Winners of the Kessler Crane/ Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly competition

Wow…what an amazing response!! 42 films in just two weeks. Totally overwhelmed for what I expected to be a silly little competition has become an epic contest with some incredible filmmaking and creativity. I am utterly speechless and humbled. Eric Kessler too. If we could we would give one to each and every one of you a PB slider.

Honestly this is the hardest thing I have ever judged. Tricky too as I know some of the filmmakers who entered, some of them very well. I put my totally objective hat on and refused to be biased. Each time I saw a new one come in I thought, that’s the winner then I saw something else and I loved that too. Eric loved the one where every word was his name of course 😉

Well we have two prizes to give away. 1 pocket dolly Philip Bloom edition and the Red Giant Software Magic Bullet Suite. 1st prize gets the slider, runner up gets the amazing software suite. Eric and I had a lot of back and forth over this. Petter Misje made two awesome entries, the song was brilliant and funny (but mostly appreciated by guys and it made Eric puke at the suggestion of the song!), Andrew Gupta made two fantastic entries too…David Komer made a great little film, Travis Guerra made a funny film where he still insists I stole his ideas ;), Karen Abad & Angeline Gragasin made an INSANE film inspired by the INSANE Isabella Rosselini Green Porno series on Sundance Channel, Eric found that very disturbing but I think he secretly enjoyed hearing Angeline as Isabella as me having an orgasm over his picture…SO WRONG!!! Loved the TV shop by Sebastian Rombout, very clever indeed! Josh Alden made an epic film, Sara Parker made a very clever little piece in a very short time…the list goes on, the quality was just exceptional. PLEASE watch them all. They were great. Go to the vimeo group by clicking here.

TV Shop from Sébastien Rombout on Vimeo.

I hope it won’t be too complicated to understand. We’re French native, and did our best for English speaking

Enjoy our movie

Video: Canon eos 550D/Rebel T2i – sigma 30mm f1.4
Animation made with flash and after effects.

The Kessler Kid from David Komer on Vimeo.

Daniel “The Karate Kid” Larusso unleashes his most powerful technique yet.

This was created exclusively for the Philip Bloom / Kessler Crane Short Film Competition.

It was a blast to make. Thanks Eli and Shalom!

For those interested- camera is 7D and lens is Sigma 30mm f/1.4. Lighting was all with one reflector (with two-shot a composite of 3 takes with reflector moved). I forgot the mic model- but it was going into the Zoom H4n. Rack Focus was done by hand while watching lilliput monitor. Tripod was non-fluid-head. Edited in FCP with effects shot (done by Eli Veffer) in AE. Script was written in Final Draft AV. Headband was drawn on an old cutup t-shirt using premium crayola markers- by my wife (Inessa Komer). Ninja Turtles shirt was bought at Target in the States 🙂

All shot on location in the Independence Park in Jerusalem, Israel.

David Komer

To Philip with love from Petter Misje on Vimeo.

This is a contest entry to the Philip Bloom/Kessler Crane Competition.

Shot on a Canon 5D MarkII with a Canon EF 24-105mm F4.0L IS USM lens and a Canon EF 50mm F1.8II lens.

Music/piano by myself
Lady/voice by… well… I can’t tell you that!

Before I met Kessler from Petter Misje on Vimeo.

This is a contest entry to the Philip Bloom/Kessler Crane Competition.

Shot on a Canon 5D MarkII with a Canon EF 24-105mm F4.0L IS USM lens and a Zoom 4HN (and still I’m out of focus and the sound sucks!)

And me on the piano.

CONTEST ENTRY: Bloom/Kessler Slider Competition from Andrew Gupta on Vimeo.

This is a contest entry to the Philip Bloom/Kessler Crane Competition. Filmed and produced October 10, 2010.

This is a parody of the product name and slogan “Wives, say yes to Kessler.”


CONTEST ENTRY: Bloom/Kessler Slider Competition from Andrew Gupta on Vimeo.

This is a contest entry to the Philip Bloom/Kessler Crane Competition. Filmed and produced October 13, 2010.


BLOOMing Jealousy from Sara Parker on Vimeo.

