Zacuto EVF available for order! Support my site…order it here!

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Finally! It’s available for order and it amazing. Really rugged and the screen is just superb. Get you order in now as there will be a hell of a waiting list before soon. Of course using any of these links help my website so thanks!

It comes in two different flavours. The flip and the snap. Personally the flip is the one for me. It means you can flip open the Z-Finder from the EVF to use a monitor when needed and then just close it back down again. The snap is what it sounds like. You pull it off when you want to see the screen without the Z-Finder on.

You can buy it with or without a Z-Finder of Z-Finder Pro. I finally have one and it really is as good as I was hoping for. QUALITY!!


From Zacuto:

The Zacuto EVF is a 3.2” high resolution monitor that is used in conjunction with all the Z-Finder models. The EVF is compatible with all cameras that have an HDMI output including the Panasonic AF-100, Sony F3, RED ONE, RED Scarlet and RED Epic. The EVF allows you to operate the DSLR camera or any camera with an HDMI port, with the correct form factor for video with the camera “in-line” to your rod system (the most stable way) and your eye in the Z-Finder offset. This is the way all film cameras and ENG video cameras were operated and we, at Zacuto, believe this should be the way DSLR cameras should be operated. It will enhance the stability, give you better resolution, allow you to get your eye where it most comfortably needs to be, enable low mode shooting, shorten your camera package, have your EVF in the back of a dolly or crane, detached from the rig for car shots and more.

The EVF Flip has a Z-Finder frame built into the unit that can be flipped open to 180 degrees. You can also pop off the Z-Finder and use the EVF as a monitor similar to the EVF Snap. You can use the Z-Finder Pro or Jr. on this model as well. This is essential when working handheld with a producer or director so that you can show them the shot without having to have them get their eye in the viewfinder. You just flip up and they can see the shot!

Z-Finder EVF! If you are seeing this please upgrade your Flash Player at

Here are the links to all the EVF’s:

A $100 deposit is required. They will start shipping imminently! Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery. They also have some additional EVF mounting options that you can pre-order.

Here are the links to all EVF mounting options:


Zacuto Z-Finder EVF 3.2” monitor has higher resolution than DSLR LCD screens. These screens have a resolution of 640×480 on a 3:2 aspect ratio screen. Therefore, you only effectively see the resolution at 640×360 in 16×9. The Zacuto Z-Finder EVF monitor resolution is a true 800×480 making the resolution 56% greater than the on-board DSLR camera screens. The Zacuto monitor also has a tighter dot pitch which also improves the quality, making you see a much tighter pixel pattern.



  1. Really looking forward to this. I love the HDMI loop through ability, the integration with Z-Finders and that high-quality lightweight, off-axis viewing will be possible in Feb/Mar.

    How would you generally rate the contrast and viewing angle performance compared to the LCDs built into these cameras?

  2. Signed up and got the confirmation. Looks like Mail Chimp, which is an excellent service. It’ll come.

  3. This is perfect. I have a 7in Marshall and It’s just too heavy and awkward to handhold for any length. It’s also difficult to mount that much weight on the friction-based articulating arms. I can’t wait for this EVF!

  4. What do you think about the Redrock microEVF? Haven’t seen it mentioned on your site…
    I hope your marriage with Zacuto doesn’t stop you from writing about the competitors products.


    1. it does to a point. The Redrock EVF looks nice, but I have not seen it in the flesh which I have done with the Zacuto EVF…when they are both out I will look at them both.

  5. I hope you can get your hands on the Redrock Micro EVF and review that as well. Would be interesting to see how they compare.

  6. never got the confirmation e-mail, by the way Phillip, are you interested in the Panama Canal Shoot I wrote you about?

  7. Hey Phil,

    Got the confirmation … really excited about this product. Wish it was available now!

    Also, a while back I sent you a previous post/message about affiliate tracking and processes — because I think you’re probably referring people to Zacuto and in some cases not getting credit.

    Feel free to ever contact me, I can explain.

    Thanks so much for the amazing site and credit.


  8. Is the z-finder/loupe included?
    Where can I find more information on how this focus assist and exposure assist work?

