2,000,000 and site relaunch soon!

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A big thanks to everyone who has visited my site this past year. I started my site back in October 2006 and wrote my first blog in November 2007. At the end of April this year I got to 1,000,000 hits and whilst I was asleep I broke the 2,000,000 barrier. Basically the past four months have been very popular!

I try to keep my blog, reviews, info updated as often as possible so of course it takes a huge amount of work. But I get such good feedback it makes it worthwhile.

Shame that magical 2,000,000 visitor didn’t get a screen grab. Had a brand new Canon 7d for that person, oh well. Guess I will have to keep it 😉

26985441The above grab was by Jeff Carpenter on his iphone, sooooo close….

Peter Prevec was also one out…
Screen shot 2009-09-01 at 09.01.32
My site is currently being redesigned and should be relaunched in about 2 to 3 weeks.
Here is a snapshot of the front page…
Screen shot 2009-09-01 at 13.31.34

Any support to help keep my website running is truly appreciated.


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  1. checking out your new design .. personally i reckon it might have 2 many categories ..

    Thing that has confused me about your blog is main blog v personal blog..

    it is a bit vague..

    like is a personal blog about your love life ?

    isn’t a blog just a blog from top to tail, why distinguish?

    it’s all under the PB brand so its all kind of personal?

    your main blog seems personal i.e this post is about your site and hit count so why is this not in personal blog..

    or is this post under a personal blog category but one that appears featured on front page of main blog?

    see what I mean?

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