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I wanted to thank everyone who has sent me emails thanking me for my work on my site and it becoming a really useful resource. It is strange as what initially started out as purely a way for me to showcase my work and get jobs has become so much more.

It’s not quite a full time job running the site but it isn’t far off! Anyone who follows me on twitter knows I don’t sleep and am up all hours beavering away.

I currently have 3 video blogs, two shorts, two reviews and two interviews to edit and I am off to Boston on Monday for another trip so finding the time inbetween my day job of actually filming is really hard! Hence no sleep.

Also my traffic has increased a lot in the past few weeks, so much so that my provider said they would take me offline unless I got a dedicated server. So done that.

I hate to ask anything of anyone, am certainly no sponger. But I have reluctantly put a donation button on my main page at the bottom of “latest news”, just so I can keep the site running and find the time to do it!

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far. I really appreciate it!

I hope you continue to keep coming back to my site as I promise to try and keep it fresh, entertaining and as useful as possible!


  1. I tried it in two different browsers and the link is not active. But I’ll gladly send you a donation since your work is so inspiring.

    By any chance is one of the reviews the updated Shoot 35 Blade with new achromat? Wayne says you have one to test. I’m waiting to read your assessment before I decide between it and an Ultimate for the EX1.

    Get some rest. You’ll need it to count the donations.

    1. ooops. fixed it!

      I have the updated Blade. It’s one of those things that I need to do, just not had time to. Wayne did say though that it only fixed the CA issue not the edge sharpness…

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