Everyone needs a Redhead for their Zoom H4ns!

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I stumbled upon these by accident whilst trawling twitter and vimeo and they made me laugh. Mainly the colour as it made me chuckle!
Picture 39

They are for the Zoom H4n audio recorder which I recommend for any video dslr users out there to record sound. They go over the two directional internal mics and are used a wind gags.

I actually thought what is the point though, then I watched this video…

Zoom H4n + Redhead + Canon Mark II + 85mm + Windy Maui’s North Shore from iamkalaniprince on Vimeo.

Canon 5DMKII + Zoom H4n + RedHead Windscreen + My 3yr old talking bubbles. from iamkalaniprince on Vimeo.

All audio is from the Zoom H4n with RedHead windscreen on a pretty windy day on Maui.

canon 85mm

I was sold. I think a great way of recording sound on your DSLRs one man band is to mount the h4n onto the top of the camera and feed the output into the 5d/7d input so you get identical sound on the camera and the Zoom. Perfect for syncing and if you don’t want to record on the zoom for just B-Roll then don’t press record, just leave the zoom on and feed the sound into the camera. I do recommend getting a splitter though so you can still monitor audio out of the zoom using headphones.

They are cheap too. Just under $35 (free shipping in the US $5 outside). I contacted Kalani Prince who makes them in Maui in Hawaii (as you know I love Hawaii, not been to Maui though!) and said the video was great and they look like a great product. He generously has sent me a couple to try out. I had a play with them. No wind here today so I just blew into it and it works great. Simple product like this should of course, but a great little addition to your DSLR kit!

He sent me the grey one which I will use and the crazy red one which makes my zoom look like Beaker from the Muppet show!

Beaker from the Muppets
Beaker from the Muppets
Zoom H4n with Redhead on
Zoom H4n with Redhead on
My cat Percy also took a fancy to it! Like his owner he has a penchant for redheads…but one that looks like Beaker? C’mon Percy!!

I do want to point out that Kalani sent me these free of charge…but like everything I feature and recommend I won’t recommend it unless I really like it otherwise I will just get a lot of unhappy people email to complain to me that it is a load of crap! Trust me, giving bad recommendations is not worth the grief! He also sent me some of Hawaiian nuts, coffee and tea. Nice man! But even without the “bribes” 🙂 this is a great product and if you have a Zoom H4Ns and use the internal mics outside this is a no brainer.

You can order them here.

Oh, and this is for all you Beaker fans out there!


  1. Great tip Philip.

    Dan Chung used that very set up for his first 7D test: “Another night in Beijing.: You’ll find it at http://vimeo.com/6759220

    There’s a write up at his web site http://www.dslrnewsshooter.com/2009/09/25/another-night-in-beijing-production-canon-eos7d-movie/

    I generally prefer blonds but my Redhead is already on order.

    Dan is suggesting using a custom cable. Do you know of any reason a standard Y-splitter would not work?

    Cheers Mate!

  2. I wasn’t brave enough for the red one.

    I have a grey one which just about squeezes on my older H4. Its bigger because you have to attach a tray to get the tripod mount.

    Arrived in the UK really quickly too.

  3. My H2 and I work hard to pretend not to be jealous of the H4n. We tell each other: “We have four microphones, and that’s better. We have FOUR microphones and that’s BETTER.”

  4. Awesome! Just might have to get one of those 🙂

    Hey Philip, do you know if it’s possible to record audio from an external mic into the Zoom and then feed it to a Mark II/7D? I know Pinknoise makes a special cable, but I haven’t gotten a straight answer from anyone if it only records the Zoom’s internal mic audio or if you can use your own mic.


  5. Received the gray one two weeks ago. Worked extremely well for an outdoor nature shoot to knock out the wind noise. The Zoom H4N + Redhead combo also gave the best sound effect for background waterfalls using the H4N’s built in stereo speakers. Using a Rode Videomic with deadcat hooked 1) directly into my 5Dmk2, or 2) into the H4N gave too harsh a sound; the H4N + Redhead softened the waterfall’s roar nicely.


  6. Been watching the H4N and related items. I’ve used a windscreen that was somewhat similar for a cheap shotgun I had. Same type of design, and it would hold up in 50mph winds. I’d be interested to see how well this holds up in high wind. Also, is there a 24p workflow for the H4N? I’ve seen the Tut for the 5DMkII, but what about the 7D?

    Thanks in advance.


  7. I love using the original RedHead in Red! With the H4n mounted on the camera it’s like a tally light. Speak in this direction. This is important. Can’t miss it. Talks authority. Works really well too. A must-have.

    And KP is super cool. His motorcycle video is priceless. 30 seconds of pure clean sound.

  8. Hi Philip,

    I generally go by your suggestion for new gear so thought I’d hope for a response.

    Can you recommend yea or nay to a furryhead as opposed to redhead?

    Price is a bit better for my wallet as I’m starting out getting gear, but they’re half as much, wanted to see if you’ve field tested one?

    The video link a friend sent was pretty funny though, gave me a laugh. Hope to hear from you & love your site!


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