Canon 4k concept camera and first images from Canon Expo in NY

Nice seeing my Prague film up in the middle of the hall...

Day one was the press/ VIP preview of the once every five years Canon Expo. Basically everything Canon makes and what lies ahead. All photos apart from the fish eye were taken on the iphone 4 so I could blog as I went along…

Lots of cools things to see but nothing really new DSLR wise unfortunately, no 1DSmkiV yet…the 60D was on display and looks good. I like the flip out screen, what they all need really and the build quality was sturdy. It felt well made. Do I need one? Not really, but it’s a really nice camera and certainly a better bet than the T2i, but not the 7D…

One of the most interesting things was the Canon 4k concept camera and 4k monitor! It’s only 2/3rd inch but it’s still interesting and a sign of where they are going? I must emphasise this camera will never come out. It’s a concept camera showing the technology. Are they planning to take on RED? No idea but it will be interesting to see where this path will take us…it’s no Epic that is for sure…which is real and being tested out in the field…how long though before Canon bring something like this out for real? Ideally for me in an APS-C minimum sized chip but I talk more about this further down the post. The 4K monitor was great as you can imagine, 32″ and sharp as hell. It’s one of those things of course that you need to see in person…

I was actually the first one in...

I REALLY like the XF 105. It’s tiny and has amazing specs. 422 50mbs hd sdi and genlock. The XF 100 is the same but without the SDI/ Genlock. Both record onto CF cards. I guess it is a direct competitor to the JVC 100. Size wise it looks identical, almost…but spec wise it is simply really impressive. It’s the first camcorder in recent memory that I have actually wanted. It has all the facial tracking auto focus that the Vixia has but in a much much better cameras.

XF 105 3D rig
As you can see, it's tiny.

This is the Canon 4K concept camera.It was actually working and was crisp as hell…This concept camera had  a fixed 2/3″ 20x Zoom lens as the chip itself is 2/3″. I am not sure what the idea of it is, they mentioned something about medical something or other. It’s obviously not a cinema concept camera due to the fixed lens. The image out of it was actually really really nice. As I have said and I and am sure you all want to,  is to see an APS-C chip in camera like this and use all the current Canon glass or PL lenses…but Canon have a different marketing strategy to someone like RED. RED announce their road map and make it very public. Canon keep things close to their chest. If there is a cinema camera coming out or a new improved DSLR for video there is no way they would show a concept camera of it and show the competition what they have up their sleeve. Canon do not give much away and of course that is probably from a business stand point the best thing to do. That is why this camera really is to show what they are capable of more than anything, not what they plan to do…I would put money down that we won’t know until pretty close to release of any big developments with regards to video in DSLR or the next evolution of that.

There was also no word of any firmware or other lenses, they were all announced last week. I expect the much rumoured and much expected 1DSmkiV will make it’s debut at Photokina in Cologne later this month. I will be watching this very closely as it MAY have improved video functions, again, pure speculation but I can be positive and hope can’t i?

Sam Nicholson, ASC. Owner of Stargate studios who do astonishing work DSLRs...

The huge sensor is also very cool. Check out the image below which shows two monitors. Image on right represents what human eye can see. Image on left is image from the huge sensor.

The F*** off sensor next to the 5DmkII sensor!!

if you look closely on monitor on the right you can just about make the woman out...

Also on display is the stabilised broadcast lenses. Something which we currently don’t have. A nice feature that we are very used to on cheap cameras and on IS lenses. Finally some 2/3″ broadcast lenses get this much needed feature. Their display was cool as it showed with and without with the cameras mounted on a car bouncing up and down.

They also had a lens for an 8K camera…a BEAST…

Don’t get excited by this DSLR body. Out of context it’s like WOW…what is this…it is simply the prototype for the 7D on display…

Prototype 7D

The multi band camera is impressive, it literally can see more than the human eye can…am not talking latitude, but detail and colours that we simply cannot make out…impressive but needs to be seen in person, much like most things here.

