The BEST slider ever made is now also available in Black!

In my opinion it really is the best dolly in the world. It’s sold thousands and is used globally on all levels of productions. Just recently it appeared to the Canon 6D launch video (I didn’t shoot it!). It’s a precision tool that adds huge production value to your work. The smoothest on the market, the best made on the market, and I am proud to have it as my first signature product. I do no believe there is anything better out there!

Some people have been put off by the red colour of the ends as being a bit too flashy. Eric Kessler has responded by making a jet black hand polished Black one. It’s available to buy right now. Same price as the Red one (which is also hand polished now) and comes in 3 sizes. It looks damn good in black, I have to say! Sleek, sexy (can a dolly be sexy?) and very professional.

The Standard (3 Foot)

The Traveller (2 foot)

The Mini (22.5 inches)

All of them can be motorised easily with the cheap Basic controller kit or the more expensive but higher featured Oracle Kit.

I go through this in the video and the advantages of each length, but now with the introduction of the mini let me explain them – this could help you make the decision as to which one to buy!

The Standard Great for time-lapse, actually the best of the three for timelapse, but not the best one for hand manual operation or for traveling. The 3 foot struggles to go in most suitcases, I put mine in a snowboard bag, but if you don’t fly much it’s the most versatile, though it has two big caveats. One I have already mentioned, the other is that mounting it on a tripod can be tricky due to its length, and this means that manual operation can be a bit tricky. I recommend a tripod at each end, or just on one end with a monopod or light stand at the other. It does need extra support as it’s long. If you have a heavy duty tripod or a Hercules head, then you can use just one.

The Traveller Is the best compromise of the three. Just long enough for timelapse…I use it all the time…Perfect length for travelling as it goes in my suitcase no problems. Also fits on one tripod perfectly (well a video tripod that is!). So little balance issues here. This is the one I recommend to most. It’s fantastic!

The Mini is new and what I have been using on the shoots below. I don’t recommend this for timelapse as it’s a bit too short but for video this is brilliant. Long enough for those reveals and great for transportation. I am in love with the black Bloom mini and I use it on everything now…much to the upset of the bigger ones!

Figure out which one is for you before you buy! They are the same price…it’ actually more expensive to make the small rail than the big one, as they are made in smaller quantities! They all come with the excellent custom case, flat head adaptor, outrigger feet. You can add the other stuff like the All Terrain feet, quick release plates, low profile ball head at checkout. 

You can order here or by clicking the banner!

Olly Knights: If not now when from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Dungeness shot on the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.


Also check out these excellent new  Kessler Crane products! The low profile ball head is an excellent addition to the Pocket Dolly!

Also to make all your cameras of all sizes completely locked down on your heads, I cannot recommend enough the  fantastic new quick release plates which adhere to the Arca standard size. ROCK SOLID!

The new quick release plate system
The new Kessler low profile ball head
Low profile ball head on slider caddy
ball head with new multi angle plate


Kessler Crane Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly Review from Chris Weatherly on Vimeo.

The 3 foot version

Honestly, I find this hard to believe myself, but I actually have had a piece of gear made to my specifications and being sold with my name on it! Blimey! I am a very humble guy and am utterly flattered that this has been made! I cannot thank Eric Kessler enough! Although doesn’t a Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly sound a bit wrong and kind of blow up? 😉 Not that I could imagine anyone EVER wanting one of those (apart from my cats?!)

So…finally after much teasing, the “Philip Bloom Signature Edition” Pocket Dolly is out for sale, both in 2 foot and 3 foot versions…and before you ask, yes I can write and that is my actual signature not some font (which a lovely lady friend said she liked the dolly but didn’t like the font! :))


With the advent of DSLRs shooting video, sliders have become an essential part of any filmmaker’s kit. The ability to do small dolly moves can make your shot so much more cinematic.

I have been using various sliders for almost two years and none of them ever fulfilled my needs completely. Too heavy, not smooth enough etc…

The Kessler Crane Cineslider has been by far the greatest slider I have ever used with two downsides for me. The size and weight. I fly a lot and it is simply too big without its own case, and it needs support on either end ideally, or a heavy duty tripod. I often use lightweight tripods and wanted the design of the Cineslider combined with the weight of the Kessler Crane Pocket Dolly. The Pocket Dolly V2 is a superb dolly but I personally missed the features of the Cineslider.

With a 16mm Bolex on it!!

