The BEST slider ever made is now also available in Black!

In my opinion it really is the best dolly in the world. It’s sold thousands and is used globally on all levels of productions. Just recently it appeared to the Canon 6D launch video (I didn’t shoot it!). It’s a precision tool that adds huge production value to your work. The smoothest on the market, the best made on the market, and I am proud to have it as my first signature product. I do no believe there is anything better out there!

Some people have been put off by the red colour of the ends as being a bit too flashy. Eric Kessler has responded by making a jet black hand polished Black one. It’s available to buy right now. Same price as the Red one (which is also hand polished now) and comes in 3 sizes. It looks damn good in black, I have to say! Sleek, sexy (can a dolly be sexy?) and very professional.

The Standard (3 Foot)

The Traveller (2 foot)

The Mini (22.5 inches)

All of them can be motorised easily with the cheap Basic controller kit or the more expensive but higher featured Oracle Kit.

I go through this in the video and the advantages of each length, but now with the introduction of the mini let me explain them – this could help you make the decision as to which one to buy!

The Standard Great for time-lapse, actually the best of the three for timelapse, but not the best one for hand manual operation or for traveling. The 3 foot struggles to go in most suitcases, I put mine in a snowboard bag, but if you don’t fly much it’s the most versatile, though it has two big caveats. One I have already mentioned, the other is that mounting it on a tripod can be tricky due to its length, and this means that manual operation can be a bit tricky. I recommend a tripod at each end, or just on one end with a monopod or light stand at the other. It does need extra support as it’s long. If you have a heavy duty tripod or a Hercules head, then you can use just one.

The Traveller Is the best compromise of the three. Just long enough for timelapse…I use it all the time…Perfect length for travelling as it goes in my suitcase no problems. Also fits on one tripod perfectly (well a video tripod that is!). So little balance issues here. This is the one I recommend to most. It’s fantastic!

The Mini is new and what I have been using on the shoots below. I don’t recommend this for timelapse as it’s a bit too short but for video this is brilliant. Long enough for those reveals and great for transportation. I am in love with the black Bloom mini and I use it on everything now…much to the upset of the bigger ones!

Figure out which one is for you before you buy! They are the same price…it’ actually more expensive to make the small rail than the big one, as they are made in smaller quantities! They all come with the excellent custom case, flat head adaptor, outrigger feet. You can add the other stuff like the All Terrain feet, quick release plates, low profile ball head at checkout. 

You can order here or by clicking the banner!

Olly Knights: If not now when from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Dungeness shot on the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.


Also check out these excellent new  Kessler Crane products! The low profile ball head is an excellent addition to the Pocket Dolly!

Also to make all your cameras of all sizes completely locked down on your heads, I cannot recommend enough the  fantastic new quick release plates which adhere to the Arca standard size. ROCK SOLID!

The new quick release plate system
The new Kessler low profile ball head
Low profile ball head on slider caddy
ball head with new multi angle plate


Kessler Crane Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly Review from Chris Weatherly on Vimeo.

The 3 foot version

Honestly, I find this hard to believe myself, but I actually have had a piece of gear made to my specifications and being sold with my name on it! Blimey! I am a very humble guy and am utterly flattered that this has been made! I cannot thank Eric Kessler enough! Although doesn’t a Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly sound a bit wrong and kind of blow up? 😉 Not that I could imagine anyone EVER wanting one of those (apart from my cats?!)

So…finally after much teasing, the “Philip Bloom Signature Edition” Pocket Dolly is out for sale, both in 2 foot and 3 foot versions…and before you ask, yes I can write and that is my actual signature not some font (which a lovely lady friend said she liked the dolly but didn’t like the font! :))


With the advent of DSLRs shooting video, sliders have become an essential part of any filmmaker’s kit. The ability to do small dolly moves can make your shot so much more cinematic.