One of my favourite things there was the new 8-14mm F2.8L . Circular fish eye at the wide end, it’s enormous fun. Its not out yet and no idea of pricing but both myself and Vincent LaForet below fell in love with it. It’s a special effect lens and certainly should not be on anyone’s list of priority lenses to buy. It’s so bloody wide I seriously had to suck it in so as not to get my belly in shot on the 8mm. WTF!? You can just about make it out and my feet in the circular shot…!

I am here with Lucasfilm’s Rick McCallum who it seems is rather light fingered as you can see below! A bit of fun!! Pics of Rick by Sam Nicholson.

The Canon 60D was on display too…as mentioned, it felt way better than i expected. Image wise I have no clue as not shot with it!

If you are in town I will be there tomorrow too…hope to see you! Hopefully this blog gave you a taste of what there is there. It’s so massive I barely scratched the surface but I have focused on the stuff that interested me the most and I hope you…


  1. Concept is ugly as sin, but some of the tech must have made its way into a production camera somewhere along the line, my expectations from canon are so high right now that I can’t see them meeting it, it’s mostly wishful thinking, but I still hope they give it a good try.

  2. Am I reading that right? Is the lens on that 4k concept 7-140mm f/1.8-3.8? Fixed lens?
    I want to know more about this camera! It’s great to see Canon thinking in that direction. Now, what about RAW recording?

  3. I wonder how that 4k concept camera “feels” in hand. (I can see it was not allowed to be hand held, and I can understand why!)… Questioning the left side. Very interesting!! Thanks for the post.

  4. That 2/3″ 4k camera looks really interesting — did I see speakers on the side? Depending on the codec, I could see this as a camera of choice for a lot of green screen work where you want a deep field and a lot of resolution; though it looks link it has a locked in lens. How many years out do you think it is?

  5. Im not sure if i like the idea of the fixed lens.. i mean… if the fixed lens would be 1.8 all the way through.. thats one thing.. but.. indie filmmakers already know their way around working with manual photo lenses..

  6. A full range of business needs – one of them digital cinema I presume! It looks like Canon want to compete with RED full on – This is very similar to 2/3″ Scarlet. So it was a fully working prototype not just a mock up?

  7. 4K but 2/3 inch CMOS sensor… it looks that it is made as a Scarlet (aka Red Never 😉 ) competitor. Dream camcorder has 2k or Full HD, S35 or Full frame and global shutter CMOS :). So, we have to wait for a knight on white horse with DSLRs….

  8. Wow! I mean, WOW!

    I presume the “hair dryer” looking cam is the 4k beast. And the tethered the multi-band. But what’s the small cam at the bottom?

  9. Jaw dropping stuff. The zoom lens on the 4K camera would be amazing for sports shooting.

    RED seem to have awoken a sleeping beast. I wonder how it will compare on details like dynamic range, audio, I/Os etc though.

  10. lol the camera looks like a little girl’s portable stereo system from the 90s!
    I love the look of the 2 worned out guys, sort of reminded me of terrance malick’s film ‘new world’ when the native american man visits the kingdom of England and is is wondering in the gardens.

  11. I don`t think this will be a threat to RED… the 2/3 fixed lens scarlet will have so many features for a price so low it`s dificult to imagine a camera that could compete…. the fized zoon lens will have constant aperture all the way, it promises to have amzing atofocus features, 120 fps and not to metion raw recording… all this for U$ 4.500,00…. Any Idea on the price of the hair dryer ?

  12. Canon 4K, oh man I just bought a D60. 🙁 How does it compare? Should I sell my D60. Is it better than the new Nikon. Does it do continuous zoom in video mode? What’s the compression like, is it the same as the 7D? Have they got rid of the moire problem?

    Sorry couldn’t resist.

  13. This thing has to be a total mock-up. Only three buttons on it, it looks like a hair dryer… But still, the specs are impressive.

    Still don’t understand why Canon doesn’t just package the guts of a 5D into a camcorder shaped body with XLR inputs, etc.

    Any shots or information on the Canon 000 DSLRs there?