  9. The only thing I hate is the 800 by 480 and the fact that you need a Z-finder. I literally was days from buying one before Redrock Launched their EVF. Now I am torn, and depending on when it is available, sold to Redrock 🙁 EVF’s are definitely game changers in DSLR, and I love Steve Weiss and Zacuto, but half the resolution at twice the price is hardly THE game changer, especially when we are hearing rumors of the HDMI outs getting better res. Sorry Zacuto.

    1. i have seen the zacuto evf in person and it was incredible. I have not seen the Redrock one. It sounds very good but am vary wary as they don’t have good history when it comes to bringing stuff out on time or the same price or specs. We have to wait and see I think…

      1. Yeah – RR in my book doesn’t have a great rep for a lot of things. Their “$500” matte box came out 1 year 1/2 later than they said and $200 more which they’ve bumped up another $300 this past April (I think they’re trying to pay off their new web design – lol).

        Their stuff is okay and their original claim to fame (M2) was awesome, but I think they should hold off on announcing things until they’re going out to production (useful advice for a lot of other companies too ; ). But again, that is just “my book”…

  10. Hey Phil,

    I tried to forward you something at the above address, but it bounced back. Wanted to send you a quick note in addition to forwarding my reservation.



  11. Does this mean that the Gorilla plate is redundant using this system? Is this what he means by being able to use Redrock gear? That would also logically entail that the Z-Finder Pro can already do this – that is attach itself somehow to the 7D, for example, without utilising the gorilla plate. Am I correct in saying this and if so how can this be done?

    1. all gear these days costs close to these affordable cameras, downside to cheap camera am afraid. At least 4 of my lenses cost more than my 7D!

  12. someone’s gonna beat that price for a 3″ hi res screen (and then we can all slap an adhesive zfinder frame on it )

    it might even be a future ipod touch/application! (7 hours of video)

    but this looks really cool. nice n’ rugged. just the way zacuto makes ’em.

    i dig it

  13. By year 2012 there will be Zacuto EVF 2.. Steve Weiss will say something like With out first z-finder… now we have this new with so and so much more resolution and this and this feature. 🙂

    It’s a bit of a shame that the product is not something like 499$ since to be honest those screens cost probably 30$ or so for Zacuto.

    Philp did they say wheter it’s wheater proof to a point ? – I did notice the battery department at the back so that point cannot be.

    1. trust me those screens are not $30! They are being made especially for Zacuto after a lot of work trying to source high resolution LCD screens. I can’t imagine it’s weather proof

  14. Hey Philip!

    Do you know if it’s $775 for a complete EVF setup, or just a “monitor”, and Z-Finder have to be bought separately?

    I wish I could help your site, but I’ve already signed up on Zacuto site minutes after the announcement 🙂

  15. It’s great, but what about the HDMI output problem of the 5D ???
    If my viewfinder make me sick each time I put the rec button ON or OFF with a little switch of the resolution, I think I will continue to shoot with the Z finder behind the onboard screen.

    1. Yep! Same here. I want to see a 5D mark II image on this thing first. If it auto detects the 480p image while recording and stays fullscreen, well then I am on the list.

  16. Not to be a buzz kill here but i am just thinking out loud.. For that kind of money evf + z finder wouldnt it be better to get a small HD monitor?? Tell me why this would be better? I am interested just not sold on it.. Sell it to me Phil!!!!!

    1. for me shooting should always be on a viewfinder, and with this focus is a cinch, you can then use passthrough to give monitor to a director…

  17. Signed up. Very excited about this as it looks to have multiple uses. Think I’ll just tape the rig to my eye. I look @ the world through a viewfinder most of the time anyway. It’s a (Borg) thing! 😛

  18. This looks nice, but I’m a little unimpressed at the price. There’s a lot of competition in this space all of a sudden. Marshall will be actually shipping their new 5″ monitor for $500 in two weeks, Redrock is about to ship their evf for at least a hundred dollars less, and we have to wait for this smaller $700 monitor until at least December. I’m not sure I would call this changing the game.

      1. It’s definitely not a “game changer.” They are essentially making our new cameras look closer to our old cameras (this isn’t innovation) and charging a boatload for it.