I have been using various sliders for almost two years and none of them ever fulfilled my needs completely. Too heavy, not smooth enough etc…

The Kessler Crane Cineslider has been by far the greatest slider I have ever used with two downsides for me. The size and weight. I fly a lot and it is simply too big without its own case, and it needs support on either end ideally, or a heavy duty tripod. I often use lightweight tripods and wanted the design of the Cineslider combined with the weight of the Kessler Crane Pocket Dolly. The Pocket Dolly V2 is a superb dolly but I personally missed the features of the Cineslider.

With a 16mm Bolex on it!!

The 2 Foot version

This is the best piece of kit I have ever used and I am incredibly proud for it be the first piece of gear to ever bear my name!

It is completely compatible with the Elektra Drive and Oracle motorised system. Simply remove the drag control and fit the motor on exactly as you would do with the Cineslider.

This slider is SERIOUSLY smooth, I call it a “one take slider”, you only need to do the shot again if you cock up, not the gear sticking on you!

It comes as a kit only with the outrigger feet, lovely case, dolly 2 foot or 3 foot and the flat head tripod adaptor. Both the 3 foot and 2 foot are $995 intro price, then it’s $1,095 after the first 12 have gone…I LOVE this dolly. Yes it is more money than the Pocket Dolly V2 but it is essentially a lightweight Cineslider with all the perks of that model and then some, you get the outrigger feet and head mount too. The dolly is also tested for completely smoothness to a 100 feet using a laser for pinpoint accuracy.








Measuring tape for use with elektra drive and oracle motorized system




2 nights in Mallory Square from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Shot on the Canon 5D MK II to test out the Kessler Crane Pocket Jib and the new special Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly.


Filmed over two evenings at Mallory Square in Key West, Florida


  1. Hello Philip,

    Congrats! Just ordered the Traveler size, but noticed that the “Add to Cart” link in the Kessler site points you to the Standard length. I emailed Kessler to let them know of the typo. I hope I can get the Traveler size instead of the Standard one.


  2. Just getting started, so I cant afford one of these. Although it would be an extreme blessing because I do a lot of weddings for free for people who cant afford to hire a photographer/videographer, but hey things work out because someone bought me my canon 7D for free along with my iMac i7, I just now started charging people and have 4 weddings already so hopefully soon I can afford one, I absolutely like the fact that you came out with your own signature product. Thanks again philip!

  3. Just ordered a standard length 🙂 Can’t wait to finally have a bearing based slider 🙂 This looks great, and love that the smexy Red colour made it to production models 🙂

  4. What size would you guys recommend? This is going to be my first slider system and I can’t seem to decide between the 2 sizes. Is the 3 foot one still portable enough to travel with? Would the traveler be sufficient in getting most shots, or will you always feel like your making due and wish you had the 3 ft one? Any advice would be awesome. Thanks!

    If you can only have 1 slider, 3 ft or 2 ft?

      1. Thank you for the advice! I ordered the long one before you responded, but I talked to Chris and he said I can exchange it for the traveler. Going to be sending the 3 foot one back as it’s already in transit.

  5. Any idea what the carriage to UK is and what import duty we’d have to pay? Sick of having to wait for friends to go to USA and then beg them to buy kit for me!

  6. Congratulatons man! This has just gone to the top of my shopping list! The fact that its compatible with the Oracle and Electra Drive systems makes this very a versatile slider indeed.

  7. Very jealous! that’s a sweet bit of kit and having your name on it must be great for the ego.

    I have signature underwear on, i wrote my name on them 🙂

  8. Hello Philip.
    I was just ordering the Cinselider but now I am a little confused about what is best for me. Can you mount the new pocket dolly on a standard video tripod via a quick release plate ? What tripo are you using in the pictures ?

    1. well my slider is sold out now for a month! i would not recommend mounting the dolly to a tripod head that is not heavy duty. if your tripod is flat head mount it to that if it is ball mount get a ball mount adaptor…i am using a simple flat head manfrotto tripod.

  9. worth the $280 to Aus!
    but i don’t have the dosh yet 🙁
    let’s hope it doesn’t become too limited…
    or maybe i’ll have to wait for the mk2 with the Philip Bloom Elektra Oracle Pocket Dolly… now that’s a mouth full!

