BVE, London. See me talk and show my 4K footage properly! Also meet up on Weds!

ETHICS STATEMENT: I have never been paid by any camera manufacturer to review a camera. I have worked for many of the major camera manufacturers for various projects at some time including here at BVE talking about a camera I really like but not a sale pitch, but I have no contractual agreement with any of them. This is essential as my independence is part of the foundation of my blog. For more on my ethics please read my full statement here.amazongearstore

It’s been beyond manic recently. All these workshops and shoots and prepping for BVE. I have 5 pieces to show at BVE this week. Two have not been sucked into this. An edit of all the places I’ve taken the 1DC to and the Olly Knights music video we shot last week.

There will also be the first London meet up in well over 18 months. It’s not a paid thing. It’s a social/ networking thing. Bring cameras if you want. Do some filming. Up to you. Mine is a Grey Goose and tonic or Ciroc if they have it! 🙂

BVE is free registration so please come and say hi.

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BVE is the BROADCAST VIDEO EXPO. The biggest event of the kind in the UK…our NAB. It’s a must-go-to event to check stuff out. After my talk, I will be on the stand at Canon by the 1DC for an hour, fielding questions.

I have been hired by Canon to talk about the DSLR journey: from the 5Dmk2 (I will show a highlight reel) to leaving DSLRs for large sensor camcorders including my beloved CS00, to rediscovering the DSLR with the gorgeous 1DX and now the 4k recording 1DC.

Now I don’t work for Canon or have an exclusive arrangement with them. It would compromise my independence and integrity. Canon Europe/UK asked me to do a session on the 1DC at BVE. At that point I had never shot with it, so I said “until I use it and actually love it then that can’t happen.” So I got a loaner one and shot a lot with it. Despite its flaws (which I will talk about, something essential when agreeing to this gig. I am not and never will be a salesmen!)

After falling in love with it I agreed to it.

3 of the 5 pieces I will showing you can see below in HD

4K version: 576 Megapixels from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

4 inches of ice from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

500 million years old… from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

The one I am most excited about showing is Olly Knights’ new video “Bitten by the frost” Shot in 4k. This looks brilliant in HD and is very stylistic with a strong narrative. Here are some frame grabs and BTS pics. It will go live post BVE to watch. BUT PLEASE COME either Tuesday 3:30pm, Weds 3:30pm and Thursday 1:15pm to the 3D/4k theatre. Please come early as it’s limited space and first come first served. This will also be my first chance to see my work in 4k. I am very excited.

bitten_iphone_4914 bitten_iphone_4920 bitten_iphone_4923


4k Bitten by the frost 4 4k Bitten by the frost 3 4k Bitten by the frost2 4k Bitten by the frost

If you want to buy the camera, I would be enormously grateful if you do it through my affiliate with B&H Photo by clicking the image below! It doesn’t cost you a penny more, and it helps support this increasingly expensive to maintain website and helps get more review videos done! So huge thanks!


Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 11.32.06

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 07.38.06


This will be at the Fox pub by Excel
Straight after BVE on Wednesday evening. I will get there as soon as I can so hang on for me! Everyone is welcome!




E16 1DR


I still have so many posts to put up and it comes down to no free time. I will do my best, but if I do them now the work/life balance won’t happen and I must try!


  1. Hey Philip,
    I was at BVE yesterday (Wed) only, had a great time looking round the show and drooling after gear!
    My one disappointment was not getting to your seminar early enough, although I did have a giggle when you were told that the seminar was full and were you were able to come back at 1.15 tomorrow!
    Judging by the popularity of your seminar I should think that the pub won’t know what hits them this evening!!
    Keep doing what you do and hopefully I will get there in plenty of time next year!!

  2. Hi Phillip,

    Like Jim, I could only make it to BVE for one day because of work and attended the 4K AJA seminar before yours, so was not out early enough for the INSANE queue that had formed. It just goes to show how much people appreciate all of the effort that you put into the site and community as a whole. On the plus side, I went outside and started shooting instead, so it wasn’t a complete bust.

    Keep up the good work!


  3. Hi

    It was good to see you again at BVE looking very svelte I must say. A great presentation as always and very thought provoking. I wrote a blog post after I got back to see if I could get my head round it The geek side of me very much wants see 4K succeed and knows that time is on its side. However, the pragmatic side of me is still skeptical as the technical challenges of moving to 4K from acquisition to consumer are still considerable – not to mention the challenges that start with a £.

    Tech aside, I loved the new music video. I loved the central construct, the song, the cameos and, of course, it looked sensational. I look forward to seeing it again in as many pixels as muster.


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