EDIT: Photos from SANTA MONICA!!! The great Mid-West meet up in Chicago and one in Santa Monica

EDIT: Here are some of my photos from the meet up, post links to yours here!

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

This will be my third one in Chicago, almost fourth, but I had to cancel one when my planes got screwed up and I didn’t make it in time.

Kim St. Aubin (thanks Kim!) is arranging it and has a facebook page with details on it. Click here to be taken to it.

It’s on the 21st September when I am in town to do a new series of “Critics”. I would like it to be a shooting one like the recent London meet up.

I hope many of you can make it. Be great if we can get close to the 200 or so who made the London one…!!!

With regards to “Critics”, we film the new series whilst I am there and excitingly the “missing episodes” that we filmed last year are finally going to air, here is the promo for them…

[critics] Season 2: “The Lost Episodes” Trailer from steve weiss on Vimeo.

I will have one in Santa Monica. I think a sunset pier meet will be great fun, not on the pier but below it! it’s a beautiful spot!…It will be the week before,  Tuesday the 14th September at 6pm!! I hope to see you there!!

Check out the little film I shot with the GF1 and the F0.95 GF1 earlier this year below. I love what was done in London with some excellent films, that is why I want to try and make this meet ups more practical, sure we can get drunk afterwards but great if something creative can come out of them! Let me know of your interest below. With regards to future meet ups, I can only do them in places I am actually going to be working so keep an eye out for maybe a NYC and a Philly one in October, Canadian one in November and very excitingly Australian ones in November/ December!

Under Santa Monica Pier

The Pier: Test shots done with Noktor F0.95 50mm with Panasonic GF1 from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Shot on and under Santa Monica Pier in California using a Noktor F0.95 50mm lens with a Panasonic GF1 shooting AVCHD lite in 25p.

Music is by Bernard Herrmann from “Vertigo”

Read more on my blog here: http://philipbloom.co.uk/2010/03/10/review-of-noktor-f0-95-hyperprime-50mm-lens-for-micro-four-thirds/


  1. Awesome.. Looking forward to the Santa Monica one! But.. what can I expect at the meetup? Do people gather and film a bunch together? so just bring our cameras? Sorry for such a rookie question.. but don’t want to be un-prepared..

    1. I think the best thing to do is to get out there with your camera, ready to shoot, but to also meet as many people as possible. If you get there early you can start shooting and meet everyone as they arrive. Also… stay as long as you can.
      It’s a great opportunity to learn from others and if it turns out to be anything like London you’ll love it.

  2. OMG….I will actually be in the same place as PB at the same time. Yes! A fellow Brit in the Chicago area that week of September. Not sure if I can make it on 21st though as I’ll be in what the American’s call “School” all week (that’s Uni to you and I). If classes don’t go on too long maybe I can sneak out for the evening, 7d and all…

  3. I want to go the one in Chicago. How does it work really? Don’t want to be awkward since I don’t know how you do these meet ups 😀

      1. 🙂 lol
        yes it is a cult, bring your prayer dagger and cape
        Hey Philip love the shot with your legs and feet wet
        Same thing happen to me 1 month ago in the same exact spot under the peer
        except I fell trying to get away with about 200 spectators on the peer watching me 😛

  4. I’m in Belgium right now and missed your London Meet Up even if it was the easiest I could attend.. BUT! It seems like your Santa Monica one might fall exactly where I will be mid-September! 😀

    Looking forward to finally be part of these awesome events!

  5. The 14th… the day i’m going back to Europe….. noooooooo anyday before that would be perfect
    hahaha ok i know i’m not the only one on this planet!
    Anyway thanks for all this time you spend doing stuff like that, it’s a great deal i think to be able to meet fellow dslr artists and addicts and do some creative stuff together, exchange experiences etc!

