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I get so many questions to my blog and I’m truly flattered that so many of you ask my opinion and ask for my help.

I’ve always been very happy to offer my thoughts on all aspects of film making and how to go about creating the elusive film look.  However my filming and presenting schedule has become increasingly busy this year and as such I just don’t have as much time as i would like to answer every question in as much detail as I would like. 

So I’ve teamed up with a good friend and fellow cameraman Dennis Lennie and we’ve set up F-Stop Academy

This is going to be an online training resource for Videographers, event videographers, cameramen, indie film makers and photographers of every level. We are both really proud of this and hope it will become an invaluable one-stop site for learning and improving every aspect of your film-making.

Probably the most common question we’ve been asked is  ‘How do I create the film look using video?’

So in response to all the questions and indeed so that I don’t let any of you down by not replying fully to a question we’ve created a pre release website called which is going to teach you, well how to create the film look! 

If you register then we’ll send you a free 54 minute audio interview where Den ‘interviews me’ about what aspects define the film look.

We are currently working behind the scenes creating a course that will be a  comprehensive set of modules covering every aspect of creating the film look using your HD video camera.

So click on this link and you’ll be asked for  you name and email address so we can keep you updated with progress before the course becomes available to buy.  In return we’ll send you a Free audio report and more cool free stuff. You are not obligated in any way to buy the course once you have signed up!

In this free audio report you will learn what components are vital to effectively creating the film look and you’ll also discover:

   * What defines the ‘film look’,

   * How you overcome the limitations of small sensor cameras,

   * How important shallow Depth of Field is?

   * The 5 Fundamental factors Phil uses when creating the ‘film look’,

   * What is absolutely essential kit,

   * How significant grading is in the overall process.

It’s really important that we create a course that matches your wants and needs.  So please leave feedback after you’ve listened to the interview.

Don’t worry am not going anywhere, am still totally dedicated to this website and will always endeavor to answer as many questions as I can, the blog will continue to be updated constantly, reviews will still be as prolific, this is just a way for me to really take what I know and share it in the best possible way! It also gives me a way to dedicate a lot more time to teaching which is currently a bit of a struggle with all my filming commitments!

Don’t forget that we’ll be posting exclusive information to those who sign up for the interest list.  Including a behind the scenes look at how I created the short film Sofias people which we will be available next weekend. 

Making of "Sofia's People" coming next weekend!
Making of "Sofia's People" coming next weekend!





Co-Founder: Dennis Lennie
Co-Founder: Dennis Lennie



Co-founder: Philip Bloom
Co-founder: Philip Bloom


  1. Really looking forward to this… Here’s a quick question – how do you turn the detail settings to off in the EX3? I remember you mentioning this step is essential in creating the film look in your free audio report, which was great btw!

    Cheers Phil

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