The great Australian DSLR meet up!! Location confirmed!

Yes it’s happening. This time next week I will be 4 hours into the 24 hour flight to Australia. I am there to do a number of half day DSLR workshops for Rode Microphones…there are a handful of tickets left if you are interested. They are pretty cheap at around $85. I will be doing a fair bit about sound of course but also covering as much as I can squeeze in!! I will be in Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. I will be doing meet ups in each city but the really big one will be the weekend after next in Sydney.

I am staying a Coogee Beach in Sydney for the first 10 days or so and doing trips to different places but the first and biggest meet up will be on Sunday the 6th February.

Meet ups are informal gatherings of people of all skill levels with interests in DSLRs for video, but anyone with any camera is welcome. It’s fun, sometimes we shoot a bit, but mostly we just chat, meet each other (a great way of meeting other people like yourself) and then go get drunk!!

We will meet outside the museum of Contemporary Art at circular key opposite the Opera house at 6pm.


  1. Hey

    I am there for the first Sydney workshop, should be a lot of fun. Coming up from Canberra with a mate, about 3 hours driving aargh.

    Anywhere around the harbour would be good for the big meet, probably Darling Harbour or the Opera House would be good venues with no issues …..

    See you in Sydney


  2. >’…and then go get drunk!!’

    And we wanna let you Phil! (Is sobriety allowed for others?)

    Looking forward to your RODE workshop as sound is not a strong point for me. Please teach us sir – in particular – about a foolproof method of ALWAYS remembering to flick the little mic switch on on the RODE VideoMic when/if in a rushed set-up situation. 🙂

    Any thoughts on an Adelaide meet-up location yet? Have suggested the nice area at Glenelg Beach, or do you have a location already set?

      1. ‘The Garden Of Unearthly Delights’ at The Fringe Festival in the city would be good fun at night Phil as Adelaide city comes alive during the Fringe. Not sure if cameras are allowed in the though; worth checking into as another potential meet-up site; or somewhere nearby.

  3. Hey Philip

    It would be great to have a Melbourne meet-up while you’re in town. There’s plenty of DSLR film people here to fill up a venue for a few drinks and a chat.

    Somewhere spacious like Collingwood World or The Napier. Both are close to the CBD, with the later doing a damn fine kangaroo salad.

    Safe travels


  4. Hi Phil, Opera House area itself is a controlled venue, security jumps on professional looking camera types around there (I speak from experience).
    Just on the opposite side of Circular Key though (infront of Museum of Contemporary Art) is public area, good views of all things Sydney, plenty of interesting people, The Rocks (oldest part of Sydney) is very nearby and afterwards I can reccomend “The Lord Nelson”, just a short walk, it is one the oldest pubs in Australia and brews its own beer on site.

      1. Yeah I reckon Phil and Ernie could be onto something here, good spot accessible to all, lots of buskers, ships, tourists etc if you want to burn some 1’s & 0’s and behind the MCA plenty of old pubs…’ll feel right at home (but no pork pies)!

  5. I’ll be there.

    Regarding shooting, as long as you’re in a public place, not looking too dodgy (don’t stalk anybody), and your kit isn’t too overwhelming, you’ll be fine.

    I’ve never had anybody approach me with my gear around Sydney, except obviously at major events where I haven’t shown my pass.

    In front of MCA is probably a good choice, its right near The Rocks and there are plenty of options and views in that area. You could do some pretty cool time lapses as well in some spots.

    Phil, since you’re here for a few days, there are also some good spots over on the North shore area looking back towards the city. Cremorne Point, Bradley’s Head (near Taronga Zoo), North Head (Manly) are some.

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