  10. Congrats mate. You earned it. Many of us have been helped via your field testing equipment and giving us your feedback. Money is tight and it is comforting to know there is someone out there putting various gear through there paces in real world scenario’s.

    Eric Kessler is one of the nicest people I have ever dealt with on the equipment side of our industry. The jib I purchased was well thought out and the build quality is excellent.


  11. I don’t know… this looks like an expensive drylin slider if you ask me. I considered something similar but ended up going with the dollyslide mark II, which is working out great. Looks nice though, with the logo and colors!

      1. Looks great – quick question, will it mount on the Kessler Pocket Jib (as with the Pocket Dolly) or is it tripod mount only like the larger Cineslider?

        All that’s needed now is a Canon 5DMkII Mr Bloom Special Edition – just think of the features you could specify – LOL 🙂

  12. is that a manfrotto 701HDV you’re using? are you diggin’ it? gotta get a new head for my bloom slider, as I have a ball head on my tripod.

    come to big sur– you have a guest house to yourself on the south side

    1. it’s ok…i only use it as it’s light. Not good for movement at all. I came to Big Sur earlier this year, made a video called “Pacific” there. Loved it! Thanks for offer…if I ever come back!

  13. i know Kesslar didn’t recommend or manufacture his sliders so you could use a standard tripod head, whether miller plate or sachtler plate by utilising the two screws off the plate, instead you either only had one point of contact available to connect the slider to the tripod plate, which made it too unstable to use or buy kessler’s hercules head to mount on your sticks and then mount the slider on the hercules head giving 4 points of contact.

    I Imagine logic has prevailed and Philip has suggested that the world standard be adhered to and create a fixing block on underside of philip bloom slider that fixes to tripod plate using two points of contact..

    ..even better would be for kesslar to create their own sachtler, miller and manfrotto plates that have three points of contact or four which would be possible on a modified sachtler plate.

    I would dearly like to know if the 3 feet slider connected to a standard miller or sachtler plate is stable enough to use as a one tripod set up.

    reasons above are why I held off purchaser kesslar sliders, but will be definitely purchasing this if mounting is more solid for existing tripod plates. and one tripod use…philip can you confirm?
    I also imagine he is using the 701 or more likely 501 mantfrotto head to mount camera.

    1. there are up to 4 points of contact on the underside of the slider for mounting to the hercules head…not sure how that could be implemented on a proper tripod head though?

      I would put my dolly on a sachtler or vinten plate but not a Miller plate as I find them too flimsy…anything with rubber also must be avoided…

      3 foot i always say is pushing it, it works but you must be careful of balance…I generally used my 503 head on the dolly but sometimes my 701 head.

      1. philip are you saying there is still just one point of contact to mount your signature
        dolly to a standard tripod head(eg sachtler)?

        I always thought that you could take a sachtler plate(as an example) modify it by drilling 4 new holes in square formation and then utilising that to mount to underside of signature dolly.
        I thought that kessler could make their own sachtler plates and create four points of contact and that would fit into any sachtler tripod in the world.
        this would make using the 3foot version problem free and save having to have another tripod head (hercules), a lot of us like working with a good stable head,
        I own a sachtler sb20 for instance.

  14. Congrats Phil – really keen to order one once they are back in stock…

    cant decide on short or longer one though…

    also would I need to get a ” 100mm Ball Mount ” adapter that’s on the webpage in order to mount a miller compass head on it ?

    what is the max weight load / size of camera they can take?

    love the look of it – only wish the crimson plates at either end were black – stealthy 🙂

  15. Congratulations Phillip,

    I have been considering on getting a pocket dolly or cine slider for a while now. Having see your ‘sig’ version, I have my sights locked on that now, just need to save those pennies.
    Do you know if this product is going to have a limited run of units or is it going to be in production indefinitely?



  16. Lovely bit of kit, can’t wait for them to come back Into stock. Delivery to the UK could be a pita though!
    Quick question regarding its use as a jib (applicable to all Kessler sliders I guess). Do you have to use a Hercules head? Their explanation confuses me a little. The Hercules is just massive and I would prefer a decent manfrotto head instead so I can also use it for stills easily.