        1. you can look at it that way or be positive and say it is making it a hell of a lot easier to shoot with a DSLR. Like anything, you don’t actually have to buy it!

          1. I understand that. I’m not here to harm Zacuto’s business. They make great products and everybody knows that. But it’s not without a splash of arrogance.

            GL to both companies (and Marshall). Hopefully all of this competition will drive costs down and quality up.

            1. Coming from a professional background this price for an EVF is bloody cheap! do you know how much my shitty tube viewfinders have cost me? I don’t see arrogance, I see a need in the market and both Redrock and Zacuto have seized upon it. Good luck to them both!

  19. I’m definitely reserving one but I also just got my DP6 from Small HD and its SOLID! Anyone tried it out? Phil?

      1. You can contact them, although they may be a little hesistant due to your relationship with Zacuto and your natural preference for Marshall…

        Nonetheless, I would really like to see a fair comparison.

        I am holding off a purchase of a smaller monitor (I have a DP1) until I find out how the Zacuto EVF works when mounted to the post of my Glidecam HD-4000.

  20. Hats off to the Zacuto crew again. i would love one of ’em.

    Bit short of readies this month, if we sign up do we have to pay up front or delay til march?

    Toodle pip.

    1. why is it game over? another company is making one which is great, the more people do it the better it is for all of us! But there is no firm release date and I have become wary of Redrock’s release schedule ever since the Matte Box took two years to come out. Let’s see how good and the remote follow focus is and how long it takes to come out first and then decide on game over when we can take both EVFs and put them side by side and comparing them. Claiming game over because of this is just silly! It’s just the competition and that’s good! It’s like announcing a boxing match’s two fighters and saying game over because one of paper sounds better…never a good idea

  21. True story…id definitely recommend trying out the DP6 whenever you get a chance…also the remote follow focus does look so phenomenal but they did upset me a bit with their matte box issues.

  22. Yep, exactly Phil! There is no “best” rig or accessory, because it really depends on your own preference and the needs of the project.

    I have held Zacuto rigs side by side the competition — and to me, their products just feel more solid, better built — almost indestructible. And the ergonomics and look also works perfectly for me. I know they are products I will have and use happily for life — whether it’s with DSLRs, Red Cameras, etc.

    Also, because I see these products as lifelong — I also look at the relationship. Zacuto has great people leading the company with real film experience … and their support staff is friendly, knowledgable and so helpful. That’s worth something to me.

    Bottom line, there will never be a “game over.” It’s subjective decision based on the facts of our individual realities.

    I understand everyone has a certain budget or level of resources, however, I think it’s dangerous to to make assumptions about the value of a product based primarily on price.

    It’s also unfair to bash other products because they’re outside one’s budget range. I cannot afford Zeiss Master Primes or the new Leica Cine Lenses, which cost $20,000-30,000 per lens. Does that mean they suck or are overpriced?

    Hell no! They kick serious ass, I just cannot afford them (right now).

    Those who come from a professional film background know this well … and they are used to paying an arm and a leg (or renting) some incredibly high quality products from Arri, Occonor, etc. For people on serious projects, every extra hour it takes — or any mistakes that get made, often cost a lot of money. Much more than the additional cost of a quality product.

    But people who come into the DSLR movement see the cheap camera price tag and then consider everything else expensive.

    I think we need to get some perspective. Let’s be fair to the manufacturers and other customers who read these blogs. Some products cost more than others … some products work better or worse in certain situations … and we can’t always afford or benefit from buying a high-end product like Zacuto.

    I for one, am happy that Phil has shared Zacuto products with his readers … and for all the amazing info and value he brings to this blog.

    So let’s be grateful and supportive, even when our needs, preferences or budget level differs from what’s been offered.

    My two cents,


  23. Perhaps! My enthusiasm overtook my sensibility here. You’re right, competition is good; especially in this case. Though I must say the Redrock EVF immediately impresses because it looks, as they state, as something that is being designed from the ground up. As a new entrant into this area I am starting to realise that the DSLR accessory products out there are as newly evolving as is our enthusiasm. This is a new area, no doubt and being caught up in the dilemma of buying what would be a suitable and useable rig has been difficult. For example, I bought a Z-Finder-Pro, and my opinion on it is still out, but it’s attached to a Gorilla plate, the which, I would have to repurchase to get an entry level Zacuto rig. What sense is this? And it locks me out of other gear to boot – this is where competition is not so good.
    So maybe I should have said the game is just beginning. Bring it on!

