The Ultimate Filmmaker’s workshop, this June in Florida. Register by 31st May to get $500 off!

EDIT: I Have managed to convince Jem to keep the $500 discount going until the end of the month, that’s extra drinking money. Hurry up and book! Handful of spaces left!

This really is the ultimate Filmmaker’s retreat. Two very intensive weeks where you will be instructed by the best in all disciplines. This is limited to just 30 people so get registering now. I will be instructing on the DSLR side. This is going to be epic and am very excited to be a part of it. Please watch the video and read the text below for more info. Also the logo links the official site both at the top and bottom of this post. This isn’t cheap at $3500 with the early bird discount but it includes room and board for two weeks and first rate teaching which is utterly immersive, you will be living, breathing and sleeping filmmaking!

the filmmaker’s intensive

Two intense weeks that will allow you to work with actors, write scripts, direct & learn how to harness new technology (HD-DSLR cameras), to make both documentary and narrative films. From day one, you will hit the ground running! We have put together one of the most rigorous learning experiences of your life. You will be in classes nine hours each day, six days each week. Outside of classes you will be writing, rehearsing, producing, shooting, editing and screening both a documentary feature film concept and a short narrative film!

Not only will you be mastering the art of filmmaking from the technical side, you will be learning about acting and how to work with actors in ways very few directors ever have the opportunity to experience. You will get “inside the skin” of the craft of acting as you work along side the Actors, Professors and heads of Acting Departments who are coming from around the world to work with Larry Silverberg in his renowned summer acting training institute. To learn more about this parallel program that will be occurring along side The Filmmaker’s Intensive, please click here.


Register by May 1st and we will reduce the program fee by $500.00!


  1. Holy that is a pretty huge commitment , I would do it but only if I knew if it was worth it.. Maybe I will contact them and ask some questions.

    How long are you there for Phil?.. 1 or 2 days??

    Also I visited Vistek in Toronto and saw your flier for June 18th class. What a surprise, since I didnt know the event before, I will be there and bringing at least 6 people and some teachers probly haha.. Hopefully you can show em a thing or two…

  2. What is the cost for us who already live in Florida and do not wash to have room & board for tons 2weeks. I can drive myself and feed myself.

  3. I would love to do this, but I don’t have much interest in documentary filmmaking. It seems the first week is all about doc’s. Phillip, will you be doing more things like this in the states? midwest/Chicago or Austin?

    1. Hey Kody,

      Week one is definitely about documentary style, but has a lot to do with production as well. Philip will be out shooting with everyone for two days and there will also be sessions on lighting, audio, support systems and later in the week editorial, color correction and DI.

      Feel free to contact me directly at if you want to find out more.


      1. I am planning to move to (Orlando) Florida in June. Would love to do this, but it may be an irresponsible use of funds. I think this class is well worth the money. I’d be there in a heartbeat otherwise.

  4. Hey Robbee,

    There us no actual requirements in terms of equipment, but most people are bringing their HD-DSLRs and audio kit (if they have them).

    We have some great support from companies like Apple, Redrock Micro, Alzo Video, Kessler Crane, Kino Flo, Sekonic and others. More are coming on board to provide equipment over the next couple of weeks (hopefully Canon, Miller, Sennheiser, Zacuto and Lite Panels).

    Email me at with any questions. It’s filling up fast. We’re close to Hal way full with people coming from all over the world.


  5. Sounds amazing – how much does this course run into explaining the sales / marketting side of the business too? ie. There are lot’s of folk making good looking stuff these days, but there’s also lots of dross on TV – so as we learn the skills to fall into the first camp, how do we also learn to earn a living from those skills and start to displace the latter?

  6. Hey Philip,

    I’ve been impressed with your work and I emailed you inquiring about upcoming DSLR video workshops in the USA. For how many days will you be participating in this intensive? Any other workshops coming up?


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