Accsoon SeeMo – turn your iPhone into a fully featured monitor

The Accsoon SeeMoo is the first device to let you use your iOS device with an HDMI input so they can be used as monitors. Whilst this is a sponsored video on the Accsoon SeeMo, it’s still a review in its content as I cover all the pros and cons of it as well as show you solutions for some of the limitations. Android users have been able to do this for a while, but Apple keeps their hardware and software locked down, so it’s great to have this finally.

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Accsoon SeeMo:

Accsoon M1:

Smallrig Battery clamp:

Magsafe charger:

Smallrig monitor arm:

Sony Alpha 1:

Sony FX30:

Sony A7S III:

Fuji X-H2S:

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