Say goodbye to step up rings! The REVORING is here and it is BRILLIANT!

The amount of money I have spent on step-up rings over the years is ridiculous. With some many lenses and so many different filter diameters, you either buy all the filters you need for each diameter or use the dreaded step-up rings.

They are always getting bound together or stuck to the lens. I never seem to have the exact ones I need. The best ones I have come across are from Polar Pro and they aren’t cheap.

The filters I tend to use the most are variable NDs, certainly on my video shooting stills cameras and cinema cameras. For my video cameras, I use the internal NDs if they have them. The other filters I tend to use for video are circular polarisers. I also use strong fixed ND filters for long exposures with stills and special pass through filters for my infrared work. Some of these filters are very expensive so I tend to buy the largest ones for my lenses, which are mostly 82mm, and then use step filters when needed.

I was contacted by H&Y to make a sponsored video about the REVORING, like any enquiry for a sponsored video I said that I needed to try it first to see if it was good or not. I never make sponsored videos for products I don’t recommend.

The REVORING initially comes in 3 sizes, for diameters of 37-49mm, 46-62mm and 67-82mm. There will be a larger one if the Kickstarter stretch goal is reached. That will over 82-95mm.

After using both the standard REVORING and the one with the built-in variable ND/ Circular polariser I was blown away by how fantastic they were. Not just that but the price of them shocked me. The smallest of the REVORINGs cost $23 and the largest just $30. My single PolarPro step-up rings cost more than that!

For loads more info about them make sure you watch my video at the top of the page and if you want to order any then click here. 

Here is the full price list including the bundles.

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