    1. I believe they are trying to completely change the form factor of video cameras. Good or Bad, im interested to see what come next. Even thought these are tried and true form factors , it does get boring to see technolgy and spec change dramitically, yet the camera designs for the most part stay the same. They’re trying to go from Record players to Ipod! I will say I dont like the Moniter on the top and no handle.

  14. thats funny, rick nicking all the fresh gear!!! i would do the same thing, haha we can only dream!!!! that 4k concept cam looks crazy. i have been a canon guy my entire video career, i think canon has stuff that they keep on ice till the right moment. i kinda feel if they wanted to they could take on red anytime they wanted. but i guess thats not the point

    chad ross

  15. Great Pictures Philip. Looks exciting there. I also like how you had fun posting those images with that one guy getting pulled out of the building for leaking images.

  16. The L lens on the 4k Camera says 7mm-140mm @ f1.8-3.8 . Thats pretty amazing. I cant see how you would still need interchangeable lenses, for video at least. FOr film purposes I cant imagine or even expecting a better zoom considering the ending Fstop range on this lens is where most zooms begin, at 3.6/3.8 .

  17. The XF105 – how does it stack up against JVCs GY-HM100? As you mentioned it was “tiny”….made me wonder if it was Canon’s reply to the HM100? I guess the XF105 specs are better???

  18. oh man that Canon 4k, is that a shot fired over RED or is it filling a different space, hmmm.

    The XF 105 look great, and so small – I am pretty sure there will be enough accessories to sort that out 😉
    I wonder what type of lens it has.

  19. FIXED LENS. UGH. All the had to do was make a bigger 5D, capable of shooting 4K, with an easier to hand hold body, less CMOS issues, and professional audio inputs and controls (and headphone output). WHY IS THAT SOOOO HARD? Who works over at Canon? I want to talk to someone damnit

  20. What was the 60D like? Is there improvement on the grip? With screen moved out to the side its still easy to hand-hold with one hand and then quickly move to adjust lens, or does the screen get in the way of the left hand for any quick adjustments that way? Or do you have to kind of put your hand more palm up under the lens with the screen off to the side. I know it moves into the camera, but was thinking of crowd shots or low level shots where you need the screen out.

  21. 4K Concept Camera looks like it’s capable of shooting down the Deathstar ||

    60D looks cool too – looking forward to seeing more tests with it though, especially vs 550D and then 7D 🙂

    Technology is amazing though and the rate that it’s evolved… Watched the Behind the scenes of LOTR today and Peter Jackson was so amazed that they received a 1.5 TB drive to edit on ha ha That was in 1999 though… But still, now almost every store sells 1TB drives

  22. Hmmmm…. I’m overwhelmed both positively and negatively but, I guess we all better wait for Friday night before rushing into any conclusions.

    All in all the negative aspect about all this is that I was hoping to see the interchangeable lens version of the XF305… Like it’s bigger brother!.. Instead I see a smaller brother and a concept of a fixed lens 4k Digital Cinema camera.
    So I wanted interchangeable lens on a real Video/Movie camera… A sucessor of the XL-H1 and… Nothing: Not even the 4K camera has interchangeable lens.

    Yes, I know… 5D Mark III, 1DS Mark IV, etc… But, I don’t like the DSLR form factor and all the money you have to spend to gear it up. Not to mention, audio, aliasing, etc…

    I am a devoted Canon client but, I’m starting to believe that after Friday night, I’ll be aiming at the Panasonic AG-AF100. I hope I’m wrong…

    Other than that, I’m happy to see a 4K Canon camera on the way. I just can’t wait to know when and how much.

        1. it will, but so far I don’t think it’s a priority: my eyes can’t resolve over 1080p (and I have pretty good vision)

          global shutter, better codec (with 4:2:2, or even RAW), would be more interesting than 4K in my view; and for me right now the biggest priority should be getting rid of line-skipping

          and I guess they are working on all that too, hopefully they just decided not to show them because they are not as eye-catchy

          1. We fully agree with all what you say.

            Although, knowing Canon… they will release sensors with “more MP”.