  17. philip are you saying there is still just one point of contact to mount your signature dolly to a standard tripod head(eg sachtler)?

    I always thought that you could take a sachtler plate(as an example) modify it by drilling 4 new holes in square formation and then utilising that to mount to underside of signature dolly.
    I thought that kessler could make their own sachtler plates and create four points of contact and that would fit into any sachtler tripod in the world.
    this would make using the 3foot version problem free and save having to have another tripod head (hercules), a lot of us like working with a good stable head,
    I own a sachtler sb20 for instance.

  18. Damn! sold out!. Got here a little late.
    Philip, you are a point of reference also here in the Dominican Republic. Very popular among the raising filmmakers.

    You should visit and shoot some great things on my country!

    Got any used pocket dolly around?. hahahah.


  19. Hi Philip,

    in combination to the PB Pocket Dolly what would you reccomend as a solid (travel) DSLR video tripod?

    – Miller SOLO DV10 Carbon
    – Manfrotto 055CXPRO4
    or rather something like a Benro or Feisol?

    Thanks for your kind attention and advice,

    1. is that the carbon fiber flat head manfrotto tripod? The miller is way better buy you need a ball mount adaptor either from manfrotto or the heavier one from Kessler and then a simple head for the dolly like a 503 or 701 or a high hat for you miller head. Don’t know the DV10, only the ds10 and 20 head.

  20. Hey Philip,

    Quick question. Can the ‘standard’ slider be used with a Sachtler Soom tripod with a FSB6 or a FSB4 head? Your input would be greatly appreciated.

          1. So what you suggest to make there ? How i can securely mount pocket slider to head?

            I see that on your photos you mounted pocket slider to miller DS20 plate. That is why i highlighted with an arrow what i am interested in. Is there something between plate and pocket slider?

  21. I’m a newb, and I’m sorry if this off topic…but I bought the Miller tripod with the DS20 head. Is the included plate what I use to attach the 5D to the head? If so, can you point me to a site with detailed instructions? If not, can you point me to the attachment I need?

    Thanks. Dan

  22. I’ve got the Manfrotto 75mm bowl adapter but I’d like to have the option of mounting it onto the DS10 just like you have yours mounted to the DS20 in the photos. Have you modified the DS20 head plate or are you just using a plate from a different manufacturer and if so which one? You mentioned earlier that you would use a sachtler or vinten plate.

  23. Hi Philip.
    Just bought your Standard Signature Dolly.
    My first dolly 😉 – feels amazing!
    Now after reading every comment here I got very mixed up with amount of heads and plates and additional holes to drill…to make it work.

    The only related piece of equipment I own is
    Manfrotto 058B Aluminum Studio Pro Triaut Tripod Legs
    (inherited it from previous studio owner)

    What kind of heads and plates would you recommend for the best performance.
    To be used with Nikon D7000 and Sony XDCAM EX1 for now.
    And if you tell me that tripod legs I have will not do good job, please, let me know briefly what is the problem with it and what would you recommend to have.

    Appreciating your time for an advice.

    Thank you

    1. those legs wil work. You should not need to drill holes…where you wanting to do that? put the dolly on the legs directly in the centre and then put a head like a Manfrotto 503 screwed onto the caddy and away you go!

      1. Thank you very much, Philip.
        I think I will not be the last asking for a configuration advice.
        It might be a good idea to create a cookbook settings document for
        Philip Bloom signature dolly.
        You don’t even have to create it yourself.
        People could contribute their Bloom dolly based configurations to compile a document.

  24. Hi guys my first time posting here ,I made a research and monfrotto does a livelling bar for tripod 190 b series
    I just ordered one 556B (110€ pretty expensive)
    But very worth it in my opinion ,will be very easy now to livell your dolly
    Hope that helps
    Ciao luca

          1. Philip, congrats on having your name penned to this really cool product!

            Per your Amazon store recommendation, I’m considering this tripod package for my DSLR:

            Manfrotto 503HDV Professional Video Fluid Head- Supports 17.6 lbs (8kg)
            Manfrotto 055XB Tripod Legs (Black) – Supports 15.4 lbs (7kg)

            Will this package support well the 3 ft. version of your signature Kessler pocket dolly? As a general principle, I’m not sure how to best calculate the weight of total equipment (camera, monitor, pocket dolly, etc…) to what is listed as the amount of weight that can be supported. Is it as simple as adding up the total weight of your gear, and making sure it is under the max weight limit listed with the tripod package?

