Canon 7d rumour could be real?

W have been hearing about this for a while on various sites but ENGADGET have run a story on it today printing a new picture…

8-19-09eos7dThis from Engadget site “Canon might have announced a slew of new compacts today, but we’re thinking the most exciting news might be this image of the legendary EOS 7D. That flash button would indicate the presence of a built-in flash, and those mic holes hint at video features, but apart from that we’ve got little else to go on — there are whispers that the Best Buy inventory system is listing the body at $2700 and the kit with an EF 28-135 lens at $2900, but we can’t verify those at the moment. We’re dying to find out more about this one, stay tuned.”

I have not heard anything concrete about this but have been told it’s not impossible that Canon could put better video functions in it despite it then competing against it’s own 5dmkII….

Rumours circulating that still full frame but with 24p. COULD BE NONSENSE THOUGH..

We will have to wait and see. Be a bit annoying as i have just bought a second 5dmkII body.



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      1. I also don’t think this will be a 5D successor or superior to the 5D in terms of sensor size or resolution.

        Higher model numbers usually are cheaper models. That’s why the EOS 1Ds Mark III is their top model.

        I think the 7D might sport the same sensor size as the Nikon D300s and be its direct competitor. We’ll see soon.

  1. I´m still learning…allways learning ,-)
    New Canon rumors give an oportunity to ask and learn a bit more with you:

    what´s the use for two 5DMII bodies? Practical example please.

    with Zeiss ZE or ZF lens on 5DMII, we can use automatic features or just manual?

    I´d love to see the India video. When?

    Thanks again for all your help and sharing.

    Luis Filipe Cunha

  2. Is it just me or is the whole model numbering thing getting a bit confusing. I can’t see this being a 5D replacement if the kit lens is not an L. I think the 50D is more likely, even though less than a year old, it just missed out on getting video and Canon need to counter the D300s. Which makes the price point a little difficult to believe as it is more than double a 50D and significantly more than a D300s.

    I think the key thing we will want to know about this camera is going to be the processor. If it is Digic 4 and does end up with 24p then one would assume that would make it only a software issue to get it on the 5DII. If they don’t want 5DII owners outside their offices with pitchforks and scythes we would probably get new firmware.

    If it has a new chip then we may be out of luck until 5DIII.

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