            Certainly they won’t show what they’re doing, not even a clue.

            The “hair drier” looks funny but somewhat ugly at the same time… Even a bit ridiculous! (with all our respect to the 4K capability)

            One source told long ago (1 year ago) that Canon was interested to compete with RED in some segments. Surely Canon will release something for that purpose when they get something “solid”.

            1Ds Mark IV is the next upcoming big release, it’s being a bit delayed indeed (as that happens lot of times inside Canon Inc.: you can even get a high level manager telling it is coming next week, but the last word comes from the highest, and many times suddenly..)

            Best regards.


  23. I never do this, And Philip may not allow this comment to be posted, but I like speaking out against all complainers so here goes.

    1. Why on earth would anyone complain about some fun pics at the Expo posted on a blog?

    2. Although Mr.Bloom is an excellent source for keeping others up to date and being informed about the greatest cameras and gear, He does not owe us, nor does he have to
    inform us, I Think he does because he is passionate about his craft, and I’m sure enjoys us following him threw his journeys.

    3. If you wanted more Detailed information from the 2010 NYC Canons Expo..
    You should have been there 🙂

    Alright my rant to the complainers is complete, and I would like to thank Mr. Philip Bloom for keeping us informed about his trip to the 2010 Canon Expo, Next time maybe he can shoot some video, I think these simple boring pictures don’t tell the real story of how the hell Rick got busted!!!

    DAM! DAM! DAM!
    we want to know! We deserve to know!

    Next time Philip please shoot a Live VIDEO FEED!!!


      1. As you must know by now Philip I’m a Happy go lucky guy,
        and at times.., Many times people don’t get my humor,
        But you my friend should never be treated with disrespect on your own blog,
        I remember I called you at 4am or 5am a few months ago and woke you up (Do you remember?),
        well I’m finally apologizing, I really wanted to call you back and apologize,
        but I couldn’t find a time I was sober enough to be sincere.
        lol J/K

        No worries I’m sure I can apologize to you in person one of these days!

        FYI: You bring more than just all the “Technical Babble” to the HDSLR Video revolution
        And that is what I like to see more and more, Having fun should always be 50% of anything you do in your lifetime.

        Thank you.

  24. Thanks for the reply, Phillip. I see, then… Pity, I really was dreaming of the Interchangeable lens video form factor camera (XF505?..).

    Maybe some other time, like NAB 2011.

    Thanks a lot for this peek at Canon Expo!.. 🙂

      1. Thanks for taking the time to post your pics and info for us Philip, and I’m sure, for those of us who took the time to read your entire post, you must have a lot of patience to go with your sense of humour, especially having to explain the word ‘concept’ (concept = we the company made a camera for the hell of it just because we could, so pfffffftt)…to clarify that’s Cannon blowing the raspberry, not me ha!

        Good to see the boys cutting loose, Rick looks like he had fun with you lot. Thanks again for the blog and info,


  25. Hey Philip,
    I know I’m probably asking an impossible question, but was there any release date and price for the XF 105?
    I thought I read somewhere around $1100.00 USD?


      1. I was at the show too yesterday (Thursday). They told me XF105 January and $5000 as Phil notes.

        XF100 will be $4000 for those who don’t need the various connectivity features. For many HDMI might be good enough.

  26. Hey Phil,

    Just spotted new Canon lens prices in a Hong Kong Chinese newspaper this morning:

    EF 70-300mm f4-5.6L USM: HK$15,000 (US$1,929)
    EF 8-15mm f4L USM: HK$13,800 (US$1,775)

    not sure why the fisheye was spec’ed as “f4″… could be a typo. They had the pictures and captions mixed up too!

  27. hmm I want a canon 1DS MKIV to shoot 10k, raw codec, and I want it to make breakfast, and I would like to make phone calls and text from it… OH PLEASE!!!!!

    Sure your camera isnt perfect but Im almost positive it meets all your needs, half you dont even need all the stuff your complaining about. Appreciate what you have.

    Thanks Philip!


