Presentation at Broadcast forum on 31st Jan

I have been asked to give a presentation about tapeless workflow on the EX1 at the Broadcast Live forum on the 31st January at Earl’s court. So if anyone is around to offer me a stiff drink before hand and to meet in person please come along!!

I really haven’t a clue what I am going to say yet and there are still some holes in tapleless workflow with the EX1 that I really want to be filled soon. But I am sure if will all work out fine, maybe!


  1. good luck with your presso. you will have to record and share it. just be sure to keep it under 100 minutes, so you don’t have to hot swap cards mid stream 😉

    btw – if you are building a PowerPoint or Keynote, and need some help, let me know, presentation work is what my design firm is based in, and IMO quite successful with.

  2. Philip – I’m based in Wimbledon and will be going to the show for a couple of days and it would be good to meet up. Most of our work at the moment is Digibeta and the main reason to visit the show is to explore HD.
    When’s your presentation?

  3. Hi Philip,

    I’ll be there. I should be arriving around 9.30 so could meet up anytime. Shall I contact you, or do you want to contact me – 020 8542 8768 or

    Not sure what you have been asked to talk about but I would like to hear about:
    1) What your thoughts were before the first shoot and what your experienced were after you returned. Did the anticipated problems actually turn into problems? Did new problems appear? What went better than expected? Now you have more experience of filming tapeless – what are the major problems/benefits in practice on different types of shoots (inside/outside, with and without interviewees/actors, with and without director or producer).

    2) What were your expected worries/benefits of post production and archiving? Were these realised in practice?

    3) What would you like for the future?

    Apologies if I’ve rambled a bit.


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