  25. Phillip,

    What other options are there for mounting the slider vertically? Kessler made a short video that showed how it could be done using the hercules below the slider and a giotto ball head on the carriage above the slider. However, I want to avoid buying the Hercules as I would prefer a smaller more compact fluid head (just not sure of one that will support the weight of the slider at different angles).

    Also, have you used the K-pod tripod. What other tripods would you recommend with the sort of stability that the k-pod offers but is a bit more portable (the k-pod seems to sacrifice a lot so it can support cranes etc).



  26. Hi Philip,

    Just took delivery of the traveller version (batch 8). It’s pretty well made, nice and smooth for mid to fast movements, but I’ve noticed that when trying to go slow there is a definite bump as each tooth of the belt meets the cog at each end and this is reflected in the footage.

    When sliding quickly it’s not such a problem.

    What is the secret to smooth but slow movement on this dolly?

        1. if we are talking at the beginning that’s because i stupidly put 24p stuff in with 25p which is the majority of the footage without converting it. seriously if you are having issues then email kessler and then will swap it out.

    1. Hi David –

      As Philip mentioned, please send me an e-mail, so we can figure out what you are experiencing. Each unit is laser tested as part of the QC process to ensure smoothness, so you should not see anything caused by the slider in your footage.

      If your belt is a little too tight and you are trying to perform a very slow movement without using any drag/resistance to push against you could potentially feel ‘something’, but nothing that is pronounced or that would show up in any footage.

      Please send me an email and we will figure out what is going on.


    1. Indeed. For us Europeans it makes a big difference where you order things. Although the current Dollar-Euro rate is pretty favourable, the shipping costs + possible import duties will kill you in the end.

      Wish Kessler would also supply their resellers (e.g. MarcoTec in Germany) with limited stock, so we could order from them.

      1. Just took delivery of the 3ft version from Marcotec Germany (brilliant service by the way!) and it’s fantastic. Regarding using the 3ft version on a single tripod, I’ve got mine mounted on a Sachtler Video18SB head (with Carbon Fibre legs) using a Sony EX1 on a Manfrotto 503 head and it’s very solid. If you want two points of contact when mounting to the Sachtler plate, I’ve found by mounting the slider at a 45 degree angle you can fit both of the screws Sachtler supply with their plates, totally securing the slider and preventing any rotation. There doesn’t seem to be any operational disadvantage of mounting it at 45 degrees either.

        Out of interest, Philip – when using it with an EX1/3, do you turn off steady shot?

  27. You still haven’t embedded my review of your slider on your site yet;)

    Used the slider on a recent project and I’m still loving it. Just waiting to get the motor for time-lapse stuff.

  28. Just received my 3 ft Pocket Dolly from a hire company.

    Very smooth. Even with vertical shots.

    Be aware if you buy the 3 ft one you will almost certainly be using 2 tripods. It’s tipping my Miller DS 10 over easily. Have to agree with Phil, 2 ft is the one to get. You don’t want to be spends ages trying to balance two tripods every time you want to get a shot. Also the longest shot you’re probably going to want is 5 secs and you can do that on the two foot.

    Will post more as I play!

  29. Hey Philip,

    Was wondering if you can help. Just got an elektradrive motor and oracle for my PB dolly. When charging the battery pack, do you use the US charger supplied by Kessler (using a UK adapter) or have you found a better equivalent UK charger to use? I ask as I have had no luck finding a UK mains charger that has a MALE 12V accessory adapter on it, only female ones…

    Also curious whether you switch off or leave on steadyshot when using the pocket dolly with your EX1…


  30. Hey Phil, i’m in Sydney, been checking quite often, and haven’t seen the “add to cart” option at all, been working on New york time?
    says batch 2 is gone, do u know if any more are there? ;-(

    1. hi dave. yes they went on sale at two times as the top paragraph says. 11am EDT and 9pm EDT. That is New York time. Both batches sold in 5 minutes. No idea when they have made more. It takes a long time to make them. Sorry about that. Best thing I can suggest is email and ask to be put on a pre-notification list.