  28. Actually, a 2/3″ 4k imager makes perfect sense, because if the sensitivity of the chip is good, then the glass that Canon already developed becomes a premium sales point to the company in a bundle. They’re hedging their bets on a little while in the future, when the fad of shooting ‘full-frame’ starts to be proven simply a fad. I call Canon FTW.

    I think we’ve all argued ad nauseum the extreme ‘Bugatti like’ expense of a useful ‘run and gun’ zoom lens in 35mm or higher. That 8k beast is looks like if you have to ask, you can’t afford it. And for those that shoot in video production, live action, you need that build of a lens to catch action. It’s an absolute necessity. Running up the ‘cost parabola’ of zoom lenses to full 35 is excruciating to budgets.

    The size of the chip is not the true issue. The glass, and the sensitivity of the chip is starting the expose that myth. Back in the old days, where sensitivity was low, size meant clarity due to huge light intake. Not anymore. All this sensor size stuff smells like a Red Herring to me. If it was all F-stops and sensor size, then you’d never buy a Zeiss 50mm 2.0 over a Canon 50mm 1.4. But still, the Zeiss is better. Why is the 1DMIV crop, if sensor size really mattered that much?

    I believe the market is going insane about ridiculous things, the biggest being the size of the sensor… just about the time that sensitivity is getting so high that sensor size is about to mean less and less.

    Canon has to actually build this stuff to an actual price point, and it’s starting to resemble the older model, making stuff that works, and stuff that pays out in sales.

    Stunting out with the biggest sensor makes me giggle laugh more than impresses me.
    That being said, I assume the actual pictures in some of these cameras are wicked.

  29. Thanks for the great images! Looks like everybody’s having fun; doesn’t get better than that. I wonder if Walter Iooss is there to talk to…

    Anyway, on the business side: I’m not surprised that they have put together their own lens for the 4K concept camera (something Canon Rumors picked up on a while ago).

    For sanity’s sake and for the sake of the user…PL mount would be ideal. But it still doesn’t strike me as something Canon would do. We won’t know until they release something along those lines. I’ll bet it’s far out of any amateur’s price range, though, so I guess most of us reading the blog are still stuck with camcorders and video-capables.

  30. I’m dying to know a) if the Canon 60D has full HD output via HDMI, even while rolling. b) And is there still a 4gb clip limit c) has rolling shutter been adressed somewhat.

  31. It’s entertaining to read these posts and see how many times you had to repeat yourself because excited grown men reverted to “look at the pretty pictures” mode and forgot to READ!

    All in good fun! 🙂

    Thanks Phil, have fun, uh,…today.

  32. Philip, you’ll get a 12pack of your choice at the upcoming DSLR meet up in Chicago, if you manage to get any secret info bout 1Ds4 or 5D3 ^_^ I know you can do it. be seductive 😀 lol, thx for the blog news mate. Looks like great fun over there.

    1. MastaMarek: I’d like to connect, I am in suburbs of Chicago and I am planning on attending DSLR meetup. Where are you located? Twitter: @MaribethR FB: Maribeth Kocimski Ratajczyk = don’t worry, I won’t drink your 12 pack!!

      1. Greetings back from Blighty!

        Thanks for the pix and info… it certainly saves on airfares when you do all the groundwork 😉

        All I can say is the sequence of shots with Rik had me in stitches, we need a follow up (Rik’s jail experiences) – in fact a whole set of ‘Rik’s Adventures’ would be great, go on – convince him to start a personal blog, it’ll be fun!

        Personally, I’d hoped for an XF305 upgrade model with the ability to change lenses, it’s a shame there’s no 5DMKXXX, but that’ll probably be 2011 (at a guess). Incidentally, have you used an XF305? A hands on review would be useful (vs the EX3) as the image quality does look great.

        Anyway, one last bit of info, the Beeb have finally caved in on 5DMKII acquisition on a new BBC4 drama ‘Road to Coronation Street’ – might not be ‘House’ but at least the Beeb’s moving now.

