The things we do for friends…

I met Jon Connor at RE:Frame last April along with Cristina his other half. We got on very well even though they are A: American and B: From Philadelphia. But oh well, we stayed in touch. We will see each other at WEVA next month but what they really want to do is go to RE:Frame in SF in October where I will be doing hands on workshops and making stupid mini videos of the conference daily.

There is a competition to win a seat at Re:Frame by getting the most comments on a video. It closes in about 2 days so I have made a little video with Jon to hopefully boost his chances. His video is already awesome, so I just wanted to give him a little boost.

This is the result…

Brokeback RE:Frame from Some Like It Shot on Vimeo.

See Jon’s brilliant video and please comment on it asap so he can come.

Oh and hurry up and book the last remaining places for Re:Frame. Not many left!


  1. I don’t know if I should be worried that Cristina is actually encouraging Jon with his Philip Bloom, cross dressing antics. I mean seriously Cristina. What if he steals your man. You will have only yourself to blame.

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