HUGE GIVE-AWAYS!!Three 3 day masterclasses coming in April and June! Vegas, Key West, Majorca!

Last year, Sebastian Wiegaertner, Nino Leitner and myself held a hugely successful 3 day filmmaking intensive masterclass on the beautiful Island of Majorca. Well, this year we are going back there to do it again. Not just that but by popular demand we will also be holding two more 3 day masterclasses in Las Vegas immediately after NAB then another one in Key West, Florida the following weekend.

They are exclusive small group masterclasses where the focus is on practical filmmaking so don’t expect to be stuck in a classroom much!

Learn more about the contents of each masterclass, cost, location etc by clicking the image below or here!

Remember booking is very limited!

EDIT: Not long now till the first two and just heard that our generous sponsors have donated a crazy amount of gear and as the workshops are small groups, very bespoke, the odds of winning something are pretty good!

Check out the give ways below!!

Give-aways by Sachtler

We are very happy to announce that Sachtler will give away (through a raffle):

Give-away by OConnor

We are also extremely happy that OConnor will be giving away to one of the attendees of the US Masterclasses:

Give-aways by Petrol Bags

Another generous donation comes from our sponsor Petrol Bags, who will be giving away:

Give-aways by Kessler

We are very happy to announce that Kessler will give away a $500 voucher for their products at each of the 3 Filmmaking Masterclasses! (The winners will be found via a raffle.)


If you have never been to Key West check out my short film “2 nights in Mallory Square” it’s a gorgeous town, if you have never been to Vegas then check out my timelapse video I did from there last year and to give you an idea of how beautiful Majorca is check out my short “Inspiens” I shot with some of the Majorca attendees last year. Again just below!



    1. sorry but it’s not cheap to do these things with three/ four instructors. Very small group of people and venues that charge a lot of money. The only way to bring it down would be to have more people then it wouldn’t work.

  1. I am pretty sure I am going to register for the Vegas course. I was just checking if it is absolutely necessary to stay in the same resort as the course. I completely understand if it is.

  2. Great to hear that you coming to South Florida! Is there any way to do a meet up in Miami? I would go to the masterclass but my wife is due on the 28 and I think she would like me to be in the delivery room. LOL!

  3. Man I would love to go go but wont be in Florida that weekend, having to go up to Arkansas to visit some grandparents (and hoping to get some great timelapses). Also I am getting an error when I try to check the cost but being a high school student I probably can’t afford it anyways.

  4. Oh man! I signed up for the Las Vegas Resort Masterclass. I just read below where Philip says everyone hangs out afterwards. That’s awesome but how do I tell my wife she can’t go now? LOL I’m actually bringing her and my 5 month old baby girl, Isabella. They can vacation while dad works. 🙂

  5. Hard to decide which Master Class to take. The Story Telling aspect in Majorca and Indie stuff in Florida are appealing but Commercial business is picking up. Any recommendations on which class I might get the most out of?

    1. Jurukan, it’s really hard to tell. What do you do mostly?

      All classes will be different, yet I think you can get just as much out of each one. It really depends on what you want to do more. I would say about half of what we do at each class will be the same, the rest will be specifics tailored around either corporate or artistic filmmaking, or storytelling in Majorca.

      Having said that, the Key West Masterclass will definitely be the most exclusive one – the smallest amount of attendees and smaller groups mean that this will be the most personal experience. We will be out and about in town with the groups and capturing the moment, or even shoot a little narrative – whatever a group is up for.

      Hope that helps! Some spaces are still available, but I would decide soon if I were you …

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