  31. Hi philip, you got the amazing gears mate, also you had skill to use them for improve your video, that’s so great.

    good on you mate, all the best

  32. Just got mine and it’s an absolute beaut!!

    Was wondering if anyone knows of any sites or tutorials on how to set this baby up on a tripod…?

    Got my 501 head and 60D on the dolly plate and it works great…! Once I’ve taken the head off the tripod and placed it on the dolly with the cam I’m left with the legs and a sort of half bowl and stem with a screw(leveler for the bubble) which I thought would naturally go underneath the dolly plate but it’s too big…?

    Tried to find a few forums and have seen Hi hats and bowl adapters mentioned but nothing concrete

    I’m sure it’s something really simple but can’t seem to work out what it is that I need. Must be a few people with this sort of setup that have the same issue?

    Any help would be hugely appreciated…want to get sliding with this baby!!!

  33. Hi Philip,

    I hear folks say (like the guy in one of the videos above) that the two foot is great for single tripod use (which is true), while the 3 footer is too long to use with most tripods because of balance issues. Well I found an ingenious solution to keep the 3 footer balanced…just use the center portion of the slider to slide! Only go out about 12 inches each way from center and you’re cool! In fact just mark it with tape and you won’t go past. That way, unless you travel and need the shorter size to fit in a suitcase, you can get the 3 footer and benefit from its longer slide when it proves useful and not suffer the ignominy of unbalanced sliders! Not to mention the cineslider is much more rigid. The PB slider is awesome, but for those of us who only want one with a bit more versatility, its a great solution to keep your balance.

    Thank you for all your hard work out there teaching us!


  34. Hi Philip,

    Yes! Finally was able to order my PB Dolly, batch #13 was the lucky one for me.

    One question, I have the Manfrotto 504HD head… do I need to buy any additional adaptors/etc.. from Kessler to mount this or will it be good to go as is?

    Thanks again from NY!


  35. Philip, do you find you use the drag control or motors much with the PB Traveler? I already have a 5ft Cineslider, Oracle and motors but I’m looking for something a bit more portable and requires less setup. I’m considering the standard Pocket Dolly vs the PB model in part because yours is sold out all the time and what I can see is that the drag control for me is main functional difference between the PB and standard. Also the standard is a touch lighter. Thanks for all your great work and contribution.

  36. I just bought one of these and there is a fair amount of play between the mounting plate and the glide rails, about 1/4 inch. Is this normal as there is no play at all on my 3ft cineslider?

  37. OK thanks Phil, I wasn’t sure if it was normal or not as its my first slider but when the Cineslider (that I won at the Mallorca Master Class) arrived I noticed it was solid with no movement at all otherwise I’d have probably left the PB one as it is (doh!)

    All the best mate.

      1. Hi Philip,

        Could I get your advice on something. I just bought the standard length pocket dolly. My main concern now is getting a tripod (which isn’t to expensive!) that will be able handle the weight of my 5D, rig, follow focus, etc.

        I’ve been looking at this tripod, will it be able to handle it?

        Do I need any kind of plate to attach it to the tripod?

        Alternatively I was wondering, is there a way of mounting the pocket dolly on two ARRI light stands? Is there some sort of adapters I could get for the spigots of the stands that would attach to the underbelly either end of the dolly for support?



  38. Really looking forward to trying out my 3ft PB PocketDolly next week when it arrives (grabbed the upgrade outdoor feet too). Been trying to find out a suitable head for it, and thankfully I found the answer here (503). Couldn’t get an answer out of anyone on the DVX forum. Will try and get away using one of my many photo tripods for now to hold it, but worse case scenario I’ll just have to splash out on some new legs.

