A look at the Zacuto Scorpion DSLR rig



The key ball joint

A look at the Zacuto Scorpion Rig from Philip Bloom extras on Vimeo Shot on the Sony F3 Graded in Magic Bullet Looks using one of Stu Maschwitz’s presets. 20% MBL at redgiantsoftware.com with code bloom20

Yes, Zacuto are one of my site sponsors but that is for a reason. They make the best gear, abeit pricey. But you know the old saying…you get what you pay for…I have not been paid to do this review but as a sponsor there is a financial arrangement between us which helps keep the site running. For more info on the site ethics please read here.

This is just a quick look at their latest top end DSLR rig. Pricing has not been released yet but don’t expect it to be too cheap, but this is what I would call a production rig. This is a serious bit of kit for serious jobs.

As you would expect it’s incredibly well made. The shoulder pad is very comfortable, the ball joint makes it fit your body perfectly and the handle is a simple but clever idea very well implemented.

When you want to put the camera on the tripod simply take it off the QR plate and stick it on your tripod which has a corresponding one. Also it’s very balanced when using the handle just walking with it.

I know this is not for everyone but if you are looking at hand held rigs for high end work then this is definitely up there!

I have now returned it but I will get one when it is released for the high end jobs but for the smaller, quicker handheld shots I woild use my smaller gunstock rig.

When I have more info on pricing and availability I will publish it here!



    1. Do you know of anyone who does make a rig that can go from tripod to H/H in an instant? It appears to be a bit of a gap in the market, and something ENG and PSC camera operators need.

      I know the whole of shooting with DSLR is slower (and should be) but few clients are yet to appreciate this. What I’m getting at is……Hmmm not sure really! What I’m trying to build up,is a HD kit that is as near to shooting with a Sony Digibeta etc, as possible.

      For guys used to film, its not so big a jump, but for us video guys! Boy! its like starting all over again.

  1. Hi, Philip, This is a Great Blog. I Have a Question. How do you think of Wondlan, which produces dslr rigs very similar to Zacuto’s, but offers a much cheaper price. Have you heard of it or used it?

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