Timelapse film from the Set of Lucasfilm’s “Red Tails” using motorised sliders

I have just come back from Prague where I have been DPing the 2nd Unit DSLR part of the “Red Tails” pick ups.

Being the busy bee that I am, whilst doing that I also knocked off a few timelapses using the Canon 1DmkIV and my Nikon D3s. Lenses used were the Zeiss 21mm and 50mm, Canon 50mm F1.2 and 14mm F2.8.

The key to these timelapses though were my use of Kessler Cranes motorized slider. and the new V2 Pocket Dolly with the Elektra Drive Motor and Oracle Controller I did a variety of push ins or tracking timelapse shot. There were also 3 locked off shots with small digital zooms…The dolly moves were about 1 hour long each…but it varied. You can set the duration with the Oracle controller to whatever length you want…

I shot almost entirely in Aperture Priority mode due to the constant light change. I evened out the flickering with the plug in Time Collection Long Exposure from CHV electronics.

The Cineslider/ Pocket Dolly work in manual mode or with a motor. Also the motor does not just work timelapses you can also use them for repeated programmable normal speed moves or remote operation. It’s an incredibly well made genius piece of kit.

Big thanks to Lucasfilm for letting me post this and to all the crew. Big thanks to Rick McCallum as always and to my assistants Sebastian Wiegaertner and Nino Leitner

There is a little commentary track to play synced with the video, it’s below the vimeo embed…only press play on video when I tell you to. Play audio first!

Me, Sebastian, Nino and Rick

A full blog about the shoot and what I used including the modified PL 7D by Band Pro and the pimped up Zacuto 5D with Cage and all the trimmings will be along soon!

Watch on ipad/ iphone

Red Tails Timelapse commentary by PhilipBloom