  39. Just to confirm:

    I would need to purchase a 75mm adapter like this for the sticks:

    Is the purpose of the 75mm adapter to make it easier to install the slider onto a tripod? Sorry for the newb question.

    and I just assumed the flat mount adapter that is included with the slider is all you need to attach the head (in my case a Manfrotto 701 & / or 503). However I’m reading from some of the comments above about a high hat to attach the head to it. I’m stumped at how the high hat helps attach the head to the slider, or what are the benefits of using a high hat.


      1. Thanks for the reply.

        Well I purchased the 75mm adapter (prior to your reply), and got delivery of it today. However the adapter doesn’t fit any of my Manfrotto sticks (I assume that means tripod legs) and I’m absolutely stumped at how it’s going to work now. (the legs I got are 055XB and 055XPROB)

        Do you know of a particular Manfrotto or alternative brand tripod that would accept this adapter.


  40. Hey, love the dolly and have been waiting ages to finally find and buy one. now that ive gotten one ive got a tripod question.

    The manfrotto 503 seems popular but Philip im wondering what your ‘perfect’ choice would be for this dolly, traveler version. As in what is the best option, and maybe a 2nd choice also

    thanks. If anyone else wants to chime in pls advise

  41. Woohoo! Just put my order in for the 2 footer. Can’t wait!!

    ps. I wish my last night was spelt like yours instead of a German variation! Then I wouldn’t have to spell it out every time I tell someone my name! 🙂

  42. Got one from the previous batch, 3 footer, with Oracle and Elektra Drive. First impressions – top notch, nicely crafted and super smooth. I’ve only been fooling around with it for some minutes, but will bring it with on a new years trip for some shooting.

    Even with minimal use, i’ve already stumbled upon a small problem… Where does the little rubber ring go? 🙂 I know I know. Don’t take something apart without remembering where the parts go (or take photo). I know where the plastic one goes – at the drag control. But can’t remember the other one.

  43. I got my nice new shiny 3 foot PB slider today, very impressed with the build quality.

    I’ve got it a cheap tripod head on it at the moment on a Giotto tripod, which seems stable enough.
    I can get a little wobble from the crank handle rotating, which disappears if I hold that end of the slider.

    I’d love to get a decent fluid head on it though, so would it be possible to use it with a Sachtler Ace M fluid head ?

    1. yes and no mo…you need a high hat as it’s ball mount. I don’t like high hats as they make it to high on the caddy…are you using the crank handle to move the camera? If so, don’t. it’s there for inertia. Move the caddy with your hands on it. Much smoother!

      1. thanks for info, I might just go for a head that sits directly on the caddy, which will be more anchored.

        The wobble was due to the crank handle being fully extended, I moved it into the center and I can’t feel the wobble now.

        One last wee question, apart from the Hercules 2.0 head, are there any other options for using the slider on a rotating flat head mount to get some nice sloped angles ?

  44. Oops. I just accidentally hit ‘Pay now’. Cross fingers the 2ft will suit my purpose.

    I’ve got an idea to avoid the large shipping to AUS, and Philip gets some lunch money out of it…
    We get all the AU orders packed together, and Philip brings them with him on the plane as extra checked baggage when he comes down under in March. Then we can put the extra cash we save towards Philip’s new “Australian Distributorship” business that he would have unwittingly set up 😉


  45. Mr Bloom, just curious – how many are produced per batch of each size? And how quickly have they been selling out?

    I’m in Australia and need to work out whether I should wake up at 3am for the next batch, or take the chance and try when I normally get up at 5am. (I really enjoy my sleep).


      1. Hi Sir

        In your love I finally received my Pilipbloom Signature Slider – Standard Editing. and I simply love it. always follow your blogs.

        Just have question if you can help me. I have AG-AF101 and I am going to order the Carl Zeiss lenses kit. shell I order in Nikon Mount or Canon Mount. Please can you help.


  46. Hi Phillip… I’m a big fan and follower! Thanks for all you’ve done for everyone!

    My question is a common one, sorry. I’m undecided on which length of the PB Slider to get?