Entry 4 the “Philip Bloom/ Kessler Crane Competition”.

by Jeanne du Bois & Saraparker

Continuation of why wives will “Say yes to kessler”… (female logic, ask us if you have questions 🙂 )

Bloom Porno from Karen Abad ♥s Dinosaurs. on Vimeo.

Inspired by Isabella Rossellini’s “Green Porno,” Bloom Porno is a film about filmmaker Philip Bloom.

created by: Karen Abad and Angeline Gragasin

So who won…it was so hard. I kept on tossing it between “Bloom Porno” and “To Philip With Love” and the fact Peter made two great films was swinging it his favour. His song was awesome, the singer was lovely with a lovely voice. It was my winner for a long time. But the work that went into “Bloom Porno” was so amazing. The attention to detail was beyond brilliant, from the replacement of my banner photo to cut outs from my short films. Amazingly written and performed by Angeline  combined with Karen’s golden touch as a filmmaker swung it their way in the end, which made me feel awkward as I know them so well. But should I deny them first prize because of that? That seemed unfair. Eric agreed and the amount of views of the film dwarfed all the others on Vimeo so it felt the right thing to do…I hope you agree that it was just superb filmmaking on every level and especially if you watch the inspiration for it. The fact it took the piss out of me cracked me up. I take the piss a lot and if you can’t take it then don’t dish it out and the girls laid into me completely and it cracked me up. So girls. You win my slider. You are gonna have to cut it in half though am afraid…just the one!! Ouch!

Petter, sorry mate. SO close. It was just genius, both of them but you were beaten by a hair. Literally a hair. I hope the Magic Bullet Suite you win is good compensation, it’s amazing and contains so much great stuff and it costs $800 to buy!! if you want a PB dolly, drop me an email and I will get you the best discount I possibly can and move mountains for you as I feel so bad as yours was my winner for a long time!

OH and there is now a third prize and this goes to Travis Tindell for his “All aboard for Kessler”, watch it carefully. he plays ALL the characters. Nice job mate. You win a $100 Kessler Voucher!!

All Aboard! for Kessler from Travis Tindell on Vimeo.

Tried to do it. Wasn’t very successful. Not enough time to put in the effort I would have liked to. Lots of key stuff missing here.

O well, worth a shot.

I will do a challenge again soon, so keep an eye out for those and if you are after a PB slider the next batch will go on sale in a week or so. Very limited supply as Eric only made a small run of these and was caught off guard by how popular they are.

Oh and do check the awesome review of my dolly here!!

Once again well done to everyone who entered and a huge thanks to Eric Kessler for donating the top prize and to Aharon Rabinowitz of Red Giant Software for the 2nd prize!!


  1. An Awesome Competition PB… Really amazing entries, and I did really like your chosen winner, very well written and filmed 🙂 Kudos to Angeline and Karen for winning, as well as to Peter and the others for some really awesome and mostly hilarious filmmaking 🙂
    Cheers Sir, one day I will enter one of your competitions 🙂


  2. Congrats to the winners! Very tough decision, but I too would have chosen the ‘bloom porno’! However, ‘To philip with love’ was still… Very, very… very nice.
    I’m sure they’ll both make excellent use of their prizes! 🙂

  3. Congratulations to Angeline and Karen for winning and for Peter coming in second. Great contest Phil,I hope that time will permit me to participate in the next one. I can only imagine how hard it was choosing the winner but I think you and Eric got it right.


  4. Grabbing the second place in a contest with so many great entries is beyond what I hoped for – thank you so much!!
    I definitely want the PB dolly, so feel free to move mountains… 🙂

    Karen and Angeline – you rock!

  5. What a brutal task to pick a winner! Like watching a reality show of great chefs get told to take their knifes and pack up – I hate that part.

    Loved some of the simpler ones too – “The Kessler Kid” and “Due by Dinner” was a great little story, well told.

  6. Wow Awesome!

    Congratulations to the winners,
    you deserve it great Job Both of you!

    Man that slider is sexy, I hope Karen can handle it 🙂

  7. Top Notch competition Philip. Enjoyed readying the the winner blog ecpecially…kept slowly scrolling down the lines 😀 really enjoyed it. Now I have some points to keep in mind for next time! Thanks again.


