Convergence with the 5dmkII. My first billboard!

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It’s a word we hear a lot about, but this is the first time it has really happened to me.


I recently was in Sofia Bulgaria shooting a commercial for TV for MTEL on the 5dmkII. You can read about the shoot here.  After filming the video I took some RAW stills for them for their poster campaign. I have just been sent some stills from my friend Teodor in Sofia who says the commercial is on all the time and the billboards are littering the city. Not bad fro someone who has only ever taken stills for a hobby, of course I am pro in the moving side of things.

This is a sign of things to come for sure. I know many photographers who have bought a 5dmkII to move into video too. If a client can get both done for the price of one they will do. Would it be better for a photographer to do stills and someone like me to do the filming? Of course and it would be better for sure. But I am not complaining, it was a great experience for me and it makes me want to go back to Sofia to see them in person.

You can the commercial after the stills below.




Want to learn how to create the film look and much much more? Click below.



  1. Well done mate! A a stills man, i want to work the other way round but without trying to imply anything negative, it seems that video is more difficult technically than photography…but then again, maybe i am taking for granted all the stuff you learn when doing stills over the years…

  2. Hi Philip,
    nice, nice work ,-)

    You´ve used independent RAW stills taken apart during the shoting, or some frames from the footage?

    I´m waiting for an year to buy a combo stills + video machine and this Canon starts to be a really good choice for my design/illustration related still images and video for my art works.

    Thanks very much for all your posts, videos, blog, words…thoughts. Very generous.

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