The Brevis Flip 2


I have got the flip to work with the Brevis and the EX1. I haven’t shot anything, that’s tomorrow but it works and focuses on the GG now.

What have I done? Very little really…tried repeatedly with no success then I tried reversing the flip. When you get the flip it looks identical on either side. Especially with the logo. Is there a difference I really don’t know but I removed everything and put it the other way around and hey presto…it WORKS!

I am worried that this has just been my ineptitude. If it is then I am very sorry. I shall make up for it with lovely pics. I promise. As much as I adore my extreme it’s incredibly important to have competition out there as it makes everyone work harder and produce the best product for people like us!

So tomorrow I take it and my CF2LE out to shoot some pics. Wish me luck!


  1. Gosh Philip,

    You had me and everybody skip a beat here! But it is understandable! I can not wait to see the footage you will produce tomorrow!

    May the Brevis be with you!

  2. Looking forward to the footage! How odd that the Brevis gets manufactured with no “front” looking side.

    BTW, what happened with the fox-channel 5 thing? Does Fox pay Channel 5 for the broadcasting rights?

  3. It looks pretty damn sharp already with the cf1le

    I would love to here from Dennis if it was my own ineptitude or there is a difference between the front and the back. I am an operator not an engineer so I don’t know how the innards work.

    I doubt if Fox ran the piece in the end. The assassination of Bhutto would have put a stop to any other news that day. Shame!

    The last of the film shorts went out tonight. Looked lovely, so proud. Shame they are all gone now. At least they live on on this website!

    Channel 5 have a contract with Sky news, Sky news is owned by News Corp as is Fox news so there you are! i wouldn’t see an extra penny either way!

  4. Phil, the unit is manufactured so that it can be used in several different configurations…but you can’t mount it wrong. Here’s the steps for anyone else curious:

    1. Remove your existing Brevis achromat (for non-flipped use)
    2. Attach the flip to the Brevis using our XY adjust interface ring.
    3. Attach your camera to the flip achromat (72mm threads).
    4. Check for proper alignment and adjust if required. You should be able to get the imaging element dead-centered to reduce zoom in on your camera. This is a feature missing from the Letus, and it can contribute to more light loss as the camera is zoomed in to correct for mis-alignment.

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