Awesome pinhole lens for Micro 4/3rds cameras for just $39 (also ones for DSLRs)

I came across this and had to share. Looks awesome and dirt cheap. Justin Lundquist and Ben Syverson have made this superb little add on for your Gh1/ Gh2/ Pen even Af101…taking photography back to it’s early days by giving it a pinhole lens. The results are so cool that I have ordered one and at $39 you cannot really go wrong. Just check out the video and the info after it from the guys all about it…

For Canon and Nikon users check out this version!!

Pinwide is a cool wide-angle pinhole cap for Micro 4/3 cameras that we’re really excited about. It gives you the beautiful look of pinhole photography with all of the convenience of digital. There have been plenty of pinhole caps before, but none of them have ever given you such a wide-angle view (11mm—22mm equivalent)!

We’ve been able to find the absolute optimal aperture size for the pinhole, and the result is a much sharper image than other pinhole caps out there. The pinhole itself is 100% round, created using the same etching technology they use to make computer chips.

We’ve spent a ton of time making 3D prototypes and trying out different pinholes and materials, and all of that research and development has culminated in Pinwide. We knew it was going to be good, but we didn’t expect how fun it would be! In the days of film, you had to wait to see the results, but with Pinwide, you can take handheld snapshots, see a live preview, and even do video.

We want to make Pinwide as inexpensive as possible, which means making the body out of injection molded plastic. The problem is, making the mold costs about $5000. If we can collect under 150 preorders, we can afford to go ahead and make the mold and get the Pinwide out into the world!

If you’re willing to give a little bit more, we’ll send you a cool book when we ship. If you just can’t wait until the mold is made, you can give a bit more, and we’ll immediately send you the same kind of 3D printed prototype Pinwide that we’ve been using. Thanks for reading!

The Pinwide is compatible with all Micro 4/3 digital cameras. Currently that includes:
Panasonic Lumix – G1, GH1, GF1, G10, G2, GH2
Olympus Pen – EP-1, EP-2, EPL-1


  1. Looks cool, wonder if something might come along for the EX-3.

    No sound for the video, however 🙁
    I turned up my sound, plus player, still nothing 🙁

    -Dan B.
    Seattle, Wa.

    1. I’ve ordered one and just noticed on the comments they say the pinhole is f/96 – f/128. None of the calculators I found can go so high 🙂 But am I correct to assume that even on a sunny bright day, with a shutter of 1/50, you need to go above ISO 3200 to get correct exposure? Maybe someone with more understanding can verify this. In that case, is this usable for video?

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