        It’s an interesting read, if you can pull yourself away from Secret Canon meetings, timelapses and working out the bail money for Rik 😉

        Have fun in NYC!

          1. No problem – the best way to spread good DSLR news is via a certain Mr Bloom’s site 🙂 – everyone will see the good news and we can start to party in UK production land now!

  33. Ahh Rick McCallum, that is too funny!! What were those bread things he was snatching in the last pic?

    A weird design that 4k camera. Looking at the photos I’m still trying to figure out what the most comfortable way of holding it would be? But I assume being a concept camera, it’s more the technology they’re showing off.

  34. Hi Philip, no one said you look so glam in your pinstripe :-D!

    Really dislike to see people complaining instead of giving you the HUGE thanks you deserve for sharing your eyes with all of us that can’t be there and can’t feel satisfied of reading some simple press release… Totally quoting Greg comment.

    Big thanks again. Hope to meet you in person one day or another.

  35. Hey Philip,

    What was the point of the 300mm wafer CMOS?
    Is it more sensitive to light than the human eye?

    Seeing one of my heros, Rick McCallum, thieving food into his upturned polo makes me laugh so hard I’m tearing up. He seems like such a cool guy.


  36. Was hoping to spot you there today… Too bad, was really cool. The 4k is insanely sharp and combined with the ultra HD displays they had blew me away!
    Thanks for your post gave me a chance to lookout for the stuff…

  37. 1st – It’s great to see that the police are FINALLY onto Rick McCallum

    100th – Did you by any chance get to notice at what aperture the 70-300L is at when it’s at 200mm? Is it the same old f/5 that the non-L manages or does the 58mm -> 67mm filter bump imply that it actually can do 200mm at f/4.5 or f/4? Thanks. got sick so I can’t get in and give a look myself.

  38. Thanks for the info, Philip. I was at the Canon Expo today. One of the presenters mentioned you were there. I was hoping to say hello and to thank you for your awesome blog.

    It was quite an amazing display put on by Canon.

    They had a real CSI-style crime lab set with actors playing their roles. They had all their cameras- XF305, 5D, 5D on mini-rails, etc- available for the public to shoot the actors. You could see what you were shooting on Panasonic TH-42PH11 TVs. (They had the Panasonic name plate neatly covered with black tape. I guess that shows how much competition there is between these companies.)

    I composed some shots, including several close-ups- using the 305 and the 5D. Everything looked great. And the shots were all from at least 20 feet from the actors. I can only imagine how the video would have looked if I could get as close to the actors and the crime lab props as I wanted.

    I can’t really speak professionally about making movies, but I can about news and documentary work. In my opinion, the XF-305 can be an excellent ENG camera.

    I was also blown away by the speakers and their work.

    Alex Buono showed some of his Saturday Night Live work shot with the 5D and the 7D. The bottom line, he said, is that he chooses which camera to use depending on the situation. It’s not that one is better than the other. The depth of field on the 5D is just too much for some shoots, he explained, so he uses the 7D. For that reason, he usually prefers the 7D when shooting on a set.

    Shane Hurlbut, a world class DP, showed off his new work with the 7D. He was funny and very interesting to listen to. His work is amazing. He said that when he first started working with DSLRs he traveled with three times the equipment he needed. He was self-deprecating, explaining how he concocted a helmet cam rig for his first DSLR shoot.

    After a couple of days, he said he realized he did not need all the equipment he had. So he created his own pared down kit, which he said fit into the back of an SUV.

    The only problem for the average person is that for some of Hurlbut’s shots he used a $500,000 lens contraption attached to the $1,700 body of the 7D. So all the talk of affordability for the masses goes only so far.

    I strongly recommend for anybody who can, to go to NYC tomorrow (Friday). You will learn a lot and you will be able to touch and use all of Canon’s products. There must have been at least 100 very helpful Canon reps there ready to answer all your questions.

  39. I don’t think Canon will ever be at the same level as RED if they try to compete with 4k. They seem to focus most on the “mainstream” market and like you said keep everything a secret till the last minute. I love RED’s open door strategy- in the end a product is produced that meets the customer’s needs. Seems like big companies such as Canon produce products with features they THINK the customer needs.

