The final part of the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera review…includes a look at the groundbreaking new dedicated Metabones Speedboosters



Why did I say that the pocket camera review would be 3 parts? Am I mad? Why paint myself into a corner?

Well I am glad I did, and I am also glad I waited this long to do the 3rd part. My original intention was not for it to be a long term test, I just simply didn’t have the time to get it done. Thankfully, this delay meant I was able to include both the raw firmware and the crazy impressive new “Speed Boosters” from Metabones.

All this is covered in-depth in the review here. After the review, there are some more images and tech specs on the new Metabones Speedboosters, plus of course the two previous reviews and the video content shot on the camera.

I will write some more here when I am not so utterly shattered!!!






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Blackmagic Pocket Camera Review Part 1 from Philip Bloom Reviews & Tutorials on Vimeo.

Blackmagic Pocket Camera Review Part 2: The real world from Philip Bloom Reviews & Tutorials on Vimeo.

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 20.53.40ins_PRORelaunch_announcement3[2]

Blackmagic Pocket Camera Review Part 3: Here comes the ROAR!! from Philip Bloom Reviews & Tutorials on Vimeo.


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a pocket home video from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.


  1. As always, another balanced and useful review! Been waiting for the conclusion of this one for a while… So many curiosities from this camera!

    Within this review, it was mentioned that Metabones has released a speedbooster specifically tailored to the BMCC and BMPCC. Being a newbie to cinematography, it would be a HUGE help if somebody could explain to me the benefits of effectively reducing the focal length of the lens. I understand that it widens the field of view, but I’m a little confused as to why this can’t just be done with camera placement – does it have to do with the audio recording? A response would be greatly appreciated!

    Mr. Bloom, I’ve admired your work for a long time – thanks for the helpful reviews, the workflow suggestions. Thanks for captivating me into the world of cinematography – and for making me a little less ignorant every day. Absolutely inspirational.

    1. I telephoto shot from far away from your subject does not look the same as a wide angle shot close to the subject. It shows perspective differently. In the telephoto shot the background will look closer than the wide angle shot. It’s a different aesthetic and as a film maker you want as much control over the aesthetic as possible.

      Also it’s not always possible to put your camera far away from the subject. eg. indoors is a problem

  2. Thanks for the review! The drawbacks of the smaller sensor sound familiar – lenses effectively longer, means more shake, means more rolling shutter. I have found it a challenge even with 2.5k BMCC, coming from HDSLR, so I haven’t considered the Pocket. It doesn’t suit what I shoot. That’s the main reason I hope to upgrade to 4k BMCC: S35 sensor and global shutter. I suspect rolling shutter takes a much bigger toll on the viewer than we are ever consciously aware of.

  3. Philip, thanks for the review. I added the adapter in my cart but I didn’t check out until the next day but they were all sold out by then.

    I do have a question, however. Do you know if Leica R lenses will work with a Nikon Leitax adapter on this? After emailing Metabones, all they said was, “we don’t recommend adapters” but that doesn’t answer my question of “will it work?”

    I would assume that the distance of the glass would allow any Nikon lens to mount without interference. So, that should mean that with a Nikon Leitax adapter on the Leica R lenses, most should work as well. Would you have any thoughts on that?

    John M.

    1. Metabones replied to me with some better news!

      “HI, John,

      Yes! Leica R to BMCC/BMPCC speed booster will ready around end of month….
      pls wait.”

      Philip, no need to analyze my contraption of adapters for Leica R to Nikon with Leitax, blah, blah, blah…I’ll just wait for the specific product I need!

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