Canon Workflow: Part 1 importing and converting

In Part 1, I show you how to convert your native H264 footage into something you can edit with.

Part 2 coming soon and deals with changing frame rates.

This tutorial is for Final Cut Studio 2 users. If you are using a MAC and do not have Final Cut Pro installed the codecs will not be available to you. Use something equivalent like DVCPROHd.

PLEASE CONVERT TO PRO RES NOT XDCAM. I have learned much in the past year. Thanks! P

[xr_video id=”e7b436f5977c4c248f5964b26da07570″ size=”lrm”]

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  1. good day,
    I was wondering if I can use the same conversion for adobe premier pro ,since I am using canon 5d mk2 . I did a few trials but then it became really slow and choppy when I played it on APP and the resolution of my video seems to become low compared to the original H264. thanks in advance and more power


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