Timelapse film of Sydney Harbour bridge filmed over one night with 5Dmk2, Gh2, Canon S95, iphone 4, AF101!


A very camp pose from me from the epic room corner window!

Since I finished my room with a view project back in October (although I only cut it early Feb) I haven’t really done much timelapse at all. Not that I am sick of it, just taking a much needed break from shooting timelapses every where I go, although it is a wonderful way to document my travels and I really should do them for everywhere I stay still as it will make a great way of remembering where I have been.

I will be doing a round up of my month in Australia shortly but on my last night thanks to the awesome Sebastian TR he pulled a few strings with his contacts and got me a fantastic view at the Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney with an absolutely epic view of the Sydney Opera House and bridge. As soon as I opened the curtains and saw the view I knew I had to make the most of it. So I set up my Canon 5DmkII with the wonderful 24mm TS V2 on my Miller DS20 tripod and my GH2 with the 7-14mm F4 lens on it using a little manfrotto tripod. Both of them had the awesome Lensskirt around them to stop nasty reflections from the window and were set to wide open aperture to avoid the slightly dirty outside windows. Do this whenever you can as it hides a multitude of sins!

Shangri-La Sydney: My room 3513 was on left corner just to side of the big window

I also used my iphone 4 using the “Timelapse” app…that’s all it is called. Don’t render the video inside the phone, or if you do make sure you save original photos as rendered video is low resotion…

The quality of the stills is WAY higher than the video of the phone so it was a great extra angle to use.

I also used the my favourite point and shoot the Canon S95, it shoots awesome stills but has no timelapse mode that I can see, but you can shoot in video mode the miniature effect which does a fake tilt shift which you can position and I told it to play back at 200x. Worked a treat. I used it on two shots.

The last camera I used was my video camera the Panasonic Af101. The interval mode is not great to be honest but it worked fine. I had it quite high ISO for the night shots and forgot to drop it for the daytime shots, whoops. But it still looked good. It just really needs a slow shutter mode like the Sony EX cameras.

canon S95

Do listen to my commentary below the video as it explains which camera is which and how I did the movement in the shots etc…Play commentary first before playing video and stop and start the video when I tell you! You can adjust the volume on the vimeo player with it’s volume control. Ignore my first PRESS PLAY direction, wait until 5 minutes 50 seconds into the commentary before you press play!!

Oh and do check out this awesome 360 view of my room done with the “360 Panorama” app on the iphone4, bloody awesome!!

3513 A view of the Sydney Opera House from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Sydney Opera House Timelapse commentary by PhilipBloom