A little snippet of what F-Stop Academy got up to at the weekend….

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As many of you know, myself and Den Lennie have launched the F-Stop Academy: Training and mentoring for digital film makers.

It will comprise of an online course, dvds, hands on workshops and much more.

This weekend we finished filming the bulk of the course and we had a number of people come along to be part of it. To learn, participate and be very much hands on whilst we filmed the different aspects that comprised the module.

mpotThis is the group from Sunday. A great bunch of people, all answered the twitter call to be part of the filmed workshop. They varied from experienced documentary makers to people looking to make a career change to photographers looking to move into video.

A big thank you to everyone who came!

One of the Saturday attendees, Adam Loretz, has made a nice fun little video using his little Sanyo Xacti of that day.

The course “Learn to create the film look” is being released VERY soon. The DVD, “Learn Canon 5dmkII cinematography” is also coming out VERY soon.

Keep informed by signing up to the interest list here: www.fstopacademy.com and of course don’t forget…our first proper F-Stop Academy event is happening this weekend in Dublin. Just a few places left!

Learn the film look - Dublin7


Want to learn how to create the film look and much much more? Click below.


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  1. Hi, I am interested in this online course but can’t seem to find any information about it. Had signed up with F-Stop and watched some of the videos posted… but nothing much about the course itself. I did find the Canon D5 DVD.. but that is not it right?

    Any help??

  2. Hi
    I see you are teaching and creating wonderful movies…. but we are little bit “forgotten”… east Europe… in my case Croatia… When can we expect your visit or even some one day/week class in East Europe… btw we have beautiful sea coast, you definitely should check it :-)…

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