First date of South Africa workshop tour this SATURDAY in Johannesburg!!


EDIT: As I finish my packing in preparation for tomorrow’s flight (have 4 cameras packed into my think tank carry on…FS700, 1DX, 5D3 and BMD Camera!) I am getting more and more excited about my first ever trip to South Africa. I will be there to do a series of one and two day workshops. Although all the 2 days are sold out, there is still space in the one day workshops. 
These one day workshops will be ENORMOUSLY beneficial too! If anyone has been to my one day workshops they will know that they are entertaining and packed with knowledge! 
This is a new one day class…although DSLRs are covered, it’s much more about shooting, planning, sound, lighting than before. A lot less gear focused, although there will be a fair amount of gear there too to play with, including the above mentioned cameras (I will go as in depth as people want on the Blackmagic Design camera!). This is not content from my website!
This is no lecture, this is very interactive with much of the day guided by what you want…of course I will cover timelapse as I am bringing a 3 foot Kessler Slider with full motor kit with me!

So if you are free this Saturday, come along! A week Saturday is in Cape Town then the following Saturday is Durban.

You can book here!

Between workshops my plan is to shoot as many mini docs as possible, so if anyone if any of these locations is interested in helping out and especially if you know a terrific story that should be told, please get in touch with me via my contact email at the top of my site!
Oh and after each class we go drink gin and tonics in a nice informal atmosphere! (or beer if you prefer!!)
See you there!!!
I almost went to South Africa to shoot a documentary about the football World Cup preparations a few years ago. I was gutted that it never came about, as it’s a country that has been very high on my list of places to visit. Right up there with Australia, which I have now visited twice, and New Zealand which I visited in March this year. As you already know, I make films and I teach. My ratio is roughly 1/4 teaching and blog work to 3/4 shooting. I need to shoot. I love to teach too – both are very important to me, and I enjoy each immensely. Unfortunately, due to my very hectic schedule and the amount of time I spend abroad, I am not able to actually organise the workshops myself.

I would not be able to dedicate the huge amount of time it takes to arrange all the details required to put events like this together. Even the ones in the UK are done by third parties. They require a lot of planning, finding venues etc…the ones abroad would be especially difficult as I don’t know the countries. So when people ask me why don’t I do a workshop in a particular place, it’s simply not down to me. I get approached by someone in a country and that is how I end up doing workshop there. It’s as simple as that. So if you live in the Maldives, Necker Island, Seychelles, Mauritius, Bali, Fiji, Detroit etc then please drop my enquiries email a line and let’s get the ball rolling!

So this brings me back to South Africa. Rick and Dale – the team behind Be Creative Events – are filmmakers themselves. They contacted me with the idea of organising a series of workshops across Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. Naturally I jumped at the chance. We have been working on this for some time and are finally excited to announce the details and that tickets are on sale.
Below is some info about the two different types of events that I am doing. This is a rough schedule. This stuff will be covered, but there will be much more as guided by the needs of the class. If you can’t afford the two day workshop (which includes some shooting don’t worry), the one day seminar is still great(EDIT: 2 day workshops all sold out but still space in one day workshops), very valuable education-wise, and both are fantastic networking opportunities. These days are not just boring me talking at you incessantly until you nod off in the corner. There is lots of involvement from you and a very relaxed and hopefully fun day/ two days.
If you have any questions on the event, Rick and Dale are there to help. If you need any more info, don’t hesitate to drop me a line or a tweet and I will help where I can. I strongly encourage you to come along – there is no greater tool to any film maker, in fact any person, than knowledge. I myself am always learning, educating myself, picking up new gear, never being complacent. If you can afford to come along, you wont regret it. Not only will you be able to learn, but of equal and almost more importance, you will be in a room with like minded film makers, creatives, DP’s and people like YOU! The chance to meet, chat, and network with YOUR local film making community is a beautiful thing – cue inspirational music here.

The large one day workshops (Cape Town & Johannesburg) are for a maximum of 100 people, where you will learn from Philip in an open environment with lots of interaction/ questions and covering various topics relating to not only a specific camera, but rather a way of applying techniques to any camera you may have access to. 

For those who want a bit more of a hands on experience with Philip, we have a smaller and more specialized two day masterclass (Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban) for up to 25 people per class. You will be shooting with Philip in a specified location and then spend the next day editing and piecing your work together under his guidance and advice.

Below is a rough guideline to the contents of both of the workshops but these are very fluid things and change and evolve through the needs of the group.

One day large group seminar workshop 100 people max

  • Getting the best out of your DSLR
  • Recording Sound
  • Analysis of a piece. A large chunk of creativity with breakdown of lighting, pre production and so much more!
  • Large Sensor Camcorders and how to get the best out of all them including the Blackmagic camera.
  • The joy of Time lapse
  • DRINKS! ;) – a great chance to network with like minded people

Two day small group hands on workshop 25 people max


  • Getting the best out of your DSLR including Settings, Lenses
  • Time lapse
  • Looking at things differently – a lead into the shooting exercise
  • Shooting exercise – Must be wrapped by 6.30pm and everyone should cut a sequence of no less than ten shots to ‘tell the story’ to be viewed the next day


  • Analysis of the clips from the students
  • Post work
  • Questions resulting from the shooting exercise
  • Sound
  • Analysis of a piece. A large chunk of creativity with breakdown of lighting, pre production and so much more!
  • Large sensor camcorders and how to get the best out of all them including the Blackmagic camera.
  • Final questions
  • DRINKS! ;) a great chance to network with like minded people


  1. As a huge fan of your work this got me so excited until I saw the prices… I’m currently studying digital film production in Cape Town and would’ve done anything just to have gone to the one day event, but unfortunately I really can’t afford it. If there is anyway that I can help out with anything just to be there for a while please let me know! Otherwise, I really hope there will be some media put together from this event and I hope you have an awesome time in beautiful South Africa Mr. Bloom!

      1. A bit of a cheeky question…. 😉 if you do end up bringing an extra PB traveller Slider along to South Africa, I’d
        love to buy one. To order from the Uk is bit of a mission… Will be at the workshop so do let me know!

        Looking forward to learning a lot from you!

  2. Hi Philip, I’m love your work. I’m from Angola and I’ll fly to South Africa (my first time) to attend the 2 days master class, I have already registered, I sorting out my Visa now. Can’t wait til October comes to meet you.

    Ps. May be one day you will come to my country too, there are some beautiful places to shoot (rivers, animals, mountains… etc

  3. I wonder if that was a subliminal order of preference in your description above? – I’m still really impressed with your 1DX footage on Olly.
    (have 4 cameras packed into my think tank carry on…C300, 1DX, 5D3 and BMD Camera!)

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