The 2 Foot version

This is the best piece of kit I have ever used and I am incredibly proud for it be the first piece of gear to ever bear my name!

It is completely compatible with the Elektra Drive and Oracle motorised system. Simply remove the drag control and fit the motor on exactly as you would do with the Cineslider.

This slider is SERIOUSLY smooth, I call it a “one take slider”, you only need to do the shot again if you cock up, not the gear sticking on you!

It comes as a kit only with the outrigger feet, lovely case, dolly 2 foot or 3 foot and the flat head tripod adaptor. Both the 3 foot and 2 foot are $995 intro price, then it’s $1,095 after the first 12 have gone…I LOVE this dolly. Yes it is more money than the Pocket Dolly V2 but it is essentially a lightweight Cineslider with all the perks of that model and then some, you get the outrigger feet and head mount too. The dolly is also tested for completely smoothness to a 100 feet using a laser for pinpoint accuracy.








Measuring tape for use with elektra drive and oracle motorized system




2 nights in Mallory Square from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Shot on the Canon 5D MK II to test out the Kessler Crane Pocket Jib and the new special Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly.


Filmed over two evenings at Mallory Square in Key West, Florida


  1. Hello Philip,

    Congrats! Just ordered the Traveler size, but noticed that the “Add to Cart” link in the Kessler site points you to the Standard length. I emailed Kessler to let them know of the typo. I hope I can get the Traveler size instead of the Standard one.


  2. Just getting started, so I cant afford one of these. Although it would be an extreme blessing because I do a lot of weddings for free for people who cant afford to hire a photographer/videographer, but hey things work out because someone bought me my canon 7D for free along with my iMac i7, I just now started charging people and have 4 weddings already so hopefully soon I can afford one, I absolutely like the fact that you came out with your own signature product. Thanks again philip!

  3. Just ordered a standard length 🙂 Can’t wait to finally have a bearing based slider 🙂 This looks great, and love that the smexy Red colour made it to production models 🙂

  4. What size would you guys recommend? This is going to be my first slider system and I can’t seem to decide between the 2 sizes. Is the 3 foot one still portable enough to travel with? Would the traveler be sufficient in getting most shots, or will you always feel like your making due and wish you had the 3 ft one? Any advice would be awesome. Thanks!

    If you can only have 1 slider, 3 ft or 2 ft?

      1. Thank you for the advice! I ordered the long one before you responded, but I talked to Chris and he said I can exchange it for the traveler. Going to be sending the 3 foot one back as it’s already in transit.

  5. Any idea what the carriage to UK is and what import duty we’d have to pay? Sick of having to wait for friends to go to USA and then beg them to buy kit for me!

  6. Congratulatons man! This has just gone to the top of my shopping list! The fact that its compatible with the Oracle and Electra Drive systems makes this very a versatile slider indeed.

  7. Very jealous! that’s a sweet bit of kit and having your name on it must be great for the ego.

    I have signature underwear on, i wrote my name on them 🙂

  8. Hello Philip.
    I was just ordering the Cinselider but now I am a little confused about what is best for me. Can you mount the new pocket dolly on a standard video tripod via a quick release plate ? What tripo are you using in the pictures ?

    1. well my slider is sold out now for a month! i would not recommend mounting the dolly to a tripod head that is not heavy duty. if your tripod is flat head mount it to that if it is ball mount get a ball mount adaptor…i am using a simple flat head manfrotto tripod.

  9. worth the $280 to Aus!
    but i don’t have the dosh yet 🙁
    let’s hope it doesn’t become too limited…
    or maybe i’ll have to wait for the mk2 with the Philip Bloom Elektra Oracle Pocket Dolly… now that’s a mouth full!

  10. Congrats mate. You earned it. Many of us have been helped via your field testing equipment and giving us your feedback. Money is tight and it is comforting to know there is someone out there putting various gear through there paces in real world scenario’s.

    Eric Kessler is one of the nicest people I have ever dealt with on the equipment side of our industry. The jib I purchased was well thought out and the build quality is excellent.


  11. I don’t know… this looks like an expensive drylin slider if you ask me. I considered something similar but ended up going with the dollyslide mark II, which is working out great. Looks nice though, with the logo and colors!

      1. Looks great – quick question, will it mount on the Kessler Pocket Jib (as with the Pocket Dolly) or is it tripod mount only like the larger Cineslider?

        All that’s needed now is a Canon 5DMkII Mr Bloom Special Edition – just think of the features you could specify – LOL 🙂