    1. and, at a suggested price of $595, the redrock evf will give this zacuto a run for the money. can’t wait to read more info, or better yet, compare side by side. hope i don’t have to wait until NAB to do that.

  24. Not sure why this would look better than the screen on a T2i, which is much higher resolution. The T2i has a 3:2 1040K screen. By my calculations, this makes the resolution something like 1250×832 pixels. Obviously you lose a fair bit when you display a 16:9 image in that screen, but it should still be much better than 800×480.

    Are you sure that this screen looks better than the T2i screen?

    1. honestly it’s not…there is no way that t2i screen has a resolution as high as that. that would be insane and hugely expensive. how did you calculate it…i have used my z finder on t2i and looks much the same as my 7d…with the evf i saw no pixels

    2. The DPReview of the T2i state the LCD is 720×480 / 1040k pixels:

      “With the increasing prevalence of live view and movie functionality it’s perhaps surprising that this is the first EOS to sport an LCD that’s the same shape (3:2 aspect ratio) as the sensor. The resolution is similar to the EOS 500D (720×480 / 1040k pixels) but the wider shape makes a lot more sense. Canon has removed the air-gap between the LCD’s protective cover and the liquid crystal to reduce glare. The screen has a viewing angle of 160 degrees.”

  25. Oops my bad. I didn’t realize that the dot count needs to be divided by 3 (rgb?) first. So the T2i screen is actually 720×480, so the Zacuto screen would certainly be sharper 🙂

  26. I have to say this is the easy option that Zacuto have taken. I built a very similar set up earlier this year which i use with a miniature hi res 2″ monitor and a hoodman loup, all supported on a Noga arm, that works great.

    The Redrock EVF is better specs, at higher res than even the RED EVF, and cheaper as well. Theirs is the game changer.

  27. So its 720×480 vs 800×480? thats almost a 100 USD per 10 lines 🙂
    But then again – i’m still looking forward to try both the Zacuto and RedRock.

  28. Quite expensive for something that is essentially an ergonomic solution, not so much a technical one.
    For focusing, I don’t expect this to give me more accurate focusing than I have today with either my Manhattan LCD or LCDVF.
    I guess some pros will buy this, but for those who really need something like this, Red Rock seems the best option since it will cost half the price.

    1. it’s technical and ergonomic. Surely the high res LCD screen with focus assist, exposure assist and HDMI passthrough is technical? I think it’s impossible to judge which product is best until they are both out…both of suffer the same main issue that worries me is that damn HDMI connection on the camera is so fragile. There must be a way to solve this but I cannot think of one.

  29. If you are listening Philip, could you advise Zacuto for the sake of cable management purposes, it could be better to offset the the HDMI ports so they aren’t parallel, then we could use swivel hdmi cables that swivel left to right (45-degrees). This would help to reduce that huge cable bend/loop coming out of the hdmi port.

    Sony make both left-right[45-degree] & up-down[90-degree] swivel head hdmi cables.

    Just a thought, but they may have already though it.

  30. When i saw the announcement for the new EVF there was one think that pop up in my mind.
    These new EVF are both HDMI-EVF.
    Everybody knows what happens to the HDMI Signal from the Canon 5D MarkII if you push Record.
    It switches from native resolution to 480.
    It nice to have a 16 by 9 EVF but what use has it if you have displayed a 480 HDMI Signal on it ?
    Is this resolution realy worth for focuspulling or is Zacutio working on a solution so we will have the native resolution on the EVF.
    Because if its only 480 with black borders left and right then i personly prefere a 5 inch marshall Monitor

    Philip maybe you can helpme out you saw the EVF in early production stage.
    How will the EVF handle the HDMI signal of a Canon 5D Mark II?



