15% off Special!! 2 day intensive DSLR workshop in Santa Monica in September

I will be doing a two day, full on DSLR workshop for just 30 people in Santa Monica on the 11th and 12th September. I have also managed to negotiate 15% off!

We will go through how to shoot with them and get best out of them through to practical shooting and post production/ editing/ grading.

To attend you need to be registered to attend Westdoc, the excellent 3 day Documentary conference. My workshop immediately preceeds the conference. I will be speaking at the conference and showing some of the results of our intensive workshop there.

The workshop price is $550 without the discount!

Read more about the workshop by clicking below.



  1. Philip

    I live in San Diego, so it wouldn’t be too much of a cost for me to make it to the workshop. But I already own your 7D DVD and have or am in the process of making some short films of my own, so I am pretty familiar with the process. Yet I am always looking to learn more and have been looking for a workshop closer to home. I guess what I am asking is, do you think this workshop is valuable for someone like me? It sort of seems like this workshop is for folks totally new to the DSLR workflow. A little insight would be helpful. Thanks.

  2. Hi David,

    Where do I sign up for your workshop? I see where to sign up for Westdoc, but it makes no mention of your part. I don’t want to commit to Westdoc registration until I know I have made it into your group of 30.



  3. Mr. Bloom,

    Will there be an East Coast offering at a later time? If so, I know several people who would be interested.

    -Joseph Vlachos
    Adjunct Lecturer
    State University of New York at New Paltz

  4. Don’t believe I will be able to afford the seminar since I just bought a T2i (oh the irony), but I work in Santa Monica and would love to swing by if there are any meetups outside of the seminar, especially since I finally own an HD-DSLR.

  5. I got into filmmaking mid spring of this year and discovered your stuff while researching DIY 35mm adapters. In complete “snowball effect” fashion, I now am completely consumed by this whole new world of movie making and recently bought a Canon 550d. I am a huge fan and would love to take advantage of this event!

  6. Woa this looks fun, I’ve only shot a few shorts on DSLRs before would really love to take this class. It’s on the weekend too so it works out perfectly for my schedule. Is this more of a seminar for beginners or for intermediates? Just wondering as I live in the West LA area and am Interested.

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