The Brevis Flip

Dennis from Brevis, or rather Cinevate has sent me one of the flip units for the Brevis today. I will receive it Christmas Eve and as soon as the family duties are done I will be out testing it with both the CF1 and CF3. Wish I had the CF2LE. Can’t wait…I will be away from the city so I will shoot a Kew Gardens type thing in the countryside.

It has a lot to live up to. The Letus Extreme is superb but as you know I fell in love with the Brevis a year ago and it has served me incredibly well. If this flip improves on the adaptor as it stands, which I understand it does due to their being a large distance between the achromat and Brevis than before causing increased edge to edge sharpness, then I will be in for a treat. The Extreme is amazing but an adaptor that lets you have different diffusers and is 1lb lighter than the Extreme. I also don’t think anyone has tested it with an EX1 yet.

It should be a fight worth watching and I will bring you all the info here on my Blog over the next week or so.

In the meantime the religion shorts are up on my website.


  1. I await my chance to pay for my Brevis flip, (pre-ordered) The Letus Extreme arrives tomorrow, Zacto baseplate & rails arrived today, and next week the EX1 arrives, the P&S sits in the closet . Interested in your Brevis test Phil as I would like to finalize on one set-up.

  2. Thanks Phil for all your blogging. Just got my email from Cinevate to order my flip and am about to get the EX-1 (I think) so I am very interested in your analysis.

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