New mini-doc “The Pole Dancer” made as part of my new Cinematic Masterclass training series

For the past few months I have been working on a really comprehensive training series designed to help you shoot more cinematically. It is an 8 part series of over 8 hours which covers a huge amount of topics. You can read about below and do check out the promo too!

Episode 7 is all about “The Story”, it’s the episode where we take everything we have learned in the previous 6 episodes and put them into practice on a real shoot. Composition, lens choice, movement, lighting, interviewing, slow motion, drones are revisited on this proper shoot!  The finished mini doc we make is “The Pole Dancer”

I don’t want to go into much detail in this post as I cover how and why we decided to make this film and also the shooting of it in incredible detail.

The mini doc was shot mainly with the Sony A7SII with SLR Magic Cine Primes,  DJI Mavic Pro, Sony A6500 and Sony FS5 with raw out recording on the Shogun Inferno.

You can order the series now at (you can download it from the 28th September!)

All the fantastic music for the series is supplied by Music Bed. 

Throughout the course I will cover a huge amount of topics which each episode focusing on a key area. Lighting and audio is covered in detail throughout the series rather than separate episodes for each.

Episode 0: Introduction

This free episode is an introduction to the series and includes a section on how to do Lens Whacking.

Episode 1: Basics

Covers all you need to know about cameras, settings and essential kit. This is a VERY comprehensive episode!

Episode 2: Visual Storytelling

Visual storytelling where i will cover composition, lenses, movement and sequences. This and the first episode are the foundation for knowing how to use the camera. The next episodes become more specialist.

Episode 3: Interviews

Interviews. How to light, record sound and how to actually interview someone. If you have ever struggled with bad locations and/ or bad subjects I will guide you through how to succeed in this tricky area.

Episode 4: Slow Motion

Slow Motion. How to light it, how to shoot it and what works best. I adore slow motion and it is often overused (often by me) but in this episode I will explain fully the concepts that work with slow motion and how to execute the perfect high frame rate shots.

Episode 5: Timelapse

Timelapse. Everything from setting up your camera to choosing what to shoot, motorised shots, day to night, astro and tilt shift. It covers it all. All you needed to know about timelapse in one globe trotting episode!

Episode 6: Drones

Drones. How to get the most cinematic shots possible with these amazing devices. I will take you from the place where I first lost my drone in the Atlantic Ocean to the Mojave desert where I practiced every day to hone my skills. If you want to get great results with drones this is the episode for you!

Episode 7: Story

Story. Here we put into practice everything we have learned and actually do a real shoot. In this episode I talk through how to find a story, how to set it up, how to plan the shoot, the shoot in detail including the interview, lighting, sound, sequences, movement…basically every episode that has gone before is revisited in a real world situation.

Episode 8: Post Production

Post. Data management, organisation, best editing practices, working with sound and colour. This is the episode that binds all the previous ones together, where we see the results of all our hard work.

It is a huge series and something I am really proud of. The series is not camera specific as what I am teaching can be applied to most cameras out there. I personally used in the series: Sony A7S II, Sony A7RII, Sony A6500, Sony FS7, Sony FS5, Panasonic GH5, Canon 1DX MK II, Canon 5DSR, Fuji XT2, GoPro 5, Sony Action Camera, Pentax 645z, Sony A7R.

The series was filmed by Julian Wakefield and Sarah Seal using the Sony FS7, FS5, Sony A7SII, Sony A7RII and Canon 1DX II

You can order  it NOW at

I am incredibly excited to reveal what I have been working on for the past few months….a six hour (plus!) 8 part series (with a free bonus episode) made for MZed that will help you become a much better filmmaker. We starting filming this back in March and wrapped two weeks ago. It is pretty epic!

MZED are the company behind the big education tours with Vincent LaForet, Shane Hurlbut, Alex Buono and others. From those tours they have created video courses that you have been able to buy individually fro $350 to $400. Instead of doing a tour and making a course from that I have instead gone out and filmed something that I think is pretty special, something that covers a huge amount of practical filmmaking subjects all done on location!

You can buy each episode individually or buy the whole lot for $199 and save a lot of money. You can also save $99 on that if you buy a subscription to MZed Pro where there are loads of other fantastic courses from Vincent, Alex, Shane and more!

My series is not part of the MZed Pro subscription, it needs to be bought individually. If you just buy my course it is $199 but if you sign up to 12 months of MZed Pro (which costs you $299 a year) then you can get my course for just $99!! This discount is a time limited offer so don’t miss out! Head over to

All the current content on MZed Pro is available right now and my course will be available to download and stream from the 28th September. Below is a slightly more in depth preview and after that is a breakdown of each episode.


Camera Team Julian Wakefield and Sarah Seal

Here are some photos taken from the shoots featuring myself, Sarah Seal and Julian Wakefield.

Here are the other courses which are available from MZED PRO: 


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