What do you want from an HD-DSLR workshop?

Hi everyone, as you know from this post am going to be a doing a number of workshops all over the place this year. As I work out the details what I would like from you is what do you want to learn from them…

Here are some examples of what I would like to know…

How advanced do you want it to be?

Should there be a separate beginners and advance workshop?

Which cameras do you want covered?

What topics do you want covered?

Do you want to do practical shooting?

Do you want to know about post? My problem is am a Final Cut guy so am limited to that.

Do you want small workshops or large workshops (small workshops will cost more of course but be much more hands on)


If you could email me what you want from them then I can collate the information and work out what it is most people want. Rather than teach everyone how to film ducks for a day!

Please be as helpful and constructive as possible, rather than things like “a free camera!”. It’s going to take a lot of work to put these together and with your help I can make them the best possible! Thanks!

Email address for this is my new dedicated workshop email: workshops@philipbloom.co.uk …clever name for it eh? 😉


  1. For me, I’d love to understand more about post than anything else. But also a presentation/talk about how to prepare for shoots with respect to determining what to film (when applicable). Of course, I’d also like to hear as many tips and tricks for actually using the camera – but if I had to pick my focus areas, they’d be more pre and post – the evolution of putting together short clips. Really targetted at those who take photos with a DSLR, but want to start making the cross-over.

    As for freebies, honestly – I don’t care. The most important thing would be ability to go (so weekends or weeknights would be key for most of us unable to take off time for work).

    Oh…and swinging by Washington DC would be nice too. 🙂

  2. Phil I have been trying for weeks to post on your site but for some reason it does not post, Am I banned on your site?
    This is an open desk at work and more than one person use it to go online and as far as I know 3 people besides me post on your site, has this IP address been banned?



      1. Hmmm, Must be this systems browser, because even with those links you just gave me nothing comes up… 🙁

        I hope I did’nt double post, I would feel like such an idiot giving you extra work. Sorry in advance and thanks for the heads up, I will look into posting from another system and write you again if noting still can’t be viewed…

        Thanks Phil.

  3. I got a few suggestion. 1) Composition and Framing a shot. 2) Some explanation on the chart i see in a production or rental house..the color bar chart..those grey and white chart. I know it has something to do with adjusting your exposure and F-stop but how does it actually work. 3) Have a workshop in Los Angelas..I know there a ton of school here but not like your.hehe


  4. There is one thing that I think that people are not aware of and that’s how important lens quality is when shooting film. The Canon HDSLRs reduce image size to HD by taking roughly every third line from the sensor. That means that the video quality is equivalent to the stills image quality at 100%.

    If you intend to publish stills images on fickr you don’t need ‘L’ lens sharpness. After being reduced in size in Photoshop (or other software) the pictures will be sharp. With video on the other hand you do need high lens quality as the reduction in size is not scaling with bi-cubic interpolation but simply the dropping of pixels. The reason for this is that the processors inside the DSLRs are way too slow to handle advanced resize operations. (That’s also why we get the same noise levels as we do in stills @ 100%)

    So, the bottom line is that unlike stills photography, for video lens quality is very noticeable – even if you just show your stuff on vimeo or youtube. Hopefully one day Canon will come out with a camera that can perform an actual resize operation, or at least output the whole image and then we’ll all be enjoying perfect sharpness and nearly zero noise. Until then however good sharp lenses are a necessity.

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