The editing wars are hotting up: Adobe tempting FCP users with 50% off to switch to Premiere

Ethics statement: I have no financial arrangement with Apple or Adobe. I have been given a one year license to try out Premiere by Adobe but that is all. I am just a user, albeit bi-curious! Never listen to just my opinion, I am one person, I am often wrong, and much comes down to personal preference. This blog has always been about sharing my experiences since day one back in November 2007. This is what I am doing with this editing crossroads we are at.


Just a quick note here as I just came across this. What with all the kerfuffle of FCPX and Apple’s discontinuation of my beloved FCP 7, many people including myself are looking at potential other options, especially until FCP X hopefully gets into a higher gear. Adobe are offering 50% the Production Premium suite or just Premiere. Smart money is Production Premium, as you get all the below stuff…you MUST get After Effects, it’s that that tips the scale currently.

I am still getting my head around Premiere. Yes it is faster but I am an old bastard and so used to Final Cut, it’s just taking a few minor adjustments in my head. The integration with After Effects 5.5 is really smashing.

Am I going to run with Premiere or still work with FCP? To be honest, currently I am doing both. For fast edits I am using FCP as I know it. I am still waiting and hoping FCP X gets a lot better, but in the meantime I am using Premiere as I have it and am getting used to it. Despite my previous joke I am actually a very fast learner. I learnt to edit tape to tape in one day at Sky News before doing the lead story with 10 minutes before air. Picked up Avid in about a day, so once your head adjusts to which software you use it’s fine. Like driving in Europe when I normally drive in England. Just remember not to drive on the left!

So if you want to save some spondoolicks click on the banner below…use the code SWITCH. It’s valid until the end of September.


  1. I am not saying that as a pro premiere or a pro FCP or whatever, but I think you can have FCP shortcuts loaded into Premiere to help you a bit. (or Avid’s if you like them more)

    For me it saved some minutes to do some quick work 😉

  2. Not just two click integration with AE remember, but also with Photoshop and Audition, which makes graphics integration and sound design a breeze using Premiere Pro as a hub.
    Perhaps most importantly, this cheeky dig at Apple shows that Adobe do have their fingers on the pulse of what the community likes/dislikes/wants in their software, which bodes well for the future of their software also.

  3. It’s a very limited and disappointing deal from Adobe that doesn’t take into account anyone who already owns an Adobe Suite. I have Design Premium and would love to upgrade to the Master Collection but is silly expensive (especially when you live in NZ!).

        1. Sorry the answer is NO. I’ve tried. I’ve been on the ‘chat’ Adobe site with no luck they just fobbed me off with a link back to the sales page. Phoned the sales line and advised to just do an upgrade to the Production suite which means InDesign and Dreamweaver are no longer valid. It’s impossible to get a solution. I’ll stick with FCP. Adobe don’t deserve the business.

  4. Adobe’s offer in the UK is £226 + VAT more expensive than in the US for the Production bundle. They also charge more for the upload version than the ‘ship dead tree’ version (though I think that’s come down a little recently).

    Tempted, nay, almost committed to invest in both Adobe AND Avid at this juncture, but as I continue to test FCP-X and unlearn 10 years of muscle memory, I feel I’ll be cutting in X this time next year.

    If you don’t cut for Hollywood, if you don’t have an assistant editor, if you edit your own footage, if your clients wish to participate on the edit, you may want to hedge your bets with an investment in FCP-X

  5. This must mean Adobe can afford to sell their products at 50% off and still make a hefty profit margin 😉

    I only wish us faithful lifelong Adobe users would be given this discount on upgrades. It’s only fair during this time.

    Alas, after 19 years of using Adobe Products no such dice. Oh well… still love Adobe and Master Collection is all I use to do everything, of course with some third party plugins…

  6. Hi Philip, best thing our studio ever did is switch over to Adobe PPRO CS5.5.
    From Editing process all the way through to Blu-Ray process.
    Love the Media Encoder and how PPRO is so set up for DSLR!

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