The winner of “RØDE ROCKUMENTARY” announced!!!

EDIT: WE HAVE A WINNER. Nuno Barbosa from Portgual with his “Life’s a soundcheck”. Congrats Nuno…Cannot wait to work with you!!

Life’s a Soundcheck from Nuno Barbosa on Vimeo.


\\EDIT: Voting is open and closes at the end of the month. Click here or on the banner below to be taken to the voting page. The winner gets to make a documentary on the winner of the Rode Rocks competition and will be mentored by Jason Wingrove and myself. 

The entries were fantastic, not just the finalists but from the dozens that I saw. Rode were also incredibly generous in giving a Video Mic Pro to everyone who entered…that’s definitely above and beyond!

So please watch and vote for who think deserves this terrific prize, for whom you think could benefit the most and perhaps for the person you think shows potential that could be nurtured and improved into something great! This is an amazing opportunity for someone and I can’t wait to work with them.


My good friends at RØDE Microphones in Australia are running an absolutely brilliant competition that I am heavily involved with. It’s called “RØDE Rockumemtary.” The idea is simple…

RØDE ran a competition asking a  band/ artist to record a performance/ music video and submit it for a chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to LA to spend three days at the Record Plant Studios with top engineers and producers to make a record. That competition just finished. Now while that is being judged, RØDE has launched the second half of the competition. The “RØDE Rockumentary.” This again is an all-expenses-paid trip to LA to make a film/ documentary of the winners of “RØDE Rocks” and their recording of it.

You can learn more by watching this video I made for them here:

RØDE Rockumentary from RØDE Microphones on Vimeo.

So that’s right. Any camera you want, it’s up to you. You decide how you want to shoot this, and you will get it made with myself and Jason Wingrove there to help and mentor you throughout the filming and editing which will be 6 days in total! We get to hang out, you can buy me lots of Hendricks and Tonics (with cucumber please!) 🙂

An amazing prize, and so are the second and third ones too! Fab judges. Great concept.This really is an amazing prize and a fantastic opportunity.

Good luck!!

You can read the full T&C here. 

Here is the link for the main page to enter.


  1. Is it only me, or does anyone else think that second and third prize are much better than first? If you click on the terms and conditions at the Rode website, that’s an unbelievable amount of gear.

    One catch with the judging process: the judges select the top 10 films, then it comes down to voting by visitors to the website. so a slight shame that it’s eventually a popularity contest and a matter of trying to persuade friends of friends to vote for you, but anyway…

      1. Philip thanks for getting back to me! I’m going to try so damn hard on this film for this contest and put every ounce of film making knowledge and skills and gear into my film. It’s a dream to work with you and to use any camera I want?! My life long dreams coming true, even if I don’t win I just want to make you proud and hope that you like my film.

        Much love,


        P.S. I think that comment is a little girlish? I swear i’m not a creeper haha

        P.S.S I just want to hear your accent in person! Okay that was creepy…

  2. I was like, yes, YES, YES!… and then you got to the part with the Rode mic that has to be seen in a shot. Which sucks, because I don’t have one.

    Oh well.

  3. PHILIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have another question! Can we enter the competition as a partnership?? For example if me and my friend both worked on the film as directors and lets say one the first prize what would happen? Or can it just be one person only who has to work on the film and only one person can get first prize??

  4. This is the best contest I have ever seen. It has been my life long goal to work and learn with you Philip. Let the contest begin!

    One question, if we get time are we able to enter in more than one film?
    Looking forward to submitting!

    Thanks for this opportunity. I will do my best!

  5. Very cool. Glad I saw this before the weekend- have an incredible opportunity to shoot an entire music festival Friday thru Sunday. It’s my biggest shoot yet and I’m very nervous/more-so excited. This gives me the motivation to make the extra effort to document the experience. I’m still a student and if I won getting an opportunity like this would be a dream. Best of luck to all!

  6. This is a huge opportunity, because I just took the leap and went freelance full time this month. Looking at that pile of gear, I know that is a booty I could never afford now, and even though i know out of a international group of filmmakers, I’m clearly not going to be the best one, I’m going to go with a little faith and put my fate in the hands of dumb luck 🙂

  7. What an opportunity, what a great panel of judges!
    Even though this is a popularity contest in the end, the top 10 films will no doubt be great.
    I soooo want to enter now.
    Gonna go home and brainstorm after work tonight!

  8. Hi there,

    the question is: will there be another competition coming soon?
    I´m afraid I´ll miss this one, although I might have something to compete with. I will be traveling to Afghanistan (merely to do research for a documentary I have just in my head for now) early in September and hopefully bring back some footage of Kabul´s one and, for the time being, only rock band there is. Even if I would not win, they could really use some good promo. And support;)
    I think you won´t accept participation after August 31?

  9. I submitted my film today and had an email from Rode that I couldn’t reply to saying I hadn’t included a Rode Mic and yet I did. If you look at 38 seconds in? The actor is talking into it and I tried to do it in an imaginative way?

    I tried re entering but can’t seem to do this.



  10. I am working on a fiction narrative piece. Everybody else seems to be actually making docs about artists. I know that I shouldn’t be looking at others work to try and match it, but will this hurt me (not being a doc)? I know that it says in the video that it could be about anything. I also have a really innovative way of including the rode product that I won’t disclose yet. I could switch topics, but really don’t want to. I worked really hard on the look of the piece. Any advice? BTW does it have to be a mic? Or could it be a dead cat or something?

  11. Hi Philip, I just sent in my entry. I have a question : my entry itself is not music related at all, due to time constraints, but I have relevant films I’ve made in the past that however don’t contain a Rode mic, nor were they shot the last few weeks.
    Is there a way to link to this film so the jury can get an idea of how I shoot music docs ?
    Or is that a bridge too far ?

  12. Pairipaina sir,

    can we –

    1. Use Your Blog in the video?

    2. Use the Competition ad?

    3. Use Rode mic photo instead of the mic?

    4. Use Videos/Photos from Rode Website?

    5. Use any fps & SD resolution?

    6. Send multiple video links?

  13. hey philip!
    you may not have the answer, but I couldn’t find it in the t&c…do you know if credits count in the complete run time?
    I know they are not super important, but they take up approx 10sec over the 2min….so I can easily axe them if needed.

  14. If I was deciding what to shoot a concert with and I had unlimited supplies? I’d probably go with one or two FS700 to film the actual event and performance and probably a C300 for the more close up or money shots. If I believe correctly doesnt a RED have limited recording options and heating problems? And having an Alexa would kinda be to clunky to carry around compared to the form factor of a C300 or FS700. Just theorizing 😀

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