  8. I’m just excited to even be mentioned on this post! I look forward to more competitions even if there isn’t a physical price but just getting my work seen by people is of value. Next time I plan on bringing more production value to add to my improv skills. Congrats to the winners and everyone that was taking part in my wager on the vimeo forums it’s time to pay up so I can go buy a slider of my own! lol

          1. I was trying to make it seem as “real” as possible lol and make up for my lack of other production abilities… so ya if you come up with a real pocket dilly I have to domain name for you!

            And the contact form does work if you fill it out with a nice personal note from you lol

  9. I had fun! I also made some new friends who submitted some killer entries.

    Psychic Limitations had me giggling. <3 Yeay for new film friends.

    Thanks so much for your generosity P/Eric. And thanks for giving us an opportunity to break out of the lul of routine to create something fun.

  10. Terrific competition!! Thanks Philip for putting it on and thanks to Eric for suppling the “Carrot”. Congratulations to Karen and Peter on a job well done! I was so impressed by the immense level of creativity and talent displayed throughout.

    I do have a question though. What happened to Joe Dirt? I knew I was likely pushing the boundaries of social acceptance with “Gaslight for Kessler”. But I thought what the hell, Eric’s favorite film is “Joe Dirt”! … I’m going for the low brow laughs (with a highbrow deadpan twist).

    Did no one here have a laugh at my “sound effect situations”. Or is it that no one wants to admit publicly that they laughed at fart jokes? I really want to know if anyone laughed during my film. If you do not wish to reply here, please e-mail me directly at . Your response will be kept secret in a plain brown wrapper that I promise no one will see.

    I have already received accolades from people who have said that they laughed really hard at many of the “jokes” presented in my film. Many of these people I do not know, which includes a director at CBS television who I heard “loved it”. I’m trying to figure out the disconnect here in why I received zero positive comments (even for my lighting or photography).

    Please don’t view my questioning this as “sour grapes”. The films that won are quite delightful and deserving. I just want to get a handle on the pulse of what people find funny or at least will admit to being funny.

    Thanks to you all and be well.

    1. Sorry man, this is just not my cup of tea at all. After fart nr.2 I stopped watching…
      A lot of people will find this hilarious but it doesn’t hit home with me, as simple as that.
      And, knowing that “funny” is as subjective as you can get, I didn’t see the need to tell you that.
      As for Joe Dirt, well, I havn’t seen it, but I’m guessing it isn’t for me either.

      Sorry, but you asked…

      1. Peter,
        No apologies necessary, honesty is all I can ask for. Of course everyone’s idea of funny is extremely subjective and it either hits the funny bone or it misses. The lowly fart however is one of the comic cornerstones of lowbrow humor. It has found an honored place in comic masterpieces from Blazing Saddles to Austin Powers. Not that my film can be compared to those masterpieces, but fart jokes DO get laughs. I haven’t seen Joe Dirt either, but I can imagine it would not be out of place in that film as well.

        I fully expected that this type humor would be lost on and would even offend some people. (My wife included as well as most women) Yet the overwhelming response I have gotten outside of this group is completely different. Many have reported laughing hysterically. I guess this group is not the audience for this type of film. I now know what to avoid for the next comedy challenge!! I headed for lowbrow humor only because Joe Dirt was mentioned as Eric Kessler’s favorite. Personally, I prefer much more witty and quirkier humor. Which I hope showed up a tiny bit even with “Gaslight for Kessler”. (which has now been re-edited and re-titled: ” Days without a Kessler”)

        Had you made it past the second fart, you would have discovered a complete full story told from the beginning to the end. Yes, the fart was used as the principal comic relief element throughout, but their were many other comic devices used, many of which far surpassed the fart alone in humor. If the fart was all I relied on I wouldn’t have bothered shooting this at all.

        Above all else, this competition was a so much fun and it really got me juiced and in gear. It was really great seeing so many creative minds at work on the same problem! I love my fellow competitors and the thrill of competition, it serves us all well. I look forward to Philip’s next challenge and I promise no more fart jokes!

