vancouver, look me up! Love to shoot the breeze about cameras and editing. (Everyone from Edmonton eventually leaves for the much warmer, greener, and overall better Vancouver…:)

    Meanwhile, check out my (and many others) handiwork at EP Daily (…Canada’s only daily entertainment show for geeks, much of it shot on EX1…:)

  3. Hi Philip,

    welcome to Canada. Unfortunately Edmonton is too far from me. I live on the East coast in Quebec, Montreal.
    Hope one day to meet you and talk over a drink.

  4. Hi Philip, I’m in Toronto and would love to buy you lunch here.
    Just got a Letus Elite with Zacuto for my ex1 I mentioned you inspired me and I am now trying to figure out what Nikon lenses to buy. 85mm 1.8? How wide can I go?
    Take the hot springs in Banf. Jasper is real nice I named my son after that town. If you can drive to Vancouver its all fantastic.
    You’ll notice how much everything is cheaper here.
    I shot this on my Betacam but wished I’d shot it on a EX1 /Letus
    Have a great trip
    Peter (Thunderbirds)

  5. (To be read like Bob And Doug McKenzie!)
    Like hey, did some hoser up there kidnap you eh? Like it’s been almost forever since you posted a new blog eh! Maybe ‘ol Phil met a beautiful girl eh? or probably some good Canadien beer! 🙂

    Seriously…I miss your blog!

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