  6. You need to get some info on the Canon Mount Noktor NOW ! ! !

    Come to Beijing by the way :]
    I know you want to shoot some stuff here!
    It’s also very challenging due to the weather conditions ;]
    Or you can just come back to New York starting next summer!

  7. It’d be great if we could find a nice view of the skyline for the chicago meet-up. After moving back to Chicago after doing my first night sky time-lapses in Miami I’ve been itching to find a good spot. Any suggestions, neighbors? Maybe somewhere under the curve of the Dan Ryan? I’ll definitely be at the meet-up wherever it is, intervalometer and 7d in hand.

  8. Hi philip,

    i’m a director from france.
    get you let me know your email adress, or contact me.
    i’m looking for a DOP for my next movie, and need somebody good
    with timelaps. Specially im gonna have to do a special timelaps.



  9. Philip, after seeing a picture of the gear you used for the Lucasfilms shoot I do believe a cigar/dslr meetup in Chicago is in order 🙂

  10. I’m new to HDSLRs. I’d love to meet everyone. Particularly Philip! So is there a mailing list to know the exact date/time/location? or should we just check back hear later in the month? I’m in San Diego and will definitely drive up. I think I can get my Uncle to come. He works at Warner Bros.

  11. I think I’m going to have to rearrange my schedule and come down to SM… You mention sunset…are you setting it specifically on the pier, or under the pier for a slightly quieter spot, easier to meet?

  12. Awesome news about Australia! Lots of DSLR action / enthusiasts over here
    Happy to help out with organisation + let me know if you need help with anything if your swinging by Sydney !

    also good on you for keeping it real by having so many meetups – generosity not often seen!



  13. So I’m super-new to DSLR. I just got my first Camera (7d) in the mail Thursday, today’s the first day I get to even play with it. I’d love to go to the meet up but will I be totally out of place?

  14. Hey Phil,

    I’m hoping to get to the meetup but I might be able to just make the tail end of it at the pier. If you guys are heading out for drinks you should head over to the viceroy hotel in Santa Monica, address is 1819 Ocean Ave. Causecast is holding a monthly mixer on Tuesday from 7-10pm with proceeds from certain drinks going to benefit the Concern Foundation.

    Nice location and some of the proceeds go to help a good cause! Hope you guys can make it!

  15. Thanks Phillip for taking the time to answer all my questions yesterday. It was a great night, plus we got to meet Jesus, talk about a celebrity sighting.
    PLease let me know when you will be putting your tutorial for timelapses up. You rock!

  16. Man I’m so bummed, I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time, but I have a severe medical condition called pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas doctors say its one of the most painful things anyone can go through and is very uncommon at my age, very and is incurable most of the time, If i get pancreatic cancer im screwed!), I’ve had this since the age of 13 I’m now 22 and doctors cant figure out what causes it at times I hate it because is ruins my life, at other times it opens my eyes and humbles me. When I was getting ready to go to the meet up I collapsed and was immediately hospitalized, I had a pancreatic attack and was just released today(im usually hospitalized for weeks)! Man this sucks having a terminal illness I was really looking forward to attending this and possibly meeting you! You continue to do an amazing job Philip. Thank you for all your inspirational and informative videos and blogs that help build us up as a community and for the encouragement that aids in building my skill. Wish you where still in southern California!

    Thanks Philip,
    Fawaz Ayoub

    PS: When I’m in the hospital I watch your time lapse videos and they calm me, encourage me, and give me hope. Thanks again keep it up!

  17. Some lovely stills! I especially like some of the black and white ones. Did you do any work on them? Obviously to add the water mark, but was just curious.
    I really wish I’d taken more stills at the London meet, but never mind. next time.
    Oh to be in Santa Monica, by the sea…

  18. Hi Phil! Just wanted to say it was great to meet you in person. I really appreciate your talent, and generosity in sharing your knowledge and experience so freely with this community. I see very big things in your future. And we can all say we knew you when. Hopefully, by the next time you are out here, I will be all geared up:-)

    Peace out!

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