  40. I miss more videos showing you shooting with DSLRs. How you do in low angles recordings, how you deal with viewfinders, LCDs, zooming, focusing, aperture etc…

    That’s would be very educational.

    Sorry my english, Philip.

    Thanks for all.

  41. PS not sure if my posts are going through? or do they stop appearing on the page whilst waiting for approval now?

    do you speak to vincent much? I wonder if he’s has a little NDA 1Ds treat hiding in his office….

  42. Hi Philip, it’s just slightly more than a week away from Photokina, there is absolute silence from Canon… are you still optimistic about the 1Ds4 release during Photokina?

  43. Many critics are beeing made around regarding this 4K concept camera and how Canon should work more on improving the video function of their still camera. (Not directly from you Philip, but on many many comments)

    I happen to live in Japan, where the market for video DSLR is 100% oriented to basic consumers, with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic…having a raging war on low cost DSLR.

    What’s also interesting: only the slightest fraction of Japanese Video professionals actually use DSLR for work, most of them beeing primary pro-photographers who are just having fun with their still cameras from time to time. (unlike US or Europe where this market has took off pretty well)

    The problem many video DSLR enthusiasts feel: Canon doesn’t seem to target film/video makers with its still-cameras, nor listen to many expectations (i trully share the frustration)… but why should they listen?

    People easily forget that the video mode of the DSLR is just an option. Canon is not selling 5Ds saying: “The camera you need for your pro-video work”
    If someone intends to use this fonction to make decent video work, you’ll need a bunch of gears (viewfinders, ext.sound, stabilizations, rigs….) and many advices (thank you Philip for you tremendous work!) which are not related to Canon at all.

    I guess their company strategy can’t be: let’s spend time and money to improve the video mode of our Pro-still-Camera, even if we know nobody will be able to use it without all that external & expensive extra-gears. That wouldn’t be serious.(Canon is an “old-school” Japanese company: they are very serious)

    Instead, they’d better come up with a real pro-video-camera with all those fancy features…..via their well established video/broadcast department dedicated to TV & video professionals.

    Regarding DSLRs, they have nothing to prove and will probably continue to come up with more models like 550d or 60d for consumer-market because that’s what they sell the most, and continue to create pro-still cameras (1D & 5D like) & Lenses for their Pro-Photographers market.

    Infortunately, “we” (dslr video enthusiasts) represent in fact a minor market who just happen to “Hack” their still-cameras with TONS of accessories to make the best out of it. I guess Canon has no other gain than “glory” to listen to our requests…

    Also, (as mention on this very blog) a new race is starting with this new generation of Camcorder like the new Sony NEX-VG10 or the much anticipated Panasonic AG-AF100…my bet is that Canon is working way way harder on this new market.

    Just my two Yens 😉

  44. did anyone else almost piss themselves laughing when they saw the photos of Rick stealing all the cameras, and the last one of him getting taken away!??

    Love Rick, so funny.

    The canon camera is just a piss poor design for a camera, the person who came up with that was diffidently wanting to design future cars, not cameras… I’d rather just have a box with a ton of mounting options, than something that looks like a hair blow dryer. whats with the curves? it doesn’t have wings, so it doesn’t need to be aerodynamic.

    Also 2/3” ? come on, we are talking very much a thing of the past already. 2/3” 4k can only be done well by the company who is already doing it, and thats RED.

    1. well, it’s near the nov 3 2011 sinultaneous red scarlet and canon 4k s35 announcement. why not have a RED/CANON merger? Red is brilliant. canon can help make their technology world aware.

      jim jannard is a steve jobs kind of renaissance man. steve tried to be the one man show with NEXT computers. eventually, he had to join the big money machine, even though apple was failing, the head money, talent, and infrastructure in the world marketplace.

      come on, jim the global market is too tough for a small company, and your breakthroughs are too big to be stolen by the big fish, and have you not compensated. good luck

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