    I want to use only ONE tripod support…

    Using a Cartoni Focus tripod/head and shooting with C-300, EX1R & 5D2.

    I’m concerned about the weight and stability at the full range of the slider with center support only.

    Travel is an issue, but I’m an airline pilot so I can get away with a bit “extra…”

    Thank you

  47. Hey Philip, the slider looks awesome

    I was just wondering if it would take the weight of the Sony Fs700 with Long Lens. I have the Vinten PRo 5 Tripod, would this work with it?



  48. YES!!! Very Nice;;; one add-on thought/suggestion … If you wanted to slide/pan and rotate the camera simultaneously, to fix/center on the subject, while sliding;(or tilt upward) this would/should be another very very nice effect…

    …and not hard at all to accomplish/add with your Kessler system…yes ?!? add two merged extensions of a given length to one side of the outriggers, and a given length of cord tied down on the other side to the fluid head. A bit of math homework/to fig. the lengths, but EZ PEEZEE a Great new effect… add springs to the cords for even more….. (Remember me kindly, if you add this cheap/EZ option:-) mdg

  49. Thank you very much, it works good, but one bad thing is All-Terrain Outrigger Feet.
    May be it is mistake and you sent me wrong feet.
    Probably mine were made for cineslider, but not for PBPS.
    The place of connection feet to slider is very narrow and it uses 1/4 screw so the connection is not stable and it has micromoves.
    May be it is possible more or less to use these feet on flat surface but absolutly impossible if you need the angle.
    Any ideas?!

  50. Hi Philip,

    I’ve been using the low profile ball head with your slider for some time and find that it’s great, but that the rails are visible in “dolly in” shots. Obviously I need something taller and am trying to decide between a Manfrotto 503 or a high hat that will let me mount my Vinten Vision Blue on top. My question is: will the combined height of the high hat and Vinten head raise the center of gravity of the camera too much on the slider? I want it to still be as smooth as possible.

    Also, is there an easy way to mount the Kessler high hat on the slider that doesn’t involve screwing in 4 screws each time?

    – Yoni

  51. Hey Philip.
    Can I use a little 3 in 1 lube on the bearing where I tighten the tension?
    I’ve noticed it varies in smoothness as I slide after adding a little friction via the knob.

  52. Hi Philip, Well man I’m so excited that next month I’m purchasing your Pocket Dolly. I own the Shuttle Pod, a beast of a thing and overkill for when I don’t have my crew with me. I’m in a debate. I’m here in the states looking to do some timelapse in the mountains of Montana. I was looking for something lightweight that’s easy to travel with and hike in the mountains. The problem is the same debate you have. The standard versus the traveler. Believe me I read your comments on the standard not fitting in the suitcase, but I’m curious as I write this (July 26, 2013) has Kessler, you or anyone come up with a travel solution? (One for travel on plane, plus hiking in the mountains?) If not then the traveler seems like the perfect length. I have the Oracle system already and will be happy to use it. I’m just wondering whether or not I’d miss those extra 10 inches or so? I did use the standard on a video shoot in Florida and really loved it, but I didn’t have to travel by plane or mountains with it, just in car.

    Just curious what your thoughts are on it now, has your opinion changed on traveling with one length vs another, and lastly your thoughts on the lightest way to get vertical shots with it? As opposed to using a hercules head for example. I’m shopping for a lightweight tripod and head for use with my camera, looking at Miller DS20 plus the 3 stage carbon fiber legs.

    1. you can get a bag to take it…just not a suitcase. for timelapse it makes sense of course…or the shuttle pod mini…i still prefer the traveller and for pure video i use the mini!

      i wouldn’t stick the standard or even traveller on a ds20 head. get a flat mount adaptor and a low profile ball head!

      1. Thanks!, I just ordered the traveler, the Kwik release plate, the utility plate. I’m going to add the low profile ball head as well. By the way, suggestion for Eric, it would be cool for him to make curved tracks, (the Philip Bloom Curved Track Pocket dolly: hint hint).

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