Adding subtitles to my work for the hard of hearing…

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Thanks to my friend Adam Loretz who has started a transcription/ subtitle service, my first piece to feature subtitles is now online.

Vimeo is easily my hosting service of choice. The player is nicer. The community 1000 times nicer. But support for subtitles currently is only via hard ones. They are working on it I believe. Youtube does let you add subtitles via a .srt file to any video. This is what would be great for Vimeo. Of course these are just English subtitles, but if there is interest apart from the hard of hearing for other languages, then I am up for it…

Adam has done a brilliant job here and I cannot recommend him enough. I am going to get him to do Great Wooden Boats and The Redneck Hippie asap! EDIT: Redneck Hippie done!!