  31. someone should design some kind of larger plug that grabs the camera on the sides too, and doesn’t just go into the HMDI output and wobble.
    considering the layout on the side of the camera is kinda cramped, it might disable other functions though …

    and what I was trying to say is that this product is really designed for a very small niche of DSLR users … there’s a huge market for accessories that stay below the $500 mark, but once you go over that mark, the huge DSLR fanbase who migrated from consumer or prosumer cams, can’t afford or won’t afford it. so you only have the pro users who can either use it cos they work for a big company or who make enough to afford it. that, and the people getting it for free or with a huge discount.

    the more oldschool guys (no disrespect intended, to the contrary) missed a viewfinder on their DSLR, the new school that grew up on HDV have learned to do without and prefer something like a Z-Finder or LCDVF.

    I think a lot of people think like me and would rather get a Tokina 11-16 and a second hand Merlin instead of this new Zacuto thing and a Z-Finder.

  32. I don’t know if its just many years of using CRT B&W viewfinders on broadcast TV cameras but I find all of these LCD finders lacking.
    I have yet to see one as sharp as I had on my old Sony dnw-9ws.
    How can you focus quickly with these screens? There mushy at best.
    Am I wrong or have some of the rest of you found this to be true?

    1. I like technology and design as much as the next person but these new EVFs all seem to be lacking – More attention needs to be taken to the motion picture world and how their accessories are designed. The weather proofing aspect is a real issue especially with all these electronics.

      Everyone seems to be focused on, well… Focus! But as a guy who worked in camera department of the motion picture industry for years there is something else that seems to be missing. Or is it me that’s missing something? – Where is the equivalent of the ground glass? Why do none of these EVFs give options for generating frame lines for different aspect ratios?

      In terms of composition and especially when it comes to situations where one needs to be sure that certain elements remain out of the finished shot but where there is little latitude (such as a boom mic or light stand), accuracy of frame line is HUGE. As someone who loves the anamorphic 2:35:1 aspect ratio I wish there was an easier way to show the frame line than slapping tape over the LVD screen.

      Phillip, I’m still new to the DSLR world so am I missing something here or is it the EVF manufacturers that are missing something?

      1. there are big issues with the output of these cameras that makes marking lines for aspect ratios v v hard on monitors. it needs to be in the camera options really.

  33. Way too expensive, I’ll pass. It would be nice if it’s a casing where we can connect an iPod/iPhone as the viewer to the HDMI, now you’re talking.

  34. Zacuto’s product look very interchangable but I am really impressed from what I seen on RedRock’s website. There view finder looks like a traditional camera view finder. I have 35mm movie camera use to operating it with a similar setup. The resolution and price is what really is making me wounder if the RedRock product is too good to be true. I am ready to buy this one.

  35. Hey Phillip- I have been waiting a long time for a product like this- the most important part to me, HDMI pass through!

    One question though- does the 5D down convert kill the pass through?

  36. I’m assuming that the “Loop thru” for HDMI will allow for usage of a monitor? I just ordered a SmallHD monitor so this may be worth looking into. Phil do you know how this compares to the EVF that Redrock Micro is releasing?

  37. If the 5D downscales to 480p, are you still able to get accurate focus?

    Also it would be useful if you could contrast the use of a monitor and a EVF for us thicko’s/newbie’s


  38. Mr Philip,

    how is this Zacuto thing an EVF? Why would we buy it?

    First one MUST buy (if not already) the Z-Finder, it’s ‘expensive’ and available exactly the same from India for much less.

    Then add this small low-res screen to the front of the finder.

    CINEROID EVF’s at U$749 are already shipping from AbelCineTech – see

    Notwithstanding also the RedRocks EVF as mentioned above, cheaper, better.

  39. Philip

    Cool concept but I think for almost the same price, I’m going to go for the Small HD DP6. If the price was lower it would be an easy choice.

    Thanks for the heads up anyway!

  40. I do not understand this ” Pre-order” thing. What is Zacuto’s reasoning behind putting $100 down?

    Then to allow 3-5 weeks for delivery???

    Something is just no right here.

    I’d love to support your site Philip, But until Zacuto has the actual product manufactured and in stock I think i,m going to pass until Zacuto gets there act together .