Shoulder mount for the EX1

I have a couple of big projects coming up which will require me to do lots of hand held work. Now the EX1, like all of the hand held beasts is a bugger to hold for a long time.

I have looked at a few different rigs, I have the DVRIG PRO. It’s a nice system, makes everything very steady but is more designed for holding it using the two bars. I also havent used it yet with the extreme.

The link below is for a new one, that looks like it does exactly what I need. It is not the most beautiful rig I have seen but they seem to have thought it through. Be interesting to try it out. I am going to order one and give it a try, hopefully in time for these big gigs. I will let you know! also check out their demo video

If anyone else has some recommendations, please let me know. I hope the VSB1 will work with my Letus Extreme too.

Oh and on a slightly different note Steve Cahill’s rig has convinced my to purchase the Letus Zacuto rig. I have problems with my letus rods due to the risers protruding too low which interferes with my protech base plate, which i then cut but now I have matte box issues as it is too low!!

Will let you know how I find them!


  1. Hi Phil
    This brace might work if you stand still and do not walk. Once you walk with a mount that connects to the body, all the vibration and body movement will be transferred to the camera.You can see in the DVD the camera moving when he walks . If you are motionless, it may be fine, but not for walking. For the moment, I am still with my DV Multirig. Also I see there is a new product DvRigPro HD that might be of interest to you

  2. Phil- I am going to use a monopod, on the camera and then it goes in a waist pouch around my waist, I keep extra battery in there for camera and Anton Bauer battery for litepanel have to take picture for you. Used this setup for HVX200, good for run and gun, for that corp stuff doing quick interviews on location.

  3. I have a Zacuto rail system and LOVE it! It’s a bit pricey but what you get is so well engineered and thought out, plus looks real classy with the red metal! I don’t have the shoulder mount for that yet, but their website shows the handheld configurations and it looks very stable. My V1 and Letus extreme with a Petroff matte box, and Zacuto rails and extender is quite heavy already, I bet a fully loaded rig would be quite taxing to use for extended periods.

  4. The EX1 is crap for handheld as it pulls to the left, so you need support. I have just received the Manfrotto monpod.
    (didn’t buy it from there)

    Its very sturdy and the three feet at the base make a hell of a difference.

    There is another version, the 562B, which take heavier cams. I have been playing with it all day and its a “must have” for me.

    As for Zacuto, well I have been using their gear for a few years and swear its the best out there. Looked at the Letus stuff but no thanks, does not do it for me one bit. The camera is raised ( crap) and the rods and overall setup is poor.

    Get the Zacuto base plate and rods, then get the Z-Riser and put the Letus EX upside down. Sure it’s pricey, but it will last forever and is beautifully designed by professionals. The gear is ordered on a Monday and with you on Wednesday morning via Fedex. The rods all screw together beautifully, they sell different lengths and are fully adjustable. Can’t praise the gear or the company enough, and I don’t get anything for saying so.

    If you go handheld, get the Manfrotto 561B or 562B Monopod.

    Just waiting for the Letus Ex to arrive in the next couple of weeks and I will be out shooting every day down he in deepest Dorset!

  5. Phillip,

    You may want to check out the Camhandle. Not sure if it will work with a 35 mm adaptor. That might make the entire camera/adaptor too long but it works great with just the camera. I put a Camhandle on the EX1 and it works very well. The EX1 definitely needs some sort of device to do handheld work with.

  6. Hi Bob

    It looks OK, but for someone who does everything manual I need my left hand!

    I now have, or soon will have, two shoulder mounts. I have the DVTEC HD PRO and tomorrow receive the Zacuto one. Huge price difference but I will review them both here in the blog.

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