        Thanks for your feedback and congratulations again on your win. Benton

  11. “If we could we would give one to each and every one of you a PB slider.”

    (to Peter) “if you want a PB dolly, drop me an email and I will get you the best discount I possibly can…”

    How about offering a very special discount on the Pocket Dolly to all the contestants? : )

  12. My thanks to Mr. Bloom for using his growing prominence to challenge the creativity of aspiring artists. The truth is that every single person who entered this competition, who accepted the challenge and put their name on the line — is a winner. Participants may not have won the slider (and believe me, I would have liked to have won that slider), but each have improved their skills from the experience and have become stronger.

    My congratulations to the winners — everyone who entered! Again, thank you, Mr. Bloom!

  13. Kickass entries – wish I had the time to whip something up!

    also – Phil – you chose wisely – for me as a filmmaker, and for this particular contest – after watching many many of the films , bloom porno was on the next level.

    Congrats all those who entered – creating finished work is a prize in itself.



  14. WOW!

    Even if some consider this just “a silly little competition” – as you put it, Philip – I am still incredibly honored to have won. I consider myself an amateur filmmaker who is fervently trying to catch up to the rest of you PROs, and I guess that’s part of the reason I decided to compete. To see if I could even make something that would stand a chance, in spite of my extremely limited experience as a filmmaker…especially with regard to the vibrant and active DSLR community! I crossed over into video from live performance about a year ago and started out by experimenting with green screen and motion graphics. Most people get into online videomaking by vlogging or documenting, but I came in through a strange backdoor/rabbit hole of concocting psychedelic eye candy. I made a decision to pursue a career as a filmmaker relatively recently, and while I found Philip and Vimeo and all the rest of it to be very inspiring, I’ve mostly felt intimidated and overwhelmed by filmmakers and filmmaking culture in general. I didn’t go to film school. I didn’t go to art school. Not even close.

    Anyway, these past few weeks have been a whirlwind; although Philip says he “knows us so well” … that is actually a HUGE overstatement! I met Philip AND Karen only three weeks prior to shooting. A chance encounter prompted by my desire to meet the man in the machine I’m still learning to master. 😛 A string of serendipitous events that led to the creation of this weird thing called “BLOOM PORNO” that I could not possibly have conceived barely three weeks ago.* Now I feel a huge boost of encouragement from a group of people with whom I otherwise would not have engaged, on the assumption that my work and therefore my ideas were too amateur…therefore not worthwhile!

    Not only do I feel more motivated behind the camera, I am learning to cope with seeing myself ON camera. Although I have lots of training and experience as a stage performer, I have very little on-camera acting experience (I am SURE this shows). I am actually quite camera shy. So it was nice to hear positive feedback on that end as well.

    And of course I’m supremely happy people found my little screenplay funny! I am new to this “storytelling” thing. It’s another boost of encouragement, that so many people found my strange interpretation coherent and compelling. Even if it was just for “a silly little competition.” Every little bit counts. 🙂

    Anyway, sorry to gush. Just wanted to share why I entered and how much it means to me to have won.

    I cannot thank you enough, Philip, Karen, and Eric.


    *Note: Philip had NO IDEA we were making this video until Karen uploaded it. SURPRISE!

  15. Congratulations Ladies – Bloom Porno had me chuckling away – very very funny. The funniest thing was that I’ve showed it to my colleagues – who are always ribbing me for being the ‘techy one’ – and saying ‘not on that bloody philip bloom site again are you?’ – and they literally pissed themselves laughing!
    Great effort – well done!

  16. Congrats to the winners! It was a great competition and had fun making the video.

    Just a small suggestion for the future competitions, Philip. The video views get a massive increase the moment you “promote” it via Twitter/Facebook/blog. So it might be wiser not to do it, so everyone would be on the same level. Hence why Bloom Porno and To Philip with Love have over 3 times more views than any other video.

    Thanks for organizing this awesome challenge!

  17. Very honored to be on this page.
    Thanks to Phillip and Eric for this great competition.

    And Congratulation to the winners, they are